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‘Catching Fire’ Director Breakdown: Francis Lawrence and Bennett Miller

If the rumors are true, than Francis Lawrence or Bennett Miller will be taking over ‘The Hunger Games‘ franchise and directing ‘Catching Fire‘. MTV has done a breakdown of both potential directors, take a look and let us know what you think in the comments! Bennett Miller Background: Documentary Miller’s first film was a doc […]

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RUMOR: Lawrence or Miller to be offered job of ‘Catching Fire’ Director

There has been a lot of anticipation for Lionsgate’s decision on who will direct ‘Catching Fire‘. We reported earlier that Francis Lawrence and Bennett Miller were being added into the pool of potential directors to take over ‘The Hunger Games‘ franchise. Well, the L.A. Times has reported that the final decision is between the two […]

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Two new directors considered for Catching Fire

The decision on just who will be directing Catching Fire will have to be finalised fairly soon, if sequel to The Hunger Games is going to keep to schedule. Speculation has been running hot on who is likely to take over the job from Gary Ross.  The Playlist is reporting that two new directors are being […]

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