Summer of Hunger Games

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  My Hunger Games - Summer of Books

It’s one month until Mockingjay comes out on August 24th.

To get fans ready their new blog team at Book Talk are reliving the experience of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  They want you to get on board with a new challenge.  Basically, all you need to do is start reading to get ready for the start of a series of giveaways.  Book Talk will be holding weekly discussion posts so that those who already know and love the books, along with newbies to the Hunger Games series can join in. 

You will need to follow @Scholastic on Twitter (and make sure you follow us while you’re there @myhungergames)

The first giveaway has been announced .  They’re giving away two Mockingjay Pins!!!  You just need to head over to the Book Talk page and follow the instructions .

Don’t forget to take part in our Mockingjay pin giveaway as well,   These pins are exclusive to Scholastic Book Clubs so they are pretty rare

It all culminates on midnight of August 24  with a release party post and discussion.  Here’s the calendar:


July 26th: First Give-Away!!

July 30th: Hunger Games: Parts I & II

August 6th: Hunger Games: Part III

August 13th: Catching Fire: Parts I & II

August 20th: Catching Fire: Part III

August 24th: Mockingjay

UPDATE:  If you check out the comments on the Book Talk blog, Jen A from Scholastic says “The Mockingjay Pin was available if you pre-ordered Mockingjay in the Scholastic Book Clubs Tab Club in May and June of this year.  The pin will also be available in this September’s Tab and Teen Readers’ Club so be on the lookout for that and be sure to check back for the give-aways!”

We will keep an eye out for you too and let you know as soon as we hear anything about the very hard to get (but don’t we all want one?!!) Mockingjay pin.  :)

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  1. Makenzie says:

    woohoo! Cant wait… but what exactly do we tweet???

  2. Sooo excited…entered the giveaway but probably won’t win, so I might just wait to get the book…No. I don’t think so =)
    -Alice =)

  3. PEETA! says:

    glad when i read them, they were all out. i would’ve died if i had to wait, i almost went insane when half a day went by before i could read catching fire

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