Suzanne Collins on writing the script for The Hunger Games movie

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My Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Author of The Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins has decided to leave a message to her fans about the script for the upcoming movie and the part she’s played in it.

Suzanne wrote the original draft which was then handed to screenwriter Billy Ray for revisions.  When director Gary Ross came on board, he made changes to the script based on his vision of the movie and it was through that process that he invited Suzanne to work on the screenplay with him.

Here’s what Suzanne has to say:  (you can also find the letter to fans on The Hunger Games Facebook page)


Now that the filming of The Hunger Games has begun, I’ve been getting  a lot of questions about the script, so I thought I might share a  little of my experience with you.  Back in early 2010, Color Force and  Lionsgate began the process of adapting the book to the screen and I  wrote the first draft of the script.  After that, we brought on veteran  screenwriter Billy Ray to further develop the piece.  Not only has he  written and directed excellent films like Shattered Glass and Breach, he  was a complete pleasure to work with.  Amazingly talented,  collaborative, and always respectful of the book.  His adaptation  further explored the world of Panem and its inhabitants.  As though I  wasn’t lucky enough, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Gary Ross, known for his  wonderful works such as Seabiscuit and Pleasantville, came on board. As  part of his creative process, he wrote a subsequent draft which  incorporated his incredible directorial vision of the film.  And then he  very generously invited me in to work with him on it.  We had an  immediate and exhilarating creative connection that brought the script  to the first day of shooting.  Of course, the piece will naturally  continue to evolve through the filming, as the actors bring the  characters to life, as the entire crew brings their significant talents  to the piece, as the editors work with Gary to best realize his vision.  The final draft will be on the screen next March.


So that’s been the script process, and as an author, I’m truly grateful  for the journey.


May the odds be ever in your favor!


Suzanne Collins

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  1. Renee says:

    I love that she’s been so involved, and she’s really quite gracious!

  2. Cam says:

    I really just hope they stay true to the story, both with the emotions
    and plot

  3. Cuzin says:

    I second that opinion :)

  4. Katniss says:

    She’s been so involved in it that’s so awesome! she obviously cares about us (her fans) … I love how she quotes Hunger Games at the end :)

  5. Gale rocks! says:

    T’s so great that she is being so involved with everything that os happening! =D

  6. #1 Team Peeta :) :) says:

    I agree with many of you that it’s awesome how she is involving herself in the script writing, really shows how she cares about what the fans think…..really grateful for all your hardwork Suzanne!!!!!! :)

  7. Maddie says:


  8. HGluver says:

    Lol I knoe rite shee s soo awesome I dont knoe how sum one can make a story like tht it’s insane (n the gewd way):) she’s a true genius!!!:)

  9. PEETA! says:

    YES! keep the movie EXACTLY like the book, dont ruin it

  10. biggestfanevr says:

    I can not wait to see the film. Truly the best books I have ever read. I got lost in the land of Panem and the characters were so amazing I felt like I knew them and was so sad when I finished the series. Im thrilled that suzzane has played an active roll in the film script and can only hope that she will write a fourth book. I am hooked!!

    • Katniss says:

      so with you on that fourth book part i also was sad when it ended and really hope that she will write a fourth one!!! I also was thinking about writing a letter to her to see if she will write a fourth book!! (BUT DON’T STEAL MY IDEA!!!!!)

      – some one who is atited to THE HUNGER GAMES!!!


    SUZANNE COLLINS IS AWESOME!!! SHE IS THE BEST WRITER EVA! I enjoyed reading the Hunger Games so much I read it a second time. I can’t wait for the movie, we have a count down for it in school!

  12. hunger games 4th book pleease? says:

    SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT OMG!! im so depressed that iv finished the whole trilodgy i cried so much in mockingjay she needs to write a 4th book or im gonna be depressed for the rest of my life!! Even just a spin off series with finnick and annie or haymitches games or maybe a new leader takes over panem and brings the hunger games back on and the reaping is rigged and katnisses daughter gets picked and maybe gales son and katniss can still not look at gale but they have to work together to try and help there kids and maybe annies baby could get picked SOZ FOR THE LONG COMMENT I JUST WANT A 4TH BOOK!

    • Chelsea says:

      Fourth book and spin-off’s on the previous tributes!! Yes I totally agree she needs to do this for her fan! I mean I know it’s her choice but it’s such a good story and it’s hard to find those now a days :(

  13. TeamPeeta4ever says:

    hunger games 4th book pleease?


