Spoilers: Pics from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Beach Scene

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Just Jared has some great spoiler pics from the set of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with these shots of the Catching Fire beach scene.  They show Katniss Everdeen(Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta Mellark(Josh Hutcherson), and Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) enjoying a nice little beach crab snack while the crew just kind of hang out.

For more set pics visit the source Just Jared


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  1. sisalicious says:

    The more pictures I see, the more excited I am to see Catching Fire come to life! I think this might be when the monkey mutts attack, after Mags died because she’s not in any of the pictures…

  2. Nia says:

    From what I’m seeing, Finnick doesn’t look the way I imagined him….

    • Joanna Mason says:

      I am so very sorry that the casting directors didn’t consult you before they cast Finnick…

      But in all seriousness, everyone imagines each character differently, so how are they supposed to appeal to millions of different ideas of what a character should look like? They went for who they thought was the best and and we have to just trust them.

      Personally, I think he looks very Finnicky, though.

  3. Mark says:

    Doesn’t Katniss’s hair look really black? It was brownish in the first movie.

    • WarriorWing says:

      Maybe it’s wet in that scene? But you’re right, it does look darker.

    • Hannah says:

      Personally i think it looks good darker, especially when the setting

      • Nick says:

        Well I think it doesn’t look right. I think it looks best when it is brown. But is probably just black because her hair is wet.

        • Lauren says:

          yeah it is a little dark. Everyone says i look exactly like jennifer lawrence in the first movie but im only 13 i dont get how i could. but i think its mostly becuase of our hair looked the ‘exact’same. but now since its darker i feel that i might need to dye my hair darker. pffft just kidding. im just a super fandgirl. AHHH IM AL JITTERY INSIDE.IS IT JUST ME?!

  4. svre says:

    wow.. her hair is really.. DARK.. maybe they just got outta the water? Wait, then wouldn’t the guys hair look darker too? hmm.. guys hair do dry faster. :DDD SO exited about the movie! Everyone would totally go crazy after Catching Fire, there is two parts. Dang, i would go crazy. Haha. Wel i’m super exited. I was Katniss Everdeen for Halloween.. i’m over obsessed. well. i’m one of those people who get bored quickly.. xD

  5. Jack says:

    Where is her mockingjay pin? None of the pictures have her wearing it. That is too crucial a part of the series to be left out…

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