Catching Fire Fan Cast Poll: Who Should Play Finnick Odair?

| March 25, 2012 More

The Hunger Games has been released, and it is a smash! So what is a fan to do now? Look to Catching Fire of course!

Finnick Odair by ~ninitel

No character in Catching Fire has sparked more casting debate than Finnick Odair. So we’ve done our research and compiled the stats on who you would like to see play our favorite Trident-wielding Victor! Take a look at the options, and then take our comprehensive poll. Let’s Fan-Cast Catching Fire!

Also tell us who should play Annie CrestaJohanna Mason, MagsBeetee and Wiress!




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  1. Amayasenpai says:

    Chris Hemsworth would be an awesome in-joke since his brother is Gale. XD

    • amna says:

      hahahahha good one :p

      • Taylor says:

        Haha I wouldn’t like that Alex Pettyfer all the way!!!

        • Kyria says:

          Alex Pettyfer turned down the role for finnick because he is filming another movie called The Last Apprentice.. i know alot of people wanted him to play it.

          • carson says:

            zach efferon is who i imagined playing him…. in the third book… whoever plays finnick has to take off everything except underwhere

          • olivia says:

            i know but thst sucks he’s really cute!!

          • KatEverdeen says:

            DANIEL NEWMAN from Vampire Diaries Or Chris Hemsworth!! I Love them Both. They kinda look a lot alike, but Daniel does look exactly like I imagined Finnick when I was reading, and EXACTLY Like All the Finnick Odair fan art on the web it looks like they’re just drew Daniel. Gorgeous! I think Chris is too old for Finnick but I wouldn’t be mad.

          • michelle says:

            really??? that sucks!!!

          • jessa says:

            seriously? where did you know that?

          • Mockingjay says:

            GARRET HUDLAND should definately be Finnick. He looked like him just as how i imagined him to be like.I reckon Alex Pettyfer is a little too serious to play Finnick. Can’t wait 4 catching fire to come out! (:

          • raquel says:

            the obvious one is ARMIE HAMMER he looks just like how the books describe finnick and the drawings. he is the overall perfect choice!:)

        • Beth says:

          Alex FTW!!

          He’s just amazing. I loved him in I am number 4

      • Peeta Lover says:

        Ok so I know this off topic about wut ur saying but there is 814 other comments and I didn’t want 2 scroll all the way Down but I think Hugh Dancy would be perfect cuz u could just dye his hair bronze and his hair is already curly so there’s ur Finnick right there anyway he’s the way I pictured “my” Finnick and he could just do weight training so he has the muscles 2 pull it off

    • Lachlan says:

      My dream list what do you think:

      FINNICK- Ryan Gosling (2nd choice James Franco)
      JOHANNA- Rooney Mara
      COIN- Merryl Streep (2nd choice Helen Mirren)
      BEETEE- Dustin Hoffman (2nd choice John Malkovich)

      • Vezw says:

        I’ve always sorta seen Mary Mcdonnel in the role of Coin… Meryl Streep has been in one too many romcom if you ask me, I can’t take her serious anymore, regardless of the role she played in Iron Lady…

        As for Finnick Odair, I’m not quite sure who should play him, but I know some people who definately SHOULDN’T play him!

        Grant Gustin and Alex Pettyfer both look too young to be Finnick! Please spare me Zac Efron, for the good of the series. Joey Graceffa might be big on Youtube, that doesn’t make him a good actor. Reynolds looks too old! Gaspard Ulliel doesn’t really fit the role tbh,…

        • Claire says:

          Alex pettyfer is perfect. finnick is supposed to be in his early twenties! people are voting for people who are way too old.

          • whenpigsfly says:

            noooooo. he is too pretty boy. i am a slim fourteen year old girl and i look like i could push him over

          • lily says:

            Alex Pettyfer is PERFECT !!!!!
            I”m in LOVE with him !!!!!!
            Finnick is supposed to be in his early twenties !!!

          • ilinca says:

            well jennifer is 21 and josh is 19 and liam is 22 so you can’t really say that

          • ashton (: says:

            omg i know right ?! perfectt fit. but i heard alex turned it down :(( noooo !! i imajined him to play finnick. no one else. AND HES IN THE LEAD

          • Cammy says:

            i’m not great with knowing sho actors and actresses are, so i can’t really suggest somebody, but i always pictured finnick as being a california surfer. great abs, long sandy blonde hair and REALLY tan. the kind of guy that you might see wearing a wetsuit and carrying a surfboard (except that he wouldn’t actually be doing that…)

          • Gem says:

            I’m glad he turned it down, he doesnt seem diverse enough to play Finnick? In the books Finnick faces complete torment, sexual abuse and boarders on a mental breakdown, however, he’s funny, sexy, caring and completely there to support Annie emotionally.

            Has anyone put any thought to Aaron Johnson? His an Finnicks descriptions are pretty similar with some slight alterations 😛 but I think he’s a brilliant and very diverse actor, their age, appearence and talent seem to suit.
            Does anyone agree?

