Stanley Tucci Cast in The Hunger Games Movie

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My Hunger Games - Stanley Tucci

Lionsgate has announced that Stanley Tucci will play Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games movie.  It will be a chance for Tucci to channel his inner Ryan Seacrest when he takes on the charismatic (but somewhat smarmy) interviewer who speaks to the Tributes on national television before they go into the Hunger Games.  Flickerman is famous for his radical appearance, always seeking out the positive and looking younger than his age.

Here’s the press release:

Lionsgate and the filmmakers of THE HUNGER GAMES are pleased to announce that Stanley Tucci (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE LOVELY BONES) has been cast in the role of Caesar Flickerman in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ worldwide smash hit novel.

Caesar Flickerman is utterly familiar to all the citizens of Panem as the l host of the Hunger Games. Known for his outrageous appearance and buoyant personality, his upbeat interviews of the 24 tributes – a boy and a girl from each of the country’s 12 districts – are presented on every television in the nation.  He is famous for turning any conversation around to the positive and finding humor in even the most dire circumstances.


Are you guys fans of Tucci? How do you think he’ll shape up in The Hunger Games?


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  1. kaylee says:

    when i thought about it i could kinda see him as yea good choice :)

  2. dev says:

    why is he ceaser? doesn’t ceaser have, you know, HAIR!

  3. Tally says:

    Love love love. This guy is an amazing actor and can pull off any role. I had originally pictured an old man(because he has hosted the Hunger Games interviews for years and years) and like the guy from “Price is Right”. I’m definitely not unhappy though, Stanley Tucci is awesome. This is going to be an amazing movie with all these great actors. I am so excited!

  4. katnissnpeeta says:

    hahaha i agree dev lol

  5. Rose says:

    He can put on a wig and dye his skin and eyebrows and stuff, shave his beard, I like him though, I would have preferred Ryan Seacrest or James Marsden though.

  6. KaliaPrescottFan123 says:

    i think hes better than ryan and james… i see sum1 a little older as
    caesar…anyways excited! they have district 10, cato and clove(D2),pres.snow,haymitch,the mayor,madge,peeta’sdad(mybe mom too) and mybe sum others…also extras but were a

  7. KaliaPrescottFan123 says:

    were almost there*

  8. The guy says:

    I hope they put a wig and shave beard.

  9. TheHob says:

    He is perfect!

  10. Hunger games says:

    HE IS GRAT !! ( with some changes :p )

  11. Hunger games says:

    I want to know ho clove and cato are going to be ! can´t wait ..

  12. JKE says:

    I think Stanley Tucci is perfect! He’s a great actor!

  13. Amanda says:

    Hes pretty good but he would make a good Haymitch also

  14. Renee says:

    I can see him pulling this part off well. I’m looking forward to seeing him decked out in blue.

    And people.. hair color, eye color, length, none of that matters. Height doesn’t even matter. Age doesn’t even really matter. They can change just about everything when it comes to how an actor looks, and change they will.

  15. Mar says:

    Stanley is a GREAT actor, and he’s funny! So this definantly a good choice!!!

  16. Jen says:

    I’m so happy with this choice. I feel like he is an actor that can pull off a lot of different characters. :] Plus I love his speaking voice.

  17. #1 Team Peeta :) :) says:

    good choice!!!! totally love and people..dont judge on the looks umm welcome to the 21st century where we happen to have stylists so umm yeah not really a big problem so shut ur complaining. :)

  18. Holly says:

    Totally awesome! Stanley Tucci is a great actor. He can pull off almost any role. Great choice! 😀

  19. alex says:

    now, i see him as flickerman

  20. Syd says:

    Omg! He will be great, and guys he will look good as Caesar, he is a really good actor, most of his movies were grammys or a nominating grammy.

  21. KaliaPrescottFan123 says:

    for singing in the movies?cuz arent oscars for movie, grammys for music, and emmys for tv?…correct me if im wrong..

  22. Marryanna says:

    just take away the beard and die his hair another color and out him in a goofy suit and I think we are probably okay

  23. bri marie says:

    THIS IS ALL I NEEDED!! love it love it love it love it! love him! like i said before as long as hes in the movie im happy. i was kind of hoping for him as Pres. Snow but i knew id be happy either way with him as caesar or snow. AH! so happy right now!

  24. HungerGamesFan1 says:

    I like it. He looks like a Cesear to me, someone who can be funny and turn the conversation around to the good side. I don’t think he should have a wig though… That’s just my opinion and the makeup may look weird I think we’re going to be shocked when we see him in the movie! 😀

  25. Lucas says:

    He is just ok.

  26. Kayla says:

    I really wanted him as Cinna. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the part. But he will be a wonderful Caesar.

  27. PEETA! says:

    He doesn’t have hair! Ceasar has blue hair. I also pictured him being a lot older like in his seventies

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