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Nelson Ascencio films his Catching Fire DVD interviews

Remember getting your own copy of The Hunger Games movie on DVD and watching all the extra bits?  Well it seems the extras for the Catching Fire cialis 5mg online DVD are being created right now. Nelson Ascencio, who plays the stylist Flavius, has posted on his Facebook page a photo of himself being interviewed for the […]

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VIDEO: Nelson Ascensio on auditioning for The Hunger Games

Nelson Ascensio plays the stylist, Flavius in The buy cialis online Hunger Games and again in Catching Fire. MKP Celebrity managed to catch up with him and ask about auditioning for the role and reading the books.  To be fair, he doesn’t give too much away, but he says he loved the book, and was […]

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Behind the Scenes on The Hunger Games set with Flavius

Nelson Ascencio who plays Flavius in The Hunger Games has posted some photos he took while on the set. They look fantastic.  I love the shot of the prep team looking super Capitol freaky.  If you want to see what else Nelson has been up to, you can follow him on Facebook and Twitter   Via : DWTC 

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Interview with Nelson Ascencio (Flavius) of The Hunger Games

When it comes to getting to know the cast of  The Hunger Games, we haven’t heard much from the actors playing some of the other characters outside of the Arena. TheBrooklynMouth.com had a chat with Nelson Ascencio, who will be playing Flavius, a member of Cinna’s prep team for Katniss and described in the book as having […]

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