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After immense amounts of anticipation, Lionsgate has finished out the Catching Fire Casting page all at once! The rest of the tributes in the Catching Fire cast for have been publicly announced. Check out the full ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘ cast in the image below:

  Catching Fire Cast

District 5 Boy – James Logan

District 5 Tribute Girl – Ivette Li-Sanchez

District 6 Tribute Boy – Justin Hix

District 6 Tribute Girl – Megan Hayes

District 7 Boy, Blight – Bobby Jordan

District 8 Boy, Woof – John Casino

District 8 Girl, Cecelia – Elena Sanchez

District 9 Tribute Boy – Daniel Bernhardt

District 9 Tribute Girl – Marian Green

District 10 Tribute Boy – Jackson Spidell

District 10 Tribute Girl – Tiffany Waxler

The “mystery” woman has been filled in as well, but the character is no mystery. It is Paula Malcomson, who is reprising her role as Mrs. Everdeen. To see all the new tributes, head to Catching Fire Casting!


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  1. Mark says:

    Awesome! I’m kinda disappointed that the mystery woman was just Katniss’ mother. I wonder why they didn’t just label her like the others, and I just noticed that they didn’t call the District 6 tributes(I think it’s District 6) the “morphlings”. Might not mean anything though.

  2. RebeccaB. says:

    At least now we know who’s playing Woof, Blight, and Cecilia. Did I spell that right?

  3. Emery C. says:

    I’m not really thrilled about all the choices, however i think they made some good picks for some. Especially Cashmere and Mags.

  4. Emily says:

    Why didn’t they list district 6 as the morphlings? The female morphling is important in the book. She saves Peeta’s life from the monkey muttations. Disappointed that they didn’t list it.

    • Amy says:

      I doubt her role will be eliminated. Remember that “Morphlings” was not really their title, they were just so nicknamed because they were addicted to it, and it’s a drug. So, Lionsgate can’t just call them “Morphlings”, that would be like calling Beetee and Wiress Nuts and Volts.

  5. TheHungerGamesRock!!! says:

    :O I think these r actually really good casting calls!!!!

  6. JK says:

    Guess they aren’t having Bonnie and Twill…

    • beano says:

      I read on a CNN article a couple weeks back that they aren’t having a Bonnie and Twill… they took that scene out completely. Also another change I read is Peeta now knows how to swim.

  7. i like the color green :) says:

    I love Mags , but what about Bonnie & Twill ?
    I thought they were pretty big characters . I mean , how will Katniss find out about District 13 . Or maybe they’ll be in it , just it’s not listed .

    • SilentMockinjay says:

      I think it is like the who Madge thing, they can get Katniss to find out about District 13 another way. Remember they were only in the book for really only one chapter, and then only mentioned once or twice after.

    • beano says:

      There will be no Bonnie and Twill in the movie, according to what I’ve read in news articles.


    i really wanted alex pettyfer to play the role of finnick!! Sam is not manly enough he looks like a girl and his hair is brown. In the book it clearly states his hair is dirty blonde!!!!!

  9. Danielle says:

    Awesome but I think they said they would cast Leevy? I dunno I originally considered going out for that part but decided not to ask my parents at the last minute, I needed more time to plan. But I do want to audition for Delly when Mockingjay comes around 😀

  10. Anne says:

    I’m not thrilled with the actors cast as Beetee and Wiress. They simply aren’t how I imagined them in the books, but I suppose that’s how it goes. They did brilliantly with everyone else.

    • David tennant should have been Beetee! But wiress is okay :)

    • Kaylee L says:

      Wiress is okay, but Beetee isn’t at ALL how he is discribed in the book, though I think I imagined him a little bit too old.

    • Hunger Games Gal says:

      I didnt really imagine it like that either. Finnick is also way different than i imagined him. But it’s not like we get to pick. . .

    • sophia says:

      i think that wiress is ok but not great. I imagined her as more of a Helena Boham Carter(she played Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter series) but I’m sure that she will look at least slightly different in the actual movie since they will do her hair and makeup. Hopefully anyway. I think the actor cast as Beetee is all wrong. I don’t know about anyone else but I pictured him much older and with gray hair and lots of wrinkles and being really small and frail like an old person should be. I don’t know if that is really how he is described in the book but its how I pictured him. Not as frail as Mags but still smaller than he is, considering if you look at the book, he has to be helped similarly to Mags. I didn’t really have a specific actor in mind but not like him. But I am personally trying my hardest not to judge the actors by how they look now because they will probably look more like their characters once they are done up will hair, makeup, and costumes. I mean it’s hard to see Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss when she has her natural blond hair, but she looks and plays the part really well. Just my opinion though. This is really long.. bye.

  11. Veronica Mars says:

    The guy playing Blight kind of looks like WoodyHarrelson…..

  12. Peeta rocks says:

    Very disappointing. The books will always be better

  13. awesome cast!!! Can’t wait for the film 😀

  14. EBR says:

    NOOO! DID they cut Annie!?

  15. thg says:

    so now that the cast are young kids but adults, does that mena that the movie can be more violent? that would be good

    • Mark says:

      Yes, I’m sure they can turn up the violence for this one. There are plenty of really graphic/violent PG-13 (American rating for Ages 13 and up, what The Hunger Games is rated) movies as long as they involve adults in the actions they remain PG-13.

  16. ximena says:

    AND ANNIE??!! I’ve been waiting all this time to see her!

  17. I love every single one of the hunger games and cant wait for the movies to come out

  18. Alex says:

    Great casting! This will be great

  19. A Person says:

    I don’t think they’ll mention bonnie and twill in the casting, they’re not in the book a lot so they’re not very important characters, they’ll probably be in the movie but it’d only be one scene

  20. Ariah says:

    I’m disappointed with the catching fire cast… Finnick is supposed to have Blondel hair and be attractive but watevs. Atleast they have the same character to play Cinnamon! I love him.

    • wouldn't you like to know? says:

      i’m not sure if you’re familiar with this or not, but we have this fancy technology called HAIR DYE…. what do you think they did with katniss?

  21. Iheartfinnick says:

    Sam Clafin is a good looking actor to play Finnick but I always imagined Finnick would look like Freddie Stroma. The cast looks good though. I can’t wait to watch it.

  22. Tessa Grant says:

    Can’t wait for the movies to come out!!!! :)

  23. Alaina says:

    That is literally exactly how i pictured Cashmere. But I’m not happy with some other choices. Finnick is all wrong for how i pictured. Enobaria looks like how i pictured her

  24. Rainey says:

    Finnick is…Disappointing. :(

  25. One Book In 12 Hours says:

    I’m really disappointed with the casting but I really understand since people have these great imaginations that doesn’t show in real life… Like how I imagined Finnick to be this hot handsome God but really, there is no one like that… But really, I can’t get over with their Peeta… He should be taller than Katniss and he should be muscular…

  26. sophia says:

    I was disappointed with the mystery girl. They built up all this suspense about who it was, then it turned out to be Katniss’s mom who was in the last movie… Kinda a let down.

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