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Liam Hemsworth Prestige Magazine Hunger Games

We previously posted Liam Hemsworth‘s cover on Hong Kong’s Prestige magazine. Now we have Liam’s interview from the article and some photos of our Hunger Games heart-throb looking handsome in some suave suits.

How have you been dealing with all the attention your life and everything that surrounds it has been bringing you?

I haven’t really changed that much. I still do the things that I’ve always done. It’s just that I’m at a different level now in terms of my career. I’m able to meet extremely talented filmmakers and writers and directors – everyone in the business. I’m just in a different position than I’ve ever been in. But, you know, my personal life hasn’t changed. I still go surfing and hang out with friends. I just feel very lucky to be where I am and to be able to make movies.

There has been an enormous buzz around the world following The Hunger Games. What’s it like being caught up in it all?

Pretty much the whole of March I’ve been travelling, doing press everywhere. It’s been awesome. I’ve never promoted something as big as this. So it’s been pretty cool. As an actor I always look for things I relate to in one way or another, or things that are different. And this is definitely all that and has a huge fan base behind it already. I’ve never been a part of something like that before so it has been interesting.

What attracted you to the production and to the role?

It’s been different to any kind of movie that I’ve done before. I think it has given me a chance to show something different as an actor and be seen in a different light.

So how did the acting bug bite?

My brother Luke got into it first. As a kid I always loved movies; I would sit down and watch movies all day long. But it wasn’t like I dreamt of being an actor or anything. It wasn’t until I was about 17 and I watched my brothers do TV shows in Australia that I wanted to pursue it seriously, and I started doing classes outside of school. I got an agent and started auditioning as much as I could. That was in my last year of school.

Can you talk a little about what made you decide that acting was the only path you would take?

I left to shoot something for a few weeks and when I returned to school my head just wasn’t there any more. So I left school completely about three-quarters of the way through my last year and I just started laying floors with my eldest brother Luke. I was just auditioning as much as I could and laying floors as well.

What did the surfing crowd think about having an aspiring actor in their midst?

I had a really tight circle of friends. A lot of guy friends that I grew up with, there was a big group of us, and they were always just so blasé about anything I ever did in Australia. It was just, “Yeah, cool man. Let’s go and surf.” So they never really showed that much interest or cared that much. They were just good mates who never treated me any differently.

There is tons more to the article, so head to Prestige to read the whole thing!

source: Prestige Hong Kong

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