PHOTOS: Josh Hutcherson has a New Tattoo

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Josh Hutcherson New Anchor Tattoo Hunger Games

Celebuzz has posted photos of Josh Hutcherson after playing basketball in LA. It seems as though Josh has a new tattoo of an anchor on the left side of his torso. Take a look!

Josh had an elaborate explanation behind his Libra tattoo on his wrist, I wonder what the significance of the anchor is?

source: Celebuzz

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  1. PeetaLuv (Paloma) says:


  2. Peeta's wife says:

    hahaha he has one on his wrist too in one of his poster’s for hunger games you can see the one on his wrist if they have shirtless scenes in catching fire they will have to cover it up xD

  3. Rorymellark says:

    This is obviously for catching fire. I mean, come on! That is sol cool!

  4. emma says:

    guess what I HATE IT how stupid can he be!!! when hes old that tatoo wont look hot anymore i am seriously thinking of not being his fan anymore josh doesnt need another tatoo he was beautiful how he was and he had to go and ruin it

    • bridget says:

      yea i totally agree with you…..go peeta boo josh hutcherson!!

    • Love of Peeta says:

      If this will make you stop being his fan then you were never a fan at all. I mean come on it’s a tattoo and it’s on the side of his body how does that ruin his beauty. And it might mean something to him so don’t be so rude about it.

    • Ali says:

      Are you serious right now?… Like, no joke?… Are you an idiot? It’s a freaking tattoo… If you’re “seriously thinking of not being his fan anymore” then just get the F*** out. We don’t need fans like you who are going to say things like this… He’s 19 years old. I think he’s able to make some decisions regarding HIS body by himself. “He was beautiful how he was and he had to go and ruin it” Just shut up, alright? What are you? 12? I’m pretty sure Josh didn’t get this tattoo to “be hot” or to seek out approval from disrespectful fans such as yourself. Grow up, child. Pull your head out of that narrow-minded path and open your eyes. This is the real world. People all over the place are getting tattoos. Let Josh be Josh, and worry about yourself, k thanks.

    • Analy says:

      i don’t like it but that doesn’t mean that i don’t like HIM,,, i don’t like tattoos but if he likes it I’m okay with it.

    • Chasity says:

      Dude! If you’re going to stop being a fan of him because of how he wants to express himself that is so stupid! I mean really??

  5. bookworm says:

    A couple of years ago I was close to get an anchor tattoo myself, but had to cancel it. Anchors are a symbol for hope and coming home (to the harbor)… Maybe it’s something like this for Josh, too.

  6. Love of Peeta says:

    He’s a Libra just like me. That rocks. And I just hope he has a reason for the anchor he doesn’t seem like the type of person to do something without a reason.

  7. Leah says:

    So what does his tattoo on his wrist mean????

    • Dimothyxx says:

      Well, the tattoo on his wrist is of the Libra star sign surrounded by 4 stars. Josh is a libra, and the stars represent his family: himself, his mum, dad and Connor (his little brother) :)

  8. Tiffani says:

    haha now i hafta get two more tattoos

  9. "Shut up and eat your pears!" says:

    I don’t care about the tattoo-let him do what he wants to do-but honestly (no offense to Josh Hutcherson) that shirt is absolutely horrible. Just my oppinion though!!!

  10. KEE says:

    Well it’s a free country !!!! He can do what he wants but he’ll have to cover it for Catching Fire.

  11. Mixie says:

    Are you guys serious? Guys with tattoos are sexy! And unless he completely covers himself in them, I don’t think theres a problem with it. Plus it will mean something to him, he’s all about being who you are so this will be a reflection of his life, beliefs or personality somehow. Oh well, I’ll keep him for myself!

  12. Taylor says:

    I think it’s sexy!! Go Josh!!

  13. Laney says:

    i agree with you that he his an adult and can do what ever he wants and im positive that the at anchor means something very valuable to him. and thoughs of you who are thinking about not being his fan anymore because you think it ruins his body. well news flash its sexy to have a couple of tattoos and we true fans don’t need any of you minors so you can just leave us alone. by the way the one on him wrist is a Libra his zodiac sign. so back off!!

  14. peeta lover says:

    Yea. He’s an adult he can have a tattoo or two. You know people can take off tattoos . if you are not his fan because he has some tattoos , than ou arent a true fan . i dont care if he as tattoos its his choice , and i dont care . im a true fan . boo you

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