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The Hunger Games District 12 for Sale

The Henry River Mill Village near Asheville in North Carolina, was transformed into District 12 for The Hunger Games.  For a while there, it was a hot spot for tourists, wanting to see where Katniss, Peeta and Gale lived, but unfortunately it was closed to the public after a number of vandalism attacks and people […]

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No Buyer for The Hunger Games District 12 Site

The Henry River Mill Village in North Carolina was the home of District 12 in The Hunger Games movie.  A little while ago, the SyFy Channel tooks bids on the site, but it seems they failed to find a buyer. The Hickory Daily Record reports: The SyFy Channel’s show “Hollywood Treasure” and its host Joe […]

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Vandals are wreaking The Hunger Games District 12 Site

This is sad news from North Carolina, that The Hunger Games District 12 site is being damaged. According to The Hickory Daily Record visitors to the Henry River Mill Village are vandalising some of the buildings as well as leaving trash behind.  The owner, Wade Shepherd told the HDR he’s fed up with their behaviour. The village […]

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District 12 on Hollywood Treasure: Update

As previously reported, Henry River Mill Village, which doubled as District 12 in The Hunger Games is going to be sold off during an episode of Sy-Fy’s movie memorabilia auction show, Hollywood Treasure.  I don’t know if any of you watched yesterday’s episode, but if you did you would have seen a promo of next […]

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“District 12″ to be Featured on SyFy Show

Combining the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” mantra with love of all things related to film, SyFy Channel’s Hollywood Treasures features a group of people who specialize in tracking down and auctioning off movie memorabilia, and is one of my personal favorite shows.  The Hickory Daily Record is now reporting that an episode […]

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The Hunger Games District 12 Up for Sale

The Hunger Games was filmed in North Carolina and District 12 was created at the deserted Henry River Mill Village near Hildebran.  Once upon a time it was the town that serviced the Henry River Manufacturing Company, but the mill burned down in the 1970s and the village has been left empty ever since. But […]

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Filming of The Hunger Games Underway Today

Over the last few days we’ve managed to see some great video and images from what looks like District 12 of The Hunger Games movie. Filming finally got underway today.  It all starts in Hidebran, NC, where the Henry River Mill Village has been transformed into parts of The Seam, including the Mellark’s bakery. The […]

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