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The Adventure Continues to District 11 in ‘The Hunger Games Adventures’

Are you ready to meet Rue? Chapter 9 in ‘The Hunger Games Adventures‘ started a while ago on the train to District 11, and now your journey continues! Under the ruse of helping the Capitol, you will aid Thresh and Rue in saving innocent citizens! To play ‘The Hunger Games Adventures‘, make your way to […]

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MTV’s Movie Awards Tips for ‘The Hunger Games’

MTV has some sensible advice for ‘The Hunger Games‘ crew before they make their way to the MTV Movie Awards! DO Dress to Impress Effie If there’s one place to let your fashion freak flag fly, it’s most certainly at an MTV awards show. (Am I right, Rose McGowan?) Of course, I’m not encouraging any […]

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Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Liam Hemsworth on Punk’d

Here are a couple of great photos of Liam Hemsworth after getting Punk’d by girlfriend Miley Cyrus! You can check out a preview for the episode here, and don’t forget to tune in to MTV tonight, May 17th at 10 pm ET to watch! source: hggirlonfire

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Suzanne Collins is a “Rising Star to Watch”

The brilliant Suzanne Collins has been honored alongside Forbes‘ Celebrity 100 in their ’10 Rising Stars to Watch’ list. Every year when we start to work on the Celebrity 100, there are up-and-comers who we hope will make the list. Competing against the likes ofJohnny Depp and Oprah Winfrey, many ultimately don’t. Here are 10 […]

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Robert Pattinson passes the “Twilight” Torch to “The Hunger Games”

With the end of The Twilight Saga approaching quickly(16 Nov 2012) The Hunger Games is said to be taking that media spotlight over. Robert Pattinson, who plays brooding vampire Edward Cullen, is perfectly happy to pass on that torch: “I feel like the [Twilight] frenzy is starting to die down,we step into the era of […]

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Could ‘Catching Fire’ Production be Moving to Georgia?

It seems that production on the Catching Fire movie could be moving to the Atlanta, Georgia area. Last year, The Hunger Games was filmed across North Carolina and had been thought that the sequel, Catching Fire, would head back there and add a couple of new locations including Hawaii to film the arena scenes.  However local news guy […]

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Josh Hutcherson Removes His Nose Bandages

With Josh Hutcherson’s recent broken nose scare, we now know it was a deviated septum, he has finally removed the bandages to reveal a still swollen but beautiful nose. He told TMZ yesterday: “I was 90 percent blocked in my right nostril.” Well Josh we think you still look great and we wish you a speedy […]

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VIDEO: Music Video “Eyes Open” by Taylor Swift Released

Taylor Swift’s new music video for her second Hunger Games soundtrack single, “Eyes Open” has officially debuted! Swift does not actually appear in the music video, which features stop-motion animation of the lyrics. The song is the 2nd single from The Hunger Games soundtrack ‘Songs from District 12 and Beyond‘  The first being “Safe and […]

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VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence’s Olympic Bound Trainer talks her Archery Skills

Olympic hopeful and ‘Hunger Games‘ trainer Khatuna Lorig has only great things to say about Jennifer Lawrence and her archery skills.E! Online interviewed the trainer, who said Jennifer definitely hit the mark! Watch the interview above and read an excerpt from the article below! If ever there was a group of people who hold their peers to […]

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VIDEO: Elizabeth Banks talks Francis Lawrence and ‘What To Expect’

Elizabeth Banks and ‘What To Expect’ Co-star Ben Falcone sat down with Collider to discuss their new movie. Elizabeth also reveals her go-to karaoke song, their recommendations for an Atlanta get away, and she mentions that ‘Catching Fire‘ director Francis Lawrence and her have yet to touch base.   Elizabeth and Ben talked to AMC […]

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