          • Jose says:

            I really wouldn’t like Alex as Finnick. He’s nothing how i imagined him. Plus he is and looks to young. Finnick is 24 or 25, Alex is 22. Plus Jennifer is 21, Katniss is 16. Josh is 19, Peeta is also 16. And Liam is 22, Gale is 18. Age wouldn’t really matter unless they are too old or young. I’ve also heard he’s a bad actor. No offense but he looks conceited and looks like a wanna be.

          • liliaeth says:

            Whomever plays Finnick has to be a pretty boy.

            He pretty much won his games because he’s so damn pretty. Half the reason he’s so popular amongst the people in the Capitol is because he’s the hottest guy in Panem. (which is why Ryan Reynolds is definitely out)

            Whomever plays him has to be a damn good actor, who can play both utterly vulnerable and strong, occasionally at the same time.But pretty will definitely help with the broken bird background of Finnick as a victim of sexual slavery.

          • Risa says:

            OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex Pettyfer would be the PERFECT person to play Finnick!!!! He has the blue green eyes and he is in his early twenties!!!!! He is also looks preety buff and in the third book Finnick strips down to his UNDERWEAR!!! If Zac Efron plays the role of Finnick i am going to dye!! Zac isn’t a good actor or anything!! If he plays finnick it will spoil the other 2 movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It needs to be either Alx Pettyfer or Luke Mitchell!! First choice Alex Pettyfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Blue says:

          You could not be anymore right!
          Alex Pettyfer and Grant Gustin strike me as too young as well
          and I will refuse to carry on watching these movies if Zac Efron goes anywhere near it.

          Jesse Williams in my opinion would be beautiful in that role. Yes, he is slightly older but he files the criteria and his eyes….are amazingly finnick.

          • swizzlebee says:

            well i totally agree i don’t like Zac Efron and i would probably stop watching them as well but i think either Garret Hedlund, James Gaisford, or Chris Hemsworth should play Finnick, i don’t know!!! :)

          • sarah says:

            i think that Grant Gustin should play the role for finnick, yes he is young but i think he would definantly pass, he is everything that i imagined for finnick and i think he would be perfact.

          • sarah says:

            i dont think that age matters (aslong as they aren’t to old though). i reacont that grant gustin would be perfact at the role, yes he is only young but why does that matter no one cares about their real age, grant gustin is exactly how i imagined finnick odair

        • ambida says:

          Grant Gustin all the way!

        • Hailey says:


        • Zara says:

          I would love Jeremy Sumpter to play Finnick! He is the defenition of charming! I watched The Hidding the other day and he was the perfect cocky guy too. And he has a lot of experience as an actor.

      • PEETA LOVER! says:


        • Sam says:

          …Did *you* see Crazy Stupid Love? He acted nothing like I imagine Finnick acting. If you are implying that merely because both of them are popular with women, you need to redefine things. Ryan Gosling is far too old for Finnick. He should be around 24. I’m putting my vote in for Hunter Parrish.

      • 123dude says:

        when i first read catching fire, i immediately pictured ryan gosling as finnick

        • ilinca says:

          I don’t know why but I keep thinking that Zachary Levi might be good for this part… after all there’s no-one really PERFECT to play Finnick, they don’t have all of Finnick as such. But lately I keep thinking he would be good even if I know he’s not Finnick…

        • Hailey says:

          alex pettyfur

      • gkfjchgkgfhjfhb says:

        omg I thought coin was a boy -_- i need to look carefully hah

      • sarah says:

        i think that for Finnick its got to be Grant Gustin, and for Johanna it has to be Naya Rivera.

        • Rose says:

          Omg YESS!!!! That is exactly how i pictured finnick and johanna

        • P Everdeen says:

          OMG YES!!!! I have always imagined Grant Gustin as Finnick Odair and Naya Rivera as Johanna Mason!!!!! They are perfect too play the part!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think that Grant is too young. There is many that say that someone is too young or too old too play Finnick. Finnick is in his early 20 and that’s Grant too. Grant isn’t too young too play Finnick. Age and hotness doesn’t really matter to me and i think that it should not matter too anyone else. I just want someone who is a good actor and can play the part as Finnick Odair not because he is hot. I think that Grant is the perfect Finnick Odair because he is a great actor but maybe someone else think that their Finnick Odair should play the part. Everybody has their own perfect Finnick Odair so don’t judge someone else Finnick because he is too old or to young. Everybody has their own opinion of who should play Finnick. Nobody is perfect too play the part but everybody has their own perfect Finnick.

      • brittny says:

        A John Malkovich BEETEE! absolutely :)

        • sarah says:

          yer maybe, he looks like he could play finnick well

        • Anna says:

          I don’t know I always pictured Beetee being played by Michael Emerson. As for Finnick I say Garrett Hedlund, Luke Mitchell, or Jake Abel from the choices the website has given.

      • Amanda says:

        I pictured Tilda Swinton for Coin. I am not sure why, but that is who came to mine. Finnick, I would love for it to be Ryan Reynolds because I love him. But I can see Hunter Parrish from Weeds playing him or Chris Zylka(?).

