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VIDEO: Mockingjay: Burn Short-film Fan Made

Last year we reported about a fan-made film being made by Leo Kei Angelos, director and creator, and Kristen Brancaccio who co-produced and acted as Katniss in the film. Yesterday we got an e-mail that the film had been finally finished!! Here is some small info on the process of making the film: When we […]

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FAN MADE Katniss Bow and Arrow!

Check out this bow and arrow made by a fan named Raul! It’s pretty awesome looking! This is what he said about the making of the weapon: I made the bow with PVC pipe, which I heated until it was soft and pliable, so that I could give it the shape I wanted. After shaping […]

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Amazing Katniss Fan Art by Ronya Norberg!

Check out this amazing fan art by Ronya Norberg!! It’s a pretty impressive rendition of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss as the Mockingjay. You can check out her other amazing work at her blog. Via: Panem Propaganda’s FB Page

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The Hunger Games: Amazing Fan Art of Katniss Everdeen!

Fan art is one of my favorite parts of being an admirer of a particular trilogy. The creativity and brilliance of these artists, especially when you have a great muse like Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, is astounding. There is no doubt that there are some amazing artists out there. However, there is one fan […]

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The Katniss Chronicles are coming back

The Katniss Chronicles is an amazing audio drama based on The Hunger Games.  And now they are back with Part II to start from June 25. Based on Catching Fire, The Katniss Chronicles: Part II will continue the story of Katniss Everdeen. “I hope that the trailer for Part II will give listeners a taste of the talented cast […]

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Fan Art Friday!

Hey Everyone! Summer here and you know what time it is! Fan Art Friday!!! The first picture was sent in from Victoria. This is one amazing pic! Keep up the great work. “In this picture I used white charcoal pencil on black paper and really bumped up the contrast to create a dynamic picture.” Next, is […]

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Catching Fire Character Profile: Annie Cresta

“Did she get better after?” I ask. “I mean, her mind?” “I don’t know. I don’t remember ever seeing her at the Games again. But she didn’t look too stable during the reaping this year,” says Peeta. Annie Cresta was the female tribute from District 4 and victor of the 70th Annual Hunger Games. During […]

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Ashcan All-Stars Take On ‘The Hunger Games’

The Ashcan All-Stars is an art blog where weekly topics are sent out to a group of professional artists to provide their unique take on characters from pop culture. This week they are celebrating The Hunger Games, and so far the work is amazing! The first piece was done by Ultimate SpiderMan artist Sara Pichelli. She made […]

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Catching Fire Character Profile: Finnick Odair

“Want a sugar cube?” Finnick Odair is the previous victor of the 65th Annual Hunger Games, which he won at age 14. Finnick is from District 4, the Fishing District, so he is as comfortable in the water as he is on land. From his home he learned the two talents that helped him become Victor of […]

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VIDEO: EscapeToFiction The Hunger Games

There is a channel on YouTube, called EscapeToFiction, that creates some of the most epic fan made videos. This time they tackled The Hunger Games, and the end result is phenomenal! Take a look! “We both know how this will end, but I do it again” My favorite element of the books is that of […]

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