Suzanne Collins an EW Entertainer of the Year

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My Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Entertainment Weekly has named author Suzanne Collins as one of the magazine’s Entertainers of the Year. She’s come in at number 13 on their list!

Here’s what they had to say:

Despite criticism of the kid-on-kid violence in her bestselling Hunger Games trilogy, Collins, 48, believes the books pack a powerful antiwar message. ”My dad was career Air Force, a Vietnam vet, and a doctor of political science,” she explains. ”He felt very strongly about educating his children about war. And in turn, I feel drawn to creating stories for kids that might help them understand it.”

Also during the interview with EW Ms Collins spoke about Gary Ross taking the helm for The Hunger Games movie.  She said she’s spoken twice on the phone with Ross, and thinks he’s going to be “terrific”.

She goes onto say that Ross is full of genuine excitement and that when he talks about a scene, you can’t help visualizing it.

“I can’t wait to see his vision come to life on the screen,” she says.

Suzanne Collins helped write the screenplay adaptation for the movie and noted the challenge of condensing her book into a two-hour film. “You want to preserve the essence while making the film stand on its own,” she told EW. 

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  1. Are you writting any more Hunger Games books because I was so upset to learn that the Mockingjay book was the last of its series. :(
    Hopefully you are writting more books to the series because I love the books. If you haven’t may I just give you a couple ideas about the book that you should extend onto the series. Okay heres my ideas, you could talk about Katniss, Peeta, and their two children going around the districts again and talking to some of the main leaders there. You could also put in another war between the districts and the Capitol because may be the Capitol is taking the power away from the districts again. Next you could put in that secretly the Capitol was hiding and building another hunger games place just for the victors and their children, if they have any. Maybe it would seem for good use to the people but then maybe the Capitol betrayes the the victors and the people, so then all of the victors have to team up again so that they all can survive. They could go against mutts, pods, and all sorts of things. But in the end maybe Prim could be found and mutated, but then sent in to the games to kill Katniss because Katniss did after all kill Coin. Lastly Katniss or Peeta could die so then the other (which ever you chose) could go crazy and start killing the rest of the victors and their children. Thank You for reading this and maybe you could start writing the next book. Please?

  2. Rose Taylor says:

    I loved all of the books and would love to read the next book. They were involved in such big action and drama! You are such a great author!

  3. good for you i glad that someone is making a movie i come threw there all the time i love movies and i told a lot of people this would be a good place to make a movie i wish i no where they where geting people to play in the movie i am on a walker and could have lived in one of the houses if they still need someone let them no good for you again

  4. PEETA! says:

    She deserves it, those books are amazing

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