        • Rainy says:

          I see Sigourney Weaver as Coin. She is really great at playing strong characters ever since the Alien movies.

        • Annie Cresta says:


      • RoxyBoy says:

        Ryan Gosling and James Franco are too old. Finnick is 24 years old. But I like your choice for Johanna.

      • Trish says:

        Ryan Gosling is too old and too short for the role in my opinion. I mean, I’ve always pictured Finnick as a guy around 6’3 to 6’6. Besides I think it would be pretty awkward if Finnick would have to look up at Gale. That’s why I think that Armie Hammer should get the role because he’s 6’5 and he’s got the looks.
        At the same time though, I feel kind of sorry for the guy who gets the role IF they stick to that one part of the book when (SPOILER ALERT) Mags kisses Finnick right on the lips seconds before she died. So yeah that’s just my opinion.

    • Jake4Finnick says:

      Why isn’t Jake McLaughlin on this list?
      He IS Finnick

    • Molly says:


      • sarah says:

        NOOOOOO, Grant Gustin has my vote<3

      • Robin says:

        Jenson is amazing!! I’m between him and Jake Abel. Both, I think, can pull it off.

      • liliaeth says:

        I love Jensen, I utterly adore the guy. But no, he’s too old for the role. Ten years ago, hell even five years ago, I’d have agreed with you, but at this point he isn’t just in his thirties but he also looks it. (he looks like a really hot guy in his thirties, don’t get me wrong, but Finnick should look younger than that)

    • aubrey says:

      i know right

    • lily says:

      Chirs doesn’t need to be finnick just because he’s Gale’s brother!!!!!

    • kelly johnson says:

      Freddie Stroma

    • KatEverdeen says:

      DANIEL NEWMAN from Vampire Diaries Or Chris Hemsworth!! I Love them Both. They kinda look a lot alike, but Daniel does look exactly like I imagined Finnick when I was reading, and EXACTLY Like All the Finnick Odair fan art on the web it looks like they’re just drew Daniel. Gorgeous! I think Chris is too old for Finnick but I wouldn’t be mad.

    • talia says:

      Chris Hemsworth is hot, but I gotta put in my vote for Trevor Donovan from 90210. He’s a big guy with a rockin bod and has a sweet side too. He is a surfer and would be perfect for the part. Check him out! perfect!!

    • pinkypocet56 says:

      NO! Luke Mitchell! he played a swimmer-guy-god of the sea- kinda guy ain H2O:just add water! he’s be perfect!

      • someone awesome says:

        Yes! I agree with you about Luke Mitchell, that’s almost exactly who I puctured as Finnick. Not about his other movie, or show or whatever, he just looks good for the roll.

    • Zoe ! says:

      He has done youtube Videos of him in The Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair series he is The Adult Finnick if your not confinsed WATCH IT HERES THE LINK
      P.s EMERALD GREEN HAS TO BE ANNIE CRESTA she is also in this video as the adult Annie Cresta. FOR THE LOVE OF THE HUNGER GAMES Reply if you agree

      • swizzlebee says:

        Yes!!! I love James Gaisford!!! He is Finnick!!! But, i also think that Garret Hedlund looks EXACTLY like Finnick Odair!!!!

    • Shakira says:

      Garrett Hedlund all the way, he was incredible in Four Brothers, awesome in Tron, fabulous in Country Strong and I’m positive that he will show everyone how great he is when On the Road comes out.

    • Hermione says:

      it cant be anyone super famous like zack efron… it needs to be grant gustin!

      • Annie says:

        Zac Efron will just attract more little girl fans & then hunger games wont be so voilent & stuff bcus hunger games is for mature audiences not kids. i agree with you. please not zac effron.

    • JustMe says:

      I love Chandler Massey for Finnick!

    • Torzie says:

      I so agree with you!!!

    • Katie :) says:

      Hahah yeah

    • Finncik Freak says:

      Not Another Hemsworth! -.-‘

    • I LOVE FINNICK says:

      I pictured Zac Efron as Finnick.

    • I for one would LOVE it if Chace Crawford had the part, i know most of you wont agree with me but thats just how i imagined him to be. if chace gets the role i am flying to the premiere!

      • JENNIFER says:


    • TeamPeeta says:

      Sorry didn’t want to scroll down all the way but Kellan Lutz should be Finnick. He is perfect for the part!

    • Amanda says:

      Many nice ones to choose from.

      But! I was flipping through the channels last night, and stopped on the Hallmark Channel…

      There was an actor in the movie that fit PERFECTLY my mind’s eye vision of Finnick.. I looked it up today and his name is

      Thad Luckinbill

      He might be a bit “old” in age, but in looks, I think he could definitely pull it off. :)

      • Cassie says:

        Oh, Wow! That guy is good looking! You’re right on the age part. I cannot believe he’s as old as it says he is, he looks so young. I really wouldn’t mind seeing him take on the Finnick role. He looks absolutely amazing!

