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Vandals are wreaking The Hunger Games District 12 Site

This is sad news from North Carolina, that The Hunger Games District 12 site is being damaged. According to The Hickory Daily Record visitors to the Henry River Mill Village are vandalising some of the buildings as well as leaving trash behind.  The owner, Wade Shepherd told the HDR he’s fed up with their behaviour. The village […]

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COMPETITION: The Hunger Games DVD Countdown – 7 Weeks and Counting

The Countdown to the release of The Hunger Games DVD continues with the latest mission in the weekly countdown competition being run by Lionsgate. Fans are asked to create their own countdown images.  Last week they wanted you to use Effie Trinket  for inspiration. This week’s mission is HAYMITCH. Each week one lucky fan could win the ultimate Hunger Games Prize […]

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Elizabeth Banks | Catching Fire and the future of Effie Trinket

When we heard the Gary Ross was no longer going to be working on Catching Fire, the big question was, how would the actors that seemed to have formed such a close bond with Gary, react?  The folks at’s Entertainment Blog managed to have a chat with Elizabeth Banks about Catching Fire, working with a new […]

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Stanley Tucci | The Hunger Games and Catching Fire

The man behind The Hunger Games Ceasar Flickerman, Stanely Tucci was at a recent rum tasting  at Lambs Club where a couple of journalist from The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog managed to check in with him about the movie, Catching Fire  and what he's up to now. Stanley says he's sad that Gary's not coming back to […]

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Liam Hemsworth "Empire State" Set Photos

Socialite Life showed us a glimpse of The Hunger Games star, Liam Hemsworth on the set of his new film “Empire State.” To see more make sure to check out our soure! Enjoy! expository essays Source: Examiner and Socialite Life jfdghjhthit45

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Liam Hemsworth is New Bench Endorser! has just confirmed that The Hunger Games star, Liam Hemsworth is the newest endorser for Bench. Bench is a clothing line that offers the latest urban range in mens and womens clothes. They carry hoodies, jackets, jeans, shirts, shoes, and etc. expository essay They released this tweet as a hint about Hemsworth earlier. Other A-List […]

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Hunger Games Cosplay

As everyone know My Hunger Games LOVES supporting Hunger Games fans in whatever they do to bring The Hunger Games Trilogy to life. Whether it be fan fiction, fan art, or cosplay, so when we find articles about these things we like to share them with the whole fandom. This article is no exception so […]

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Move Over, Katniss Everdeen here comes Princess Merida of DunBroch

Look out Katniss Everdeen, there is a new bow and arrow weilding heroine on the block. Princess Merida from the new Pixar (Disney) film “Brave.” USA Today recently did an interview with Kelly Macdonald the voice of Princess Merida of DunBroch. The beginning of the article is probably may favorite so here it is: Under […]

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Josh Hutcherson: England vs. Ukraine Game Guy

private haftpflichtversicherung preisvergleich JustJaredJr spotted The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson leaving a British pub after he watched the Engalnd vs. Ukraine soccer game in the Euro 2012 tournament. (England beat Ukraine, 1-0). That motorcycle suits him well What do you think? Pics from JustJaredJr jfdghjhthit45

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More Details on The Hunger Games Debut in China

Via Yahoo, we finally have some more details on how The Hunger Games did, opening in China last weekend. It's been a while coming, but the international smash hit The Hunger Games has finally made its mark on China, debuting over the past week at number one on the box office chart. The thriller grossed […]

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