Rumor: Jena Malone | Johanna Mason in Catching Fire

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Jena Malone - Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games

More Rumors! Sucker Punch actress Jena Malone has been offered the role of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's bad girl Johanna Mason. The Hollywood Reporter says that negotations have now started.

Here's what THR has to say:

Malone has the offer and is in early negotiations for the part, according to sources. The move nixes premature reports that pegged newbie actress-modelZoe Aggeliki as the front-runner to play the ax-wielding former Hunger Games winner from District 7, who aligns with Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) in their return to the arena for an all-star death match.

The role requires a mix of wit and physicality. Although Mason enjoys some of the best one-liners in the Suzanne Collins novel, her first appearance finds her stripping out of her tribute costume in an effort to make Katniss uncomfortable.

The movie is heading for a late-September start with director Francis Lawrence.

Malone, repped by Gersh and Hirsch Wallerstein, most recently appeared in History’s hit miniseries Hatfields & McCoy

Still no official word from Lionsgate, but stay tuned as we'll  pass on all of the new casting decisions as soon as we get them.  In the meantime, let us know what you think about Jena as Johanna.  I think she's a good fit and can't wait to see if she takes up the offer.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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  1. Peeta rocks says:

    I hope she gets it.

  2. Johanna says:

    I really want this to be true. Out of all the names that that have been thrown out there for Johanna, Jena is my favorite.

  3. Hunger Games crazy says:

    I have never seen her act, is she good?

  4. RebeccaB. says:

    Never would’ve thought of her, but I hope it’s true. She looks like she’d be a great Johanna and if she is chosen, I hope she sticks around for Mockingjay. I hope we see some “confirmed” actors soon.

    * Random Thought Alert* – I wonder if in the Mockingjay movie they’ll show Katniss and Peeta’s kids? I hope they do because it sort of wraps up the trilogy, if you know what I mean? Like it really sums up the “that things can be good again”, along with the end of the Capitol and the Hunger Games.

  5. holly says:


  6. kate says:

    I think she’ll be great! I’m excited to know who Finnick and the rest of the victors will be. I’ve been searching imdb. A bunch of fans have made some good lists of potentials

  7. Mock says:

    I wouldn’t mind if she got it. I’m not sure about her acting, but she definitely looks the part.

  8. G says:

    I was never really sure who should play Johanna… but, Jena is a great actress, and I hope she does get the part.

  9. Hayden Everdeen says:

    Jena will be an amazing choice for the part,amazing actress by the way.
    Jena for Johanna Mason!

  10. loveforhungergames says:

    I think Jena would make an amazing johanna. Their both badass and I can confirm that Jena is from Sucker Punch, and she certainly looks the part. I really hope she gets it.

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