    • girlthatchosetowritethis says:

      Chris Zylka because no one would expect him and also if you haven’t noticed hes really good looking.

  2. Micah says:

    Brant Daugherty. He would capture Finnick’s smug charm perfectly.

    • Lauren says:

      I think he’s perfect. Exactly how i imagined Finnick!

    • mags says:

      What about Eddie Redmayne? if you gave him a PT he IS Finnick

    • Michelle says:

      I agree, he must be some of the best people someone have ever recommended for Finnick, and I have been everywhere to see other people’s opinion.

    • Jess says:

      OMG YES, I totally agree! He’s exactly as I imagined Finnick. =D

    • Florence says:

      I agree whole heartedly! I’ve been looking around for actors who would suit what I pictured as Finnick in my head while reading and Brant suits him perfect! I picture Finnick with a slimmer face so there are some actors who just don’t fit, but I’d love to see both Hemsworth brothers in the film, though I doubt it, because of filming conflicts.

  3. Hannah says:

    Jeremy Sumpter! Seriously, dudes. He’s PERFECT.

  4. Firegirl12:) says:

    Alex Pettyfer all the way!!! He is do hot and would make the perfect beachy Finnick. And come on who wouldn’t smile seeing him in the chariot outfit.

    • galesgirl says:


      • I says:

        I want Alex Pettyfer he is beachy and he also is suppose to be playful around katniss and kind of flirty but still strong. And at some points suppose to cry and I think he would fit the bill on most of the scenes.

      • maya says:

        And we know Ben can play smug and flirty VERY well.

    • THG says:

      Alex Pettyfer is way too young as Jennifer Lawrence is 21 and she is playing a 16 year old

      • I says:

        I don’t think it is a big deal a lot of actors fake their age for a part. For example, Jennifer Lawrence she is supposed to play a 17 year old for Catching Fire so wouldn’t that mean he would be able to as well…? I think so at least.

        • Sammy says:

          It doesnt really matter there real age, it matters what age they LOOK. Like Laim Hemsworth in no way looks 18 but they let him play. Finnick is early twenties… Alex IS early twenties.

          • Danica says:

            Well if you actually paid attention, in the books Katniss always said that Gale looked way older than he acutally was. That’s why Liam Hemsworth was such a great choice.

      • Genna says:

        Finnick is ment to be 24 and Alex is 22 son its not that different and they can always make him look a little older. plus ALEX is way hot and deserves the role

        • Anna says:

          Alex Pettyfier is sadly a TERRIBLE actor, I think Armie Hammer would be perfect

          • Kennedy says:

            Armie Hammer looks like he’d be a lawyer to me. I just dont think i could take him seriously as Finnick. GARRETT HEDLUND would take the role of Finnick and project it perfectly!

          • Alex :) says:

            I completely agree with what Kennedy said, Armie Hammer seems too serious and simply doesn’t fit the part what so ever. Garret Hedlund however is EXACTLY what I pictured Finnick looking like, and he is a good actor who could play out the role the way it should be!

        • izzy says:

          hey guess what! it cant be alex no matter how much we want him to play finnick because he signed for another movie. i dont know what its about but i dont care because i hate him for not being finnick.
          jeremy sumpter was my second choice though he seems a little too feminine to be finnick. just saying.

    • theMockingjay says:

      There is more to acting than prettiness. Alex is a terrible actor and he is abusive and violent. I wouldn’t want to even see Catching Fire if he was in it.

      • Sammy says:

        Have you even watched any of his movies or do you just go off what everyone else says. He is a good actor and I think you need to get a better source of where you get your info about him from

        • Katherine says:

          I’m sorry but Alex is a terrible actor and i have seen his movies, he’s just another pretty face. I have also heard from many people that he is violent. He doesn’t deserve the role of Finnick.

      • Kennedy says:

        I completely agree. I’ve never heard anything about him being abusive and violent, but his personal life is irrelevant to me. All I’ve seen him in is ” I Am Number Four ” and it was alright, but he’s no where near my expectations for Finnick. All i care about is who would be the best actor to play Finnick & that is GARRETT HEDLUND.

        • swizzlebee says:

          YES!!!!! Garret Hedlund IS Finnick!!!! but i also like James Gaisford he is AMAZING!!!!

    • Taylor says:

      I completely agree I want Alex Pettyfer hes so hot!!!

  5. jenn says:

    Its soo hard for mee! Im in between Armie Hamer, Ian Somerhalder, Jensen Ackles, Alex Pettyfer and Garret Hedlund but the one I like best is Garret. A fanmade video about the trailer of Catching Fire convinced me =D

    • Amy says:

      Boo ya i want alex pettyfer to win!!

    • Danielle says:

      Ian all the wayy! I wish they would have put a picture of him shirtless on here, he’s got an amazing bod and killer eyes, just like Finnick is suppose to have! And he already plays a character identicle to Finnick on TV right now!

