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Sam Claflin became as ‘Ken-Doll’ as He Could for Playing Finnick Odair

Sam Claflin recently spoke with Express Magazine about the intense diet and exercise plans he had to go through to become the swimmingly gorgeous Finnick Odair. He also speaks about meeting his wife and love at first site. This is some of what he said: “I had to go through a huge physical transformation to […]

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VIDEO: Sam Claflin – London Catching Fire Private Screening

To celebrate the release of Catching Fire on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK, a special screening was held in London. Sam Claflin, who plays Finnick Odair was there to introduce the film as well as answer questions from the audience. While this isn’t the greatest video, it does at least show part of Sam’s […]

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Jena shares a Johanna selfie from the Catching Fire set

If Johanna Mason was to ever take a selfie, then this is pretty much what it would look like.  Jena Malone, who plays Johanna in Catching Fire shared this photo of herself on via Instagram saying: Johanna Mason self portrait in the bathroom of my trailer. On the set of Catching Fire. So excited for the […]

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Find Your Salute in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Mosaic

  Hundreds of fans have taken part in a brilliant District 12 salute mosaic  as part of Catching Fire celebrations.  If you were one of them you can now find yourself as part of the Katniss cover in this great deep zoom image. To find yourself (or just check out everyone else) head to Hollywood […]

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VIDEO: Josh Hutcherson’s advice to his younger self

Josh Hutcherson may only be 21 years old, but The Hunger Games star is pretty wise for someone so relatively young – at least it would seem so from the advice he says he would give his younger self. Among the five things he’d tell himself are: do things because you want to do them […]

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Meet Buttercup – Resting on the Mockingjay Set

It’s great that Hunger Games producer Nina Jacobson is happy to give away some of what’s going down on the set of the Mockingjay. The other day she Tweeted about how fierce the character Tigris was looking and now she’s shared this photo of Prim’s cat Buttercup with the caption  “Resting between takes.” Adorable!

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Filming of Mockingjay heads back to Sawn House

We saw it extensively in Catching Fire and it looks like we’ll see it again in Mockingjay. The cast and crew are heading back to Swan House, the beautiful old mansion that has been converted into President Snow’s home for the Hunger Games films. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, they’re getting reading for the crews […]

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800 authentic Hunger Games Costumes and 6,000 BTS Photos Up for Sale

Theme Park Connection is giving Hunger Games fans the chance to buy  their own piece of cinema history. Over 800 costumes will be auctioned through their eBay store until March 30.  Some of the items include Katniss’ reaping dress,  her leather jacket and Arena costume with the mockingjay pin worn by Jennifer Lawrence. There’s also a […]

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Walk-On Role For Mockingjay Up For Auction

If you ever dreamed of being in a Hunger Games movie, then this could be your chance.  Charitybuzz is auctioning off a walk-on role in the Mockingjay. The winner will not only get to be on set as an extra for a day of filming, but they’ll also have the chance to meet and hang with […]

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Katniss Grange or Hermione Everdeen or is it Jennifer Watson?

What do you get when you cross the facial features of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson? Well, it would seem an incredibly beautiful face that looks eerily like both girls at once. Some Photoshop wizard decided to take the photographs of 23-year-old Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and 23-year-old Harry Potter actress Emma Watson and fuse them into one […]

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