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Dayo Okeniyi’s Video for his Birthday from His Niece.

Dayo Okeniyi’s birthday is today (June 14) and the actor who played Thresh in The Hunger Games received a sweet video from his niece and put it on his Instagram

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VIDEO: The Mini Hunger Games Reunion (Rue, Thresh, Marvel and Foxface)

They were all such buddies during the filming of The Hunger Games, that it’s no real surprise that these four former tributes have kept in touch. Jack Quaid who played Marvel has posted this video of his mini Hunger Games reunion with Dayo Okeniyi, who was Thresh, Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue, and Jacqueline Emerson […]

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VIDEO: Dayo Okeniyi on The Hunger Games and The Spectacular Now

He was one of our favorite tributes! Dayo Okeniyi played Thresh in The Hunger Games and turned out for the premiere of Warm Bodies and also took a moment to chat to Young Adult Hollywood about his latest project, The Spectacular Now. They managed to check in with him about what life’s been like following the roller coaster experience […]

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Fan Art Friday!

It’s FAN ART FRIDAY TIME!!!!! Let’s get this show on the road! First Vera submitted her Katniss Everdeen Replica Girl on Fire Interview Dress. (Taken from her Youtube video)Vera Campbell’s stunning version of Katniss Everdeen’s interview dress from The Hunger Games, for the Dragon*Con Friday Night Costume Contest on Aug. 30, 2012, which one won […]

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VIDEO: Amandla and Dayo on The Hunger Games DVD

Amandla Stenberg who plays Rue in The Hunger Games and Dayo Okeniyi who is Thresh, were at the KTLA studios to chat about the release of The Hunger Games DVD. Amandla is asked about the emotional response to Rue’s death in The Hunger Games, while Dayo talks about how Thresh is seen by fans and […]

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Hunger Games DVD Release Party Pics

Hunger Games stars  took part in a few of the midnight release parties being held at Walmart stores across the country for the launch of The Hunger Games DVD. Alexander Ludgwig who plays Cato was there to meet fans in Miami while Dayo Okeniyi, who was Thresh and Jack Quaid who plays Marvel, were at […]

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VIDEO: Willow and Dayo on The Hunger Games

Another interview with The Hunger Games actors from their time at the Comic Con in San Diego has turned up. This one is with Willow Shields whop played Prim and  Dayo Okeniyi who was Thresh chatting to CBR TV. They chat about their experiences in The Hunger Games and how unprepared they were for the fan reaction. […]

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VIDEO: The Hunger Games Cast on the DVD and Video Games

Gamer Live TV caught up with The Hunger Games actors, Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh), Alexander Ludwig (Cato) and Jack Quaid (Marvel) to talk about making the movie, what we can expect to see with the release of The Hunger Games DVD, but also what they’d like to see in a video game. This is a really cool […]

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Video: The Hunger Games Cast Talk to Time Warner at Comic-Con

Time Warner took some time out to talk to some of The Hunger Games cast members at this years Comic-Con. Check out their interviews below! Willow Shields and Amandla Stenberg discuss their characters Primrose Everdeen and Rue while Dayo Okeniyi, Alexander Ludwig, and Jack Quaid discuss their filming experience.  

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VIDEO: Young Hollywood with The Hunger Games cast at Comic Con

Young Hollywood caught up with The Hunger Games cast at Comic Con in San Diego last week. They asked Willow Shields (Prim), Amandla Stenberg (Rue), Alexander Ludwig (Cato), Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh) and Jack Quaid (Marvel) about the whole Comic Con experience, costumes, what superpowers they’d love to have, what they’d name their own custom Subway sandwich, […]

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