    • CJ says:

      Yessss to Ian. That’s who I pictured while reading. The others look too young/close to age with Jennifer and Liam. Obviously not Josh cause he looks like a baby heehee

      • Sammy says:

        If you dyed Ian’s hair he would look like a freak and I get it, hes a really good actor… just not as Finnick. No way!

        • Cassie says:

          He wouldn’t look like a freak if he dyed his hair. Ian has had blond hair before and he looked sexy as always. Either way they probably won’t get him because of his schedule for the Vampire diaries, but I think he has the attitude for it and he has that flirtatious charm.

      • peetarox says:

        no josh is really really good for his role and hes awesum ! 😀

    • Stella M. says:

      I don’t think any actor could really capture Finnick. (Finnick’s to awesome.) But I think Armie Hammer is the best choice. Plus he’s in Mirror Mirror. Uh huh. Yeah.

    • Kennedy says:

      YES! Garrett Heldund is the only person i can see playing the role of Finnick. When i was reading the series, the Finnick I imagined looked just like him.

    • swizzlebee says:

      I am GARRET HEDLUND all the way!!!!

    • Robin says:

      Jensen would be my pick. The guy can act and he has charm, looks, and sexiness. Plus he’s hilarious!

  6. Mark says:

    Personnally I pictured Chris Pine (Star Trek, Unstoppable) as Finnick, worked perfectly for me.

  7. Yara says:

    Garrett Hedlund for who’s listed. Then, Ryan Gosling. He would be perfect at handling both of Finnick’s sides; the cocky side and the caring, troubled side. Finnick’s actor NEEDS to be able to portray BOTH sides beautifully, not just look sexy and that’s it.

    • CJ says:

      But Finnicks looks is such a big part of his role and character…..I’m sure they can find someone who has Ryan’s acting abilities But who is a lot “prettier” as Finnick has been discriibed. Ryan….whilst good looking…is not pretty.

  8. duhduehe says:

    Joey Graceffa!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Olivia says:

      thank you thank you joey graceffa was born to play finnick no question!!!!

    • duhduehe says:

      Yes! Joey is completely perfect! His eyes are just like Finnick’s!

    • EmilyWasHere says:

      Yes, he needs to play finnick he would be awsome!

    • Sarah says:

      Joey, is simply finnick. Actually when i was reading the book i imagined Finnick like him.

      • annie says:

        Joey is too short, and he is way too skinny to play finnick. I might agree that his face would fit, but not his body. And yes, he can work out, but nothing can change his height. I think that Garrett Hedlund would be perfect, he has such a deep beautiful voice, and he looks damn good! He is also really good at acting.
        My opinion :)

  9. Stephanie says:

    Whoever Gary Ross Picks should play Finnick.

  10. Riley says:

    Chris pine beats aal these guys, besides william levy. Everyone who voted for alex pettyfer is crazy! He looks far from what finnick is supposed to look like. GO CHRIS PINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. claudine ampolitod says:

    omg this is hard!! :S

  12. Cynthia says:

    Parker Hurley would be a perfect Finnick. He’s certainly got the body for it.

  13. Audrey Jones says:

    Yeah – Why isn’t Chris Pine up there?? He’s perfect and perfect. My 2nd vote would be for Garrett… then Josh Dallas – if you’ve seen Once upon a time… you know :)

  14. I pictured Cam Gigandet as Finnick…he’s got the smug cockiness, but can play to the lovable Finnick later on. The scene where Finnick meets Katniss before the parade and is basically naked all I see is Cam from Burlesque…want some cookies? heheh!

    • Tina says:

      YES! yes. You’re right, I didn’t think of it myself but you’re right he’s the perfect Finnick!

  15. Vijeta Walke says:

    Lachlan Buchanan ,Alex Pettyfer,Chris Hemswroth or Jeremy Sumpter would be alright.But, Only If they get into Finnick’s character and Physic.

    • Love of Peeta says:

      Lachlan Buchanan is basically perfect for Finnick. He already is a surfer since he was a kid so he has a sea connection just like Finnick.

      • Sammy says:

        Eeeep, YES! Lachlan started surfing whe he was eight! How does noone see how perfect he is for Finnick?!?!

  16. Carmen says:

    I always imagined ryan reynolds to be finnick and zooey deschanel to be annie.
    and in got for second choice, i always imagined zac efron.
    but mostly r. reynolds <3

  17. phanz says:

    garret!!! ;D

  18. Riley says:


    • Katie :) says:

      Thank you!!!!!!!! I totally agree with you on the Alex!!! But I’m going for for zac efron!!!!

  19. Riley says:

    Oh but i still trust Gary Ross’s choice. After seeing the movie last night, he proves he can handle this. BUT GOOOOOOOOOOO CHRIS PINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Afsu says:

    Obviously Matt Bomer. He is the most perfect looking male actor right now and definitely the most talented among all these choices. He is very athletic too. Nobody does cocky yet troubled, vulnerable better than Matt (watch White Collar for proof). He can charm anyone & everyone. Outside these options, Ryan Gosling is a good choice too.

