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Happy Birthday Donald Sutherland!

Happy birthday to Donald Sutherland who plays the sinister President Snow in The Hunger Games movies!

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Capitol Twitter Account Hacked! Could there be another Mockingjay Teaser in the Works?

The Rebels of District 13 strike again! The Capitol’s Twitter account was successfully hacked. A screenshot capture was taken of the tweet before it was allegedly deleted. Does anyone recognize what tune the notes represent? The notes are part of the Mockingjay song that Rue and Katniss used during the 74th Hunger Games! How thrilling […]

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Interesting Jennifer Lawrence Make-up Transformation!

    This is pretty interesting. Over the course of 5 minutes, we see a girl attempt to transform herself into a Jennifer Lawrence look-alike. She uses only a wig and very clever make-up tricks to do so. I especially LOVE her make-up trick to give herself the appearance of high cheekbones, just like Jennifer […]

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The Capitol’s Twitter Hacked by The Rebels! The Mockingjay Lives!

If you didn’t see it yesterday before the tweet was taken down the Rebels hacked’s Twitter account!! Yesterday Beetee put this message up before it was quickly taken down:   The letters at the end are the notes for Rue’s lullaby. When you go over to TheCapitol.PN and right click to inspect element (or […]

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Watch the World Television Premiere of Catching Fire on EPIX July 26th!!

Ignite the spark while watching the World Television Premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on July 26th at 9 pm ET on EPIX. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire EPIX Hawaiian Sweepstakes was started last week. Fans can enter once a day from now until August 10th for a change to win a trip for to […]

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BTS Pics: The filming of the Mockingjay President Snow teaser

The VFX teaam YuCo recently worked on the Mockingjay President Snow address teasers.  They have published these behind the scenes from recent filming. Via Quarter Quell

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FANART of Sam Claflin

Check out this awesome Fan art by Rhiann Hearons of the man who plays her favorite Hunger Games character Sam Claflin a.k.a Finnick Odair. You can find Rhiann on DeviantArt.

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Win a trip to the Teen Choice Awards 2014! Vote For Catching Fire!

  The Hunger Games Trilogy-Catching Fire, has been nominated in several categories for this years Teen Choice Awards! Now you and friend could have the privilege of not only seeing the awards live, but having the chance to get access to the red carpet and interact with your favorite stars. Barbizon International is sponsoring a […]

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The poster for Paradise Lost starting The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson has been released. Check it out:

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Hunger Games Related Freebies at Smart Pop Books’ booth at Comic-Con

While we have no confirmed Mockingjay Part 1 appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year, though there are rumors that there will be a big Capitol/Lionsgate surprise there, there still will be booths giving out Hunger Games related prizes and what not. For example, over at booth #4300 Smart Pop Books’ will be giving out Districts 5-8 pins […]

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