Peeta and the many ways he messes up!

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Peeta in Catching Fire

A friend came out of seeing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and as much as she loved it, one of the first things she said was: “I know the Peeta lovers are going to hate  me for saying this, but how useless was he?”

Seems harsh really, since Peeta embodies a higher self. He’s good to the core. But I guess there are some things that happen to Peeta – or as the Vulture puts it, where he messes up. Even Josh Hutcherson admits it. He introduces himself on Saturday Night Live as the guy who plays “Peeta, the brave young hero who immediately gets hurt and has to be carried around for the rest of the movie.”

So is Peeta really a mess?

The Vulture has decided to create a list of what they call “ALL THE TIMES PEETA MESSES UP IN CATCHING FIRE

Poor Peeta.

Almost Drowning Right Off the Bat

Getting Zapped by the Force Field

Succumbing to the Poison Gas First

Falling All the Damn Time

Not Really Understanding the Whole Attacked-by-Monkeys Thing

Uselessness During the Clock Sequence

Failing to Protect Beetee

Getting Kidnapped by the Capitol


We still love Peeta.  How could you not love a boy who bakes and wears his heart on his sleeve?

You can check out the complete list and their reasoning at Vulture.


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  1. Olivia Hayes says:

    Heavens have mercy on those people’s souls, ’cause Lord knows I’m having trouble with it. +_+ Peeta has the emotional strength that Katniss will NEVER HAVE. That’s the POINT. And you can’t exactly blame him for getting kidnapped; that was Haymitch’s fault. Nor can you blame for “failing to protect Beetee,” considering the fact that Beetee got HIMSELF electrocuted, kind of on purpose… he’s a baker, not a killer and not even any semblance of a hunter. He has no natural skills to survive and really only cared about getting Katniss out alive, forget about his own survival.

    You all go marry Mr. Temperamental Gale and see how much you like it. =P

    • jaz says:

      LOL this article seems more satirical and humorous than as an attack on the character. They’re poking fun. Think Buzzfeed list, just not on Buzzfeed. Even just the way it’s phrased makes it seem like they’re having fun with it. And they bring up very valid points. Two people had to sacrifice their lives for him because he kept almost dying. I enjoyed this article thoroughly but it doesn’t mean I hold anything against Peeta. It’s funny.

  2. Gracy Robuck says:

    beetee is still alive sooo. and katniss is the the first one to reach out and get hurt be the smoke. so there

  3. Mark says:

    The article was funny, but there ARE real people who actually think that Peeta was useless or a wimp and needs to be the strongest of the group. I feel as though those people do forget to take in mind that Peeta was NOT hardened by survival, he didn’t have to go through the struggles that Katniss did to keep his family alive, he was basically on the richer side of District 12, he didn’t have a single job to teach him anything strength-wise, he was a baker.

  4. DMD says:

    Not to cause an uproar or anything. I know there are those who love the movie with the passion of a religious zealot. There were, I think, unnecessary, short-cuts taken, probably in the editing of the movie, that eliminated Peeta’s contribution to the plot. It was all Peeta who thought of the proposal, “already married”, and Katness being already preggers. All Peeta! His strength, manipulating the feelings of the masses, fell totally out of play, so to speak. When they cut the “roof” scene one is left wondering how Katness even fell in love with such a 2 dimentional character. I am sorry the editor cut the scene where the two were snuggling in bed on the kick-off day for the Quarter Quell, and the Prep Crew arrived, saw the “lovers” and burst into tears. Katress’ head on Peeta’s strong chest, sigh. There wouldn’t have been a dry eye in any of the theaters. So, it’s not the character’s or Josh Hutcherson’s fault poor Peeta’s importance has been stolen.

    • LaLa says:

      I’m so happy you put into words what I was thinking the whole time, even already after seeing the first film. Peeta isn’t represented very will in the films. And yes, the whole triangle thing Francis promised us either. I love the way Katniss is torn between the two of them in the books – but I can’t find that in the films. I just guess there is some major Katniss/Gale shipper in the production.

  5. Kate says:

    I wanted to laugh at this but I love the series too much. Maybe one of those zealots DMD refers too. I laugh more at the writers because they evidently don’t get Peeta. I also get the feeling they have not read the books. Good thing fl had Peeta knowing how to swim. What would they have done with that? Falling all the time? Readers find it quite remarkable running in the jungle with an artificial leg. Know this is not the movies Peeta but it is the books Peeta.
    I love all the characters SC created and just hate to see any of them minimized.

  6. Shelbi G. says:

    For everyone’s sake, I’m not going to get into this…

    This article may be a joke, but I get WAY too upset when it comes to defending Peeta. I just love him so much as a character, and non-readers who I went to see this movie with don’t really understand his strength.



  7. ninjato123 says:

    peeta was only hit by the forcefield cause he was at the front, it was invisible (cant be blamed for that), cant swim cause he grew up in 12 and didnt break the law as a child (cant be blamed), who would understand being attacked by 100 bamboos, fell too the gas when protecting katniss, the only useful people in the clock sequence were wiress and beetee, he did protect beetee by killing brutus beetee just electrocuted himself and the capital thing was haymitch’s fauly

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