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PHOTOS: Jennifer Lawrence on the Catching Fire set!

Now that we’ve seen photos of nearly all of the other big names on the ‘Catching Fire‘ set, it’s about time we see our Katniss! Celebuzz has some exclusive photos of Jennifer Lawrence on set with her infamous Katniss braid. After sharing snaps of Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) and Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair) suited up at tributes on Thursday, Celebuzz has the exclusive first […]

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PHOTO: Justice Building on the Catching Fire Set

More about the Catching Fire set! We’ve already seen Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin along with Cashmere, Gloss, Enobaria and Chaff on set, and now we have a sneak peek at the construction! A Justice Building is nearing completion, according to Hypable, who shared this photo taken about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, GA.  It […]

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PHOTOS: Josh Hutcherson & Tributes on Catching Fire Set

Seems a lot of photos are leaking from the Catching Fire set today! Earlier we saw a first glimpse of Sam Claflin as Finnick along with a blonde Josh Hutcherson walking around set. Now there are more photos of Josh Hutcherson walking around the Catching Fire set, along with Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Alan Ritchson, Meta […]

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VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence talks Katniss’ Hair and ‘Catching Fire’ Cast

Vanity Fair got the chance to interview Jennifer Lawrence at the Toronto International Film Festival. In addition to talking about the premiere of her new movie, ‘Silving Linings Playbook’, they also spoke with the actress about ‘Catching Fire‘. Jennifer touches on Katniss’ brown locks and how she maintains them, as well as her ‘Catching Fire‘ […]

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VIDEO: Woody Harrelson on Working With Francis Lawrence for ‘Catching Fire’

HitFix caught up with Woody Harrelson at the premiere of his new movie ‘Seven Psychopaths’. While there, they just had to ask about ‘Catching Fire‘. Specifically how working with the new director, Francis Lawrence, is working out with him and the rest of the cast. Towards the end of our chat, I had to take […]

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Trainer Talks Working with Josh Hutcherson & Bruno Gunn

Josh Hutcherson is training even harder to be Peeta this time around in ‘Catching Fire‘. Since winning the Games, Peeta would be able to afford a healthier lifestyle. Josh told USA Today last month: “I’m getting in even better shape this time around… After the games, Peeta would have been taking care of himself physically. And […]

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Woody Harrelson says Catching Fire Script is “Strong”

‘Catching Fire‘ has started production this week, which means our favorite Panem actors are back on the job. That includes Woody Harrelson, who is not on set yet but has nothing but praise for the Catching Fire script. He loves what Francis Lawrence has done with the new installment, and that he is going to […]

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Tips to Catch ‘Catching Fire’ Filming in Atlanta

With the announcement that ‘Catching Fire‘ production has started, many fans are hoping for the chance to glimpse some filming on set. On Location Vacations has released some tips for those Atlanta bound fans interested in just that. From OLV: Here’s what we know so far about where they might be filming over the next few weeks: […]

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Glamour’s Six Reasons Why They Can’t Wait for ‘Catching Fire’

Glamour Magazine is just as giddy as the rest of us to see ‘Catching Fire‘ on the big screen! They’ve put out all of their excitement in writing and shared with us the six things they can’t wait for in ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘. Sam Clafflin as Finnick Odair! I know that some of you […]

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MTV’s Hopes, Dreams and Fears for ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

We all are anxious to see how our beloved second book, ‘Catching Fire‘, will be adapted to the big screen. But it’s not just us on the edges of our seats, MTV is getting excited as well! They shared what they hope and dream they will get in ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘, as well […]

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