President Obama uses The Hunger Games movie to roast republicans

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President Barack Obama and The Hunger Games connection

The Hunger Games movie has made the jump into pop culture, making its presence felt all the way to the White House.

Not only were three of The Hunger Games cast at the Correspondent’s Dinner in Washington, but President Barack Obama decided that the movie’s core message  created the perfect opportunity to take a bit of a dig as his rival Mitt Romney and the republic primary approach:

“Still, I guess Governor Romney is feeling pretty good about things because he took a few hours off the other day to see The Hunger Games — some of you have seen it. It’s a movie about people who court wealthy sponsors and then brutally savage each other until only one contestant is left standing. I’m sure this was a really good change of pace for him. I have not seen The Hunger Games; not enough class warfare for me,”

You can check out the President’s entire speech at the NYPost



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  1. Rebekah says:

    How rude! The hunger games has political meaning to it, a warning about using nuclear weapons in war and in how we treat one another as well as how we, as the people, should use out rights to keep the government in check! And I’m pretty sure that our government needs to checked right now >:/

  2. Euragone says:

    What an Idiot we have for a President! More People are on food stamps now than when Bush was in office! Oduma is closer to President Snow personality than Romney, Washington D.C. and Big Business are like the Capitol and everywhere else in the U.S. is the Districts….. I agree with Rebekah.. Government needs to be Checked now..

  3. Jabber jay says:

    Obama has 0 class to him

  4. Sam R. says:

    I find it very funny actually. It was just a joke. please take it lightly people.

  5. RebeccaB. says:

    So basically he’s saying there’s not enough violence in it for him? You can tell he’s never read the books or would even get the point of it to begin with.

  6. iMHOME says:

    What on earth?! Fake fans are practically the worst, yay for Romney for watching it!:) Josh Hutcherson is democrat too!:p

  7. Sevilen Robberts says:

    WHAT THE CRAP?! When my sister and I saw THG and President Snow was going on about hope, I leaned over and said “He sounds a lot like Obama.”

    Flippin’ hypocrite needs to shut up. It would make everyone so happy.

  8. Cory C says:

    Wow. This man is not very bright. So what Romney went to see the HG it just shows he is social. so that probably boosted his chances for office.

  9. Cara says:

    My family is democrats so we will probably vote for Obama but NOT ENOUGH VIOLENCE!It’s a bunch of kids dieing in painful ways away from their families. He should imagine that happening to one of his daughters.I know it was just a joke but Mitt Romney was having some fun. Maybe he should try to have some fun.

  10. Julie says:

    Wow it’s called sarcasm people. You’re the ones not bright

    • Euragone says:

      Spoken like a True Democrap… I’m mean Democrat.. By the way I’m Indierepubdemoleftwrightw-crat… I vote for the one that I feel is most qualified…We elect them to be truthful and honest, something Oduma isn’t! Sarcasm from oduma just isn’t…

      Ted Nugent for President !

  11. Austin says:

    Why do people always get political with this book/ movie? It shouldn’t be in that light. If one does want to get political, the government in this book, that’s throwing kids into an arena, is a totalitarian gov’t. Which if you ever took a gen ed poli sci course, is a very LEFT WING gov’t. It shows what gov’t oppression can result it. Obama has no idea what he is talking about. Like always.

  12. Lisa says:

    I can see how apt it is. It is a movie about the 99% uprising against the privileged few after sacrificing everything and then having the demand that they sacifice each other after building bonds of trust. Romney is a wooden man. He has not care or feelings for anyone that can’t afford him or his lifestyle.

    • heather says:

      thank you finally some one not slamming obama. Those that have to much have no idea what it take to live the hunger games every month.
      To be long winded I was told by my employer that if I wanted health insurance I could get a second job to pay for it.

    • kennyken says:

      A vote for Romney = a vote for Snow.

      Making the rich richer, and making the poor even poorer.

      not to mention taking my rights away and telling me who I can and cannot marry.

  13. froggyboggy12 says:

    Its 2012 people!!!! Were alll GONNA DIE ANYWAYS!!

  14. froggyboggy12 says:


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