    • PEETA LOVER! says:


    • Lu says:

      Matt would be a perfect choice, too bad he is not blond as the character. Also, Ian and Armie are great choices and Chris Hemsworth is not that crazy of a choice. Anybody else is blah.

      • izzy says:

        you know they can dye his hair like they did for josh so he could play peeta. he has bright blue eyes but hes seems too old. it would be slightly odd watching him flirt with jennifer but i am for seeing him in the tribute parade

  21. Sydney says:

    My choice would be Alex Pettyfer. He is just like I imagined him to be, and has sea green eyes, and since Finnick is from the fishing district, that would be a good pick for that role in my opinion.

  22. Mark says:

    WOW, I didn’t knw so many people agreed with me about Chris Pine! For me my mind just went right to him, he’s perfect as Finnick in my opinion. 😀

  23. Jennifer says:

    Jackson Rathbone should be Finnick Odair. Im not a fan of the twilight series but jackson has a VERY roguish smile which would match perfectly with Finnick’s personality. He has the eyes and I always pictured FInnick with curly blond hair and jackson has just the hair. I think he is a perfect fit.

  24. Amanda says:

    Drew Van Acker

  25. Ada says:

    if joey graffeca get’s it ill be pissed, as well as alex pettyfool
    armie hammer all the way!

  26. Deena says:

    Zac Efron or Alex Pettyfer .. If one of them gets the role of Finnick , then ommmg , I am on Team Finnick 😀 <3

  27. Mrs. Mellark says:

    Garret Hedlund!!!!!! Do you guys even have a clue what Finnick looks like? OK. We all have different perspectives. But… just because the majority of fans like Alex Pettyfer doesn’t mean you have to go with it! Look up Garret Hedlund on Google Images! SERIOUSLY! I don’t just say stuff to say stuff! I MEAN it!

    • Kennedy says:

      EXACTLEY!!!! Garrett Hedlund is the perfect Finnick, and unlike Alex Pettyfer he’s a good actor. I keep trying to tell people this.

    • Gabriella says:

      YES, OMG YES. At least someone is making sense in here, GARRET HEDLUND IS THE PERFECT FINNICK ODAIR, I mean, he does not only LOOKS like him (stunning, bronze hair, sea-green eyes, tanned) but he is an AMAZING ACTOR, and the perfect cast, no other option. Most of these actor are only good actors or pretty, none of them are both apart from Garret, and if he’s not playing Finnick i would be really disapointed, the cast of Finnick actually stresses me out haha People are trying to choose guys who don’t even look like him, the idea isn’t to have to dye his hair, put on contacs, spray tan him, etc. in order to make him look anything like the character, and they’re listing really bad actors, i mean, the whole point of a movie is to act, and they have to be able to portray both cocky and sensitive sides of Odair, so yeah, Garret all the way

  28. Lor says:

    Wow, are people joking about Alex Pettyfer? Isn’t he just known for that hot mess number 4 movie that totally bombed? And wasn’t that him in that joke of a beauty and the beast movie? Come on– when you’re sharing screen time with the caliber of actors that are in the Hunger Games, you’ve got to have a little more cred than that. My vote is for Garrett! He seems to have the right charm, and Tron was underrated but totally awesome. Him, or Hunter Parrish– another charming, well-rounded actor.

    • Sammy says:

      He is a good actor, it isnt him who made I am number four bomb out, it was the story line and he did the beauty and the beast movie (Also know as ‘beastly’) because he wanted to promote how he felt about bullying and how the movie was inspirational. He can play the flirtascious part perfectly and its obvious he can play the caring side.

      • theMockingjay says:

        are you kidding me? Beastly tanked too. he IS a terrible actor. the story line for i am number four is fine. why do i think that? because the books are selling well. not only that he is abusive and violent do you want someone like that playing our loveable finnick? he can’t play caring only arrogance

        • Sammy says:

          WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION, SERIOUSLY? He’s not a terrible actor and I’m pretty sure I’ve read the book before I watched the movie and they cast it perfectly! Maybe you should try and watch one of his movies without udging him for everything youve heard!

          • HAYMITCH says:

            sorry i’ve watched him in wild child, beastly & i am number 4,& his terrible. Hot, but terrible.

    • Kennedy says:

      I COMPLETELY AGREE! Garrett Hedlund is the perfect Finnick. I wish people would stop being so ignorant and vote for him. Alex Pettyfer can’t be taken seriously. He wouldn’t be able to keep up with The Hunger Games star studded cast. GARRETT HEDLUND on the other hand would make Catching Fire rise to a whole other level.

  29. Deena says:

    Ohmygossh , i searched my Garret Hedlund .. and hes sooo cute ! But I still think Zac Efron would be amazing for the part of Finnick . He has all Finnicks qualities : very handsome and tall with tan skin, bronze hair, and stunning sea-green eyes .. c’mon .. Zac Efron is identical ! Lool :]

  30. Rin says:

    I’ve said Alex Pettyfer was Finnick before I even knew who Alex was. I just saw a picture of him in a totally unrelated scenario and thought he was perfect.

