Josh Hutcherson Throws Cincinnati Reds Ceremonial Pitch

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Josh Hutcherson Cincinnati Reds Pitch

As we had previously posted Josh Hutcherson, a Kentucky native, was selected to pitch the season opening ceremonial pitch for the Cincinnati Reds today. Thanks to @Reds and Yahoo! Sports, we have these awesome pictures from right after the pitch in the stadium!

And thanks to xKirstynHippe on YouTube, we have a video of Josh’s throw! Josh appears in the video starting at the 0:30 mark to about 1:30, and again at the 3:00.

Josh Hutcherson Cincinnati Reds Pitch Josh Hutcherson threw out the ceremonial first pitch on Opening Night on Saturday before the Reds took on the Miami Marlins.

The native of nearby Union, Ky. is one of the stars of the hit movie “The Hunger Games.”

Hutcherson had a few minutes of last minute pitching advice from Mr. Red and Mr. Redlegs, as well as from Brandon Phillips, who caught the pitch.

“It’s kind of intimidating,” he said in an interview with 9 News.  “I’ve been practicing.  I practiced last night. I just threw a few pitches now.  I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I just want to get it across the plate and not bounce it.  That’s all I want to do.”

He said he watched the video of Mayor Mallory’s infamous 2007 pitch a few nights ago to build up his confidence.

Unfortunately, the odds were not ever in his favor on Saturday night, and Hutcherson bounched the pitch before it hit home plate where Phillips was waiting.

Still, the crowd cheered, and girls swarmed the stands near home plate to catch a glimpse and take a picture of the star.

Some even held up signs asking him to prom.

When asked about his new fame, he said he just wanted to make a good movie.

“The fact that I got to make it was enough for me, but on top of that, everybody went and saw it and that’s all I could ever ask for,” Hutcherson said.  “That’s pretty incredible.”


source: WCPO-9

video source: hggirlonfire


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  1. peeta patta says:

    OMG, idk why but i see him as my future husband now hahaha. wish it’s real :p

  2. Bluto says:

    Grooaaaannn. He threw it into the ground & bounced it to the catcher.

    C’mon, Hutch, you’re a better athlete than that. After all, you won the Hunger Games!!

  3. Bluto says:

    AND you were trained by a Navy Seal!!

  4. Hunger Games Crazy♥ says:


  5. jHutch lover says:

    i was there and i thought he did amazing even if the ball bounced (i did get his autograph (: )

  6. SparxIgniting says:

    I Want To Be That Mascott!!!!

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