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Francis Lawrence Tweets About Wrapping Up ‘Mockingjay’

It looks like the Mockingjay movies are all but done. Director Francis Lawrence just tweeted this about finishing up wrapping on  Mockingjay Part 2 5 days left until we wrap. — Francis Lawrence (@Hibbits) June 13, 2014

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PHOTOS: Jena Malone and The Shoe

Jena Malone isn’t just the actress we grew to love for playing Johanna Mason. Her other passion is music and her band, The Shoe.  She looks pretty amazing in these photos posted on the The Thompson Hotels Facebook Page from their performance on June 3rd at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel  

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Jeffrey Wright on what he loves about The Hunger Games

Jeffrey Wright, who plays Beetee in Catching Fire and the upcoming Mockingjay movies held a  Reddit AMA. He jumped on to talk about his role as Dr Valentin Narcisse on Boardwalk Empire as well as to raise some money for the Tribeca Film Institute and Taia Peace Foundation. However, there was little chance that he’d get through an AMA (Ask […]

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Discovering Jennifer Lawrence: Director Lori Petty tells all!

Director/actress Lori Petty spoke to The Daily Beast about working with a bunch of actors, but most notably how she  “discovered” Jennifer Lawrence. She directed the movie, The Poker House, which was the film debut for Jennifer. Here’s what she says about that: I saw your 2008 directorial debut, The Poker House, and people don’t […]

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Jena Malone and The Shoe Performance and Interview for Just Jared

We all know Jena Malone as Johanna Mason, but before she was the girl from District 7 who stripped in the elevator for Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch Miss Malone started a band with a friend, Lem Jay Ignacio, called The Shoe. Their debut album I’m Okay came out this week. Now that she is done with filming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay the […]

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Sam Claflin is Glamour UK Man of The Year

As soon as Sam Claflin was cast in Catching Fire, he was always going to one of the actors to watch. And rightly so! He did a great job of playing Finnick Odair and stole our hearts. Now he’s been named Glamour’s Man of the Year.  He received the honour at  the Women of the […]

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VIDEO: Sam Claflin and Natalie Dormer Hint at Just Filmed “Mockingjay” Scene

At the Glamour UK’s Women of the Year Awards Sam Claflin and Natalie Dormer attended, were interviewed and hinted at scenes recently shot for Mockingjay. Dormer joked about Claflin not smelling like “dirt and sewage”. They appear at 1:54. In another interview Sam Claflin and his wife Laura discuss getting ready for the big night. […]

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Win Infinite Energy on “The Hunger Games Adventures”

The Facebook game “The Hunger Games Adventures” has come out with a new sweepstakes for all of the fans out there. Now instead of having to wait a certain amount of time to regain energy, players could find the “Forest’s Bounty” and win the chance to have Infinite Energy! For those of you who haven’t […]

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Thailand Turns ‘The Hunger Games’ Salute Into Real Form of Rebellion

According to Time Magazine, the three fingered salute has turned Thailand into a modern day Panem. People are getting detained for up to a week for just holding up the salute. With one slight difference from the Hunger Games movie and books, Thailand now raises there right hand with three fingers and uses their left hand to […]

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Jena Malone wraps up filming “Mockingjay”!

It really is almost over! Elizabeth Banks finishing filming as Effie Trinkett kind of brought us the realization but now that Jenna Malone as Johanna Mason (I’ve always found it interesting she played a character with the same initials!) has finished filming as well really hit me!!! In an interview with Refinery 29 she talks about her band, The Shoe, and […]

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