  14. Thegirlonfire says:

    I think Suzanne Collins should write a fourth book about how life is after president Snow has been killed, and she should also write about how her life is with Peeta and their kids. I think the ending of The book Mockingjay was wayy to fast paced.

    • EJ says:

      I totally agree with you. I was glad for the somewhat happy ending with Katniss and Peeta, but I want to know more! I want to hear about them rebuilding district 12, life with Paylor as president, and Katniss and Peeta’s love story!! I also want to know about the kids. FOURTH BOOOOOK PLEEEAAASSEEE!

  15. YourMOM says:

    Heyy Peope

  16. XAV says:

    After reading the book and watching the movie; I’m still in search of the true meaning behind Collin’s metaphors.
    Whilst some affirm Suzzane warns against an overgrowing, omnipresent power ruling the masses (which would lead to think that we should shut down any form of government). Others like to think she tries to convey a sense of urgency when it comes to provide our society with a minimum of means to sustain life (i.e. prevent “hunger”).
    Judging by the “lone star” features of the main characters; one could conclude that author is inclined to transmit the first of the two previous premises. Nevertheless, the existence of higher stratus living off the “hungry” in her story, she seems to send a message of social injustice that we must correct before is too late.
    The images in the video projected to the youth waiting to be selected as “Tributes” appear to support the notion of a past “revolution” against this “government sponsored” social injustice, rather than a rebellion against a “too big government”.
    We definitely do not see an oversized social structure here, other than the existent in the “Capital” for the enjoyment of the “fortunate”. No big social programs, no huge infrastructures (other than stadiums and “Court Rooms”, and much less “food stamps”.
    I’d like to “hear” comments in this respect.

  17. Chelsea says:

    To be honest I’m really disappointed how she stopped writing the hunger games books because there’s so many things she can do with the whole story.
    I mean most books have prequels and I hate reading them but I’d love to read about past tributes and their experiences with the hunger games :( It’s such a good and creative concept.

  18. Holly Barnard says:

    Hey Suzanne! I’m Holly. I’m 14 years old. Wow your books and imagination is utterly magnificent! I’ve been inspired by your writing and after reading your work i feel the need to write more! I know you will have so much fan mail an I accept that your incredibly busy! But I’ve started to write my own story but not sure where it’s going! I’ve searched and sat in my garden, wondered the streets of my village looking and reading for inspiration without copying anyone’s work. Ive been searching for weeks without luck. And I was wondering since your my favourite author that maybe you could possibly help me out? I totally understand if that’s not allowed in the famous world for safety reasons but I would highly appreciate it!

    I loved the hunger games series! I cried and cried! Yeah I’m all emotional! I don’t like Girly chick books I love adventure/horror/romance(not too much romance though) 😉 too lovey dovey! Hahahaa! I love the character descriptions! Your amazing! I honestly mean that…you’ve heard it so many times before! Thanks for your time if you even read this!
    Kind regards
    Holly x

  19. brittany says:

    What was the funnest thing that happend to suzanne collins?

  20. Hunger games are great says:

    I would like to say that the hunger games is a amazing and emotional journey that I would love to read more so I ask that you could plz make more

  21. Hunger games are great says:

    Sorry it’s me again

    I would also like to say your my favourite author and you have inspired me to be creative. I think your books are amazing and you have a fantastick imagination I really would love another hunger games. Unforunatly I know you can’t so I’m quit upset.

    Thank you for your time

  22. Logan says:

    Hello I have got some ideas for a 4th book but before I say I would like to say i love the hunger games and I would love another book.

    My ideas are that you should wright about what it is like having paylor as president, the rebuilding of district 12 and peeta and katnisses love story.

    I would also like to say that you are great a great author Suzanne and I have had a very fun and lovely journey reading th huger games. Also I was never into scifi horror and adventure books ang the hunger games has changed my opinion altogether.

    Thank you for your books and I would would be very happy if you made more.

    Kind regards

  23. Tara says:

    PLSSSSSSSSS write a 4th book :)

  24. katniss aka number 1 hunger games fan says:

    i LOVE the hunger games and if i had the script and or the signtur of the stars my life would be complet searsoly i live on the hunger games i will get evry thing and aney thing to do with the hunger games DOSENT ENEY ONE HAVE THE SCRIPT

  25. katniss aka number 1 hunger games fan says:


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