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MTV has FIVE Burning Questions about Catching Fire

After the huge box office success of The Hunger Games, MTV is looking forward to Catching Fire coming to the big screen – and has Five Burning Questions that they want answers to (Caution: there are Minor Spoilers if you haven’t read the book): When Will Gary Ross Officially Sign On to Direct? By all […]

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Catching Fire Fan Cast Poll: Who Should Play Finnick Odair?

The Hunger Games has been released, and it is a smash! So what is a fan to do now? Look to Catching Fire of course! No character in Catching Fire has sparked more casting debate than Finnick Odair. So we’ve done our research and compiled the stats on who you would like to see play our favorite Trident-wielding Victor! Take a […]

March 25, 2012 More

Who Should Play Finnick Odair? You Pick!

MTV has created a Poll to Fan Cast Finnick Odair. Some of the options include Kellan Lutz, Alex Pettyfer, Chord Overstreet, Garrett Hedlund and even YouTuber Joey Graceffa. Cast your vote HERE. And put who you’d vote for in the comments! Be sure to add someone if they didn’t make the list…

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