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Secret Sisters – Music, Faith, and Tragedy

You’ve heard their song Tomorrow will be Kinder on The Hunger Games soundtrack, but did you know The Secret Sisters are real life sisters?  Christian Chronicle has a great in-depth look at the duo as they talk about their love of music and God. The haunting melodies of Alabama natives Laura and Lydia Rogers call […]

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Fan Art Friday!

I just have to say I am amazed by all the Hunger Games inspired art work we recieve on a daily basis for our Fan Art Friday feature. You guys are incredibly talented and gifted individuals, and we are thankful to everyone one of you. That being said lets start another wonderful Fan Art Friday! First […]

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VIDEO: Watch Liam Hemsworth get Punk’d!

Last night Liam Hemworth was Punk’d on MTV. And we have the exclusive online video from MTV that includes Liam’s reaction to girlfriend Miley’s prank. He got pretty worked up, but who wouldn’t in that situation? Check it out above! If you missed the episode, check it out below!  

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Elizabeth Banks to Star in Dark Comedy ‘What’s The Matter With Margie?’

Myriad pictures announced this morning that Elizabeth Banks will be starring as the title role in the dark comedy, ‘What’s The Matter With Margie?‘. Scheduled to start shooting in early 2013, Elizabeth will play an overworked employee who has finally had enough. To get back at those who tormented her, she resorts to murder. Directed by […]

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Catching Fire Fan Cast: Who Should Play Plutarch Heavensbee?

Let’s keep fan casting ‘Catching Fire‘! Next up is Plutarch Heavensbee, the Head Gamemaker of the 75th Annual Hunger Games. If you need more of a refresher on Suzanne’s description of Plutarch, take a look at our Character Profile. Plutarch is really only described as being a ‘large man‘, leaving casting decisions wide open. We’ve […]

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Special Hunger Games Edition of Italy’s Ciak

In celebration of the Italian opening of ‘The Hunger Games‘, film magazine Ciak has put out a special Hunger Games Edition. The issue features 100 pages of material devoted to the cultural impact, interviews with the cast and crew, and visits to the set of ‘The Hunger Games‘. The issue hits newsstands in Italy today! source: Ciak […]

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***Fan Question*** Straight to the Point

Ladies and Gentlemen it is that time again! Time for your Fan Question of the Week! This week I will spare you on reading an introduction story or making you visualize anything. (Lucky You)  The question will be straight to the point..Here it goes: “What scene/scenes, in your opinion, would new director Francis Lawrence HAVE to add in […]

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VIDEO: Elizabeth Banks talks Gary Ross and Francis Lawrence

While promoting ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’, Elizabeth Banks talked with Celebuzz about ‘The Hunger Games‘ director Gary Ross and new ‘Catching Fire‘ director Francis Lawrence. Was she surprised when Gary Ross decided he would not direct the sequel, Catching Fire? “I wasn’t that surprised,” Elizabeth, 38, said. “Of course I’m disappointed, I love him we’ve made […]

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The Adventure Continues to District 11 in ‘The Hunger Games Adventures’

Are you ready to meet Rue? Chapter 9 in ‘The Hunger Games Adventures‘ started a while ago on the train to District 11, and now your journey continues! Under the ruse of helping the Capitol, you will aid Thresh and Rue in saving innocent citizens! To play ‘The Hunger Games Adventures‘, make your way to […]

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MTV’s Movie Awards Tips for ‘The Hunger Games’

MTV has some sensible advice for ‘The Hunger Games‘ crew before they make their way to the MTV Movie Awards! DO Dress to Impress Effie If there’s one place to let your fashion freak flag fly, it’s most certainly at an MTV awards show. (Am I right, Rose McGowan?) Of course, I’m not encouraging any […]

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