    But if you put Jensen Ackles on the list…I-I don’t think I can refuse that. I don’t know what I’d do if he somehow miraculously got cast as Finnick, though that’s probably not even possible.

  31. jaybunzy0 says:

    I always pictured Kellan Lutz as Finnick because they’re humor is similar and I always pictured a built body because of all the lifting he has to do (Peeta… Mags). I know a lot of people wont agree because he was in Twilight and there is some hatred towards THG being compared or feeling like another one, I just always pictured him.

    Honestly, whoever Gary Ross picks… I just want him to be the PERFECT Finnick. Finnick is one of my favorite characters!

  32. datfrog says:

    Nico Torotello looks good…..

  33. L.C. says:

    Chris Pine would be sooo awesome as Finnick!!!!

    Zac Efron IS really hot, but he has blue eyes and he’s actually really short… And Alex Pettyfer is a bad actor. He couldn’t pull off Finnick.

  34. Deena says:

    Zac Efron actually has greenish eyes , reaally 😀 I i love him , hahaha .. and yeah he is short but he has gotten taller since his last moviess :p

  35. Lana says:

    ARMIE HAMMER all the way. He’s perfect for the role. Just look at him. He did a mighty fine job in The Social Network too.

  36. Annie says:

    I like nearly all of them it’s so hard but i would love seeing Benjamin Stone and Alex Pettyfer as Finnick! <3<3<3

  37. Sofia says:

    JensOOOn Ackles! LOL!!! Hahaha!

  38. Justin says:

    I would love to do it if all those guys weren’t so dang good looking and of course didn’t have any experience.

  39. Argant says:

    I’d go for patrick schwarzenegger like seriously guys? he’s like made for Finnick. he fits the role perfectly Take a look and DROOOL

  40. Stranger says:

    Yeah I agree with Patrick bla bla bla

  41. Garry says:

    Yeah. Patrick Schwarzenegger would be really great wouldn’t he?

  42. Jessica says:

    patrick schwarzenegger all the way!!!

  43. TheThruthTeller says:

    CHANNING TATUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SO hot! and buff enough for the fighting…. and sensitive enough for the emotions!!

  44. Allison H. says:

    I have a couple ideas has to who should play Finnick. Zac Efron is my first one. The others would be Kevin Zegers (Transamerica), Cam Gigandet (Burlesque), Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die), Channing Tatum (Step Up), Tom Welling (Smallville), and Sean Faris (Never Back Down)

  45. izzie says:

    Paul Wesley ! He’s got the bronze hair, (i think green eyes?) and he’s tan….I think he’d be perfect! 😀 Fits the decription prefectly to me at least.!

    • finnick lover! says:

      gross!!!! noo!!! he is butt ugly!! i say eaither alex pettyfer, grannt gustin, or jenson ackles!!!! <3 they would be great cause there accually atractive!

  46. jaci says:

    i personally think alex pettyfer shoud play the role of Finnick Odain because he has the looks, the body, and the attitude to play him, but if not, my second choice would be zac efron! :)

  47. Sarah says:

    I’d prefer Armie Hammer, Ryan Kwanten (I know he’s a bit old, but he doesn’t look like it) or Grant Gustin. Armie is someone I imagine a lot of people could imagine Finnick looking like, he’s gorgeous and VERY tall. Grant is leaner, but he has a very Finnick-y face to me, and I see him when I read the books. If I could have Grant’s face on Armie’s body that’d be great, heh. Ryan I like the most of these as an actor, so that’s why he’s one of my picks. There’s no one I think is absolutely perfect though, Armie is probably the closest. Hunter Parrish would be good too, but unfortunately I think he’s WAY too short.

    I don’t really mind anyone except Alex Pettyfer, for various reasons (mainly his at times awful interviews and general feel of arrogance), which I’ll just sum up as I don’t like him.

  48. Miriam says:

    Ahh. ALEX PETTYFER. He’s amazing C: And have a look at the ages of the other man..
    I love Jensen Ackles, but beside the fact, that he is still busy with Supernatural, he doesn’t fit Finnick at all. And look at his age Q__Q

  49. Nicole says:

    A lot of these guys are too young looking or too short. Finnick is super tall, taller than Gale and carries Peeta and Mags around. Liam H. is 6’3 and Armie Hammer is 6’5. Zac Efron is short; can you see him carrying around Josh H. and whoever is playing Mags? Alex Pettyfer is a bad actor and has a horrible reputation in Hollywood (for being a psycho drama queen). He would hurt the franchise. Zac Efron is way too young looking. They’re casting for some one that is almost a decade older than Katniss and 6-7 years older than Gale. Liam H. was good as Gale, but most of these guys on the list don’t look 6-7 year older than him. Finnick isn’t their peer, they’re kids compared to him. Also, I don’t know any rich women that would pay to have sex with a guy that looks like a teenager (Zac Efron, Alex P.). Maybe a rich teenager, but not a rich woman. Some one on another site pointed out Finnick has to be more manly-handsome than boyishly-cute for this reason and I agree. Back to Armie, he spent 7 years living on the Cayman Islands. You can watch interviews with him (he’s extremely charming and funny) talking about fishing, tying knots for fun and carrying a machete around to hack down fruits to eat. Also, Armie is only 25 and married, he fell head over heels in love with his wife when he was only 19 or 20 and that sounds a lot like Finnick, as well. I also like Jensen Ackles. Very hot. Don’t know how tall he is, but oh well:).

