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Fan Art Friday!!!

It’s time for another wonderful installment of FAN ART FRIDAY!! This is from Mark.   Next comes Heidi K.   And last but not least is Marc B. Great job everyone! We will post more next Friday so keep an eye out for your art work! If you want to see YOUR Hunger Games inspired […]

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My Hunger Games Fan Art Friday!

We may be a day behind, but we have some fantastic Fan Art to show you! First we have some amazing Hunger Games montages shared with us by Gianna: Here is ‘The Tributes Deaths’ from the YOLOShow And here is the ‘Deep Shadows Horizons Montage’   Next is Kayla’s adorable dog, who dressed up as […]

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My Hunger Games Fan Art Friday!!!

It’s that time again when we get to feature some of the awesome Hunger Games Fan Art.  Fan Art Friday is upon us again and we have a bunch of submissions so lets get started… First is Sienna. Next is Jillian. Then comes Macy Then Cheryl did a Katniss drawing with pencils and charcoal. Then […]

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Fan Art Friday!!!

It’s that time again, Fan Art Friday! This picture was submitted by Dennis. Great Job!   Here is Summer’s (MHG staff member) rendition of The Reaping Scene from The Hunger Games.   Lastly, these were taken by Janae.   If you want to see your Hunger Games fan art email it to admin@myhungergames.com

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My Hunger Games Fan Art Monday!!!

So since I haven’t posted a Fan Art Friday in quite some time I have decided to do a Hunger Games Fan Art Monday! Let’s do this!!! First off we have Mandy   Next we have Izabelle Last we have Maria Great job this week guys! If you are not seeing the Fan Art you submit to us […]

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Fan Art Friday!!!

Fan Art Friday time!!!! Let’s do this!!! First off is Joana. She did an amazing job recreating some of Mockingjays best scenes. Great Job! Next, Kassidy made this Catching Fire book cover for a school project. On to the next. This was created by FlightlessMockingjay. I have to say that I adore this scene. Last, but certainly not […]

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The Disney Hunger Games

If you’re a lover of both Disney and ‘The Hunger Games‘, you’re in luck! Take a look at this incredible artwork of Disney Characters as Hunger Games Tributes by blastedgoose. They have all been assigned Districts in preparation for the Disney Hunger Games, take a look at the artist’s description below. Who do you think […]

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Fan Art Friday!

I just have to say I am amazed by all the Hunger Games inspired art work we recieve on a daily basis for our Fan Art Friday feature. You guys are incredibly talented and gifted individuals, and we are thankful to everyone one of you. That being said lets start another wonderful Fan Art Friday! First […]

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Happy Easter: Hunger Games Style!

There has been a lot of Fan Art created for The Hunger Games, and to celebrate today there are even some Easter pieces inspired by The Hunger Games floating around! From peeps, to easter eggs, to bunnies made out of bread! Here are just some of the images we’ve collected online. Do you have some Hunger Games […]

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Fan of the Week: Kelsey Moore

Our Fan of the Week is Kelsey Moore.  We love her Katniss look as well as the fan art/wallpapers she’s put together. The first one is of one of her favorite dialogues in Mockingjay, while the second is a collectioin of quotes with Peeta, Katniss and their trainers.  You can click on the images to […]

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