    • katherine says:

      I think Armie is the best choice for Finnick. He’s charming and looks like how I pictured Finnick. I think Jeremy Sumpter is a pretty good choice too, but I’d be very disappointed to see Garrett as Finnick. And Jensen is about 6’1, taller than Josh but shorter than Liam.

    • Sammy says:

      Finnick is in his early twenties… as are Zac and Alex. It’s the capitol, do you really think they care that he is so young. They watchj kids die for entertainment!

    • Alice says:

      All the young actors have adult fans, just look at any message boards and they are full of grown-up women saying they “feel bad” but “hey he’s over 18 so that’s fine”. I have no trouble believing a young-looking Finnick would still be hot property in the Capitol. Plus they watch children fight to death every year, and Finnick started “returning” to the Capitol at 16 years old… their vision of childhood is obviously shorter than ours.

      I think Finnick should be more boyishly handsome than manly actually. He won young, so compared to the other victors he must look like he’s on the young side, like Katniss and Peeta. And that’s his image, in the Capitol. The young pretty guy, who goes from lover to lover like a teenager. I always imagined Gale looking older than his age because of his responsibilities and bulky build. But I don’t think it matters too much, how big their age gap seems. It’s more important that he looks a bit older than Katniss, but that can also pass through both their attitudes. As actors, if they’re good enough, all this will show.

  50. Lisa C. says:

    Nick Roux from (lemonade mouth and Jane By Design) should be Finnick Odair! He Really Wants it too! Come on Nick Roux fans vote for him!

    • annie says:

      sssssssoooooooo agree i also love jake able from pery jackson and the olympians

      • Sasha L. says:

        THANK YOU! Jake Abel should have a chance with the role.<3 Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this…

      • Spencer says:

        Yes!! Jake Abel would be amazing as Finnick. I like Nick too, he’s so likeable and adorable. Wouldn’t mind seeing Jensen Ackles in this either.

  51. Deena says:

    @Lisa C.
    … YOU ARE SOO RIGHT ! He would be an amazing Finnick ! He looks like him soo much ! And he has the abs and face and eyes ! <333

    • Lisa C. says:

      ugh! I need help!!!…..I am trying to post my facebook page here, 3 times now..but when I click on it…it takes me to a different page..what do you all see when you click on it?..and how can I delete these replies/links that dont work?

  52. Gabi says:

    I love Alex Pettyfer, but he’s not really a great actor. I would be disappointed to see him in the role of Finnick. Finnick is a really strong, yet emotional character and I just don’t think Alex could pull him off very well. I voted for Garrett Hedlund because he has got the look of Finnick, but I’ve never seen him act, so I don’t really know.

  53. Lisa C. says:

    Nick Roux should be Finnick Odair! If You agree, Please sign our petition!

  54. Jasminee says:

    Channing Tatum should play the role.. He is amazing and sexy and perfect in everyway. He would be perfect for this part.(:<3

  55. Angela says:

    I pictured Kellan Lutz as Finnick, too, because of his role in The Immortals as Poseidon. I thought he fit perfectly (body structure and his outfit with the Poseidon headpiece looked like it could be something that a prep team could have come up with) but that’s just me. Also, I never knew he was in Twilight because, well, I didn’t think it was worth watching. After looking at some pictures, I realize that he looks completely different in the two movies. Definitely look up a picture of him as Poseidon (; it’s completely different.

  56. Ziniera says:

    he’s perfect for Finnick him and IAN SOMERHALDER!
    Plus, Chace is DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS. A quality that is essential in playing Finnick Odair.
    He’s also got that roguish smile, and Ian has that sad faraway look. which would be perfect to portray his sadness at losing ANNIE.

    • M :) says:


      CHace Crawford is like perfect seriously. I would be TEAM FINNICK all the way if he was cast

    • JENNIFER says:


  57. Shadadukal says:

    Michael Trucco is Finnick in my head.

  58. Mackenzie says:

    Joey Graceffa! Look him up on youtube, he really wants to play it too!

  59. Ali says:

    I always pictured Zac Efron for Finnick! He seems like such a great fit. I agree with who ever said that Zooey should be Annie, also. Zac Efron for the win!

  60. Gabriel says:

    Better an unknown actor

  61. LeeLee says:

    Alex Pettyfer or Hunter Parrish (Silas Botwin from Weeds)

  62. Kelci Brook says:


  63. Kal says:


    come on tak a look at this boy, he literally lives in water. he has the right age, the right look.

    Othe choices:
    Chrisopher Eagan
    Nathaniel Bazolic

    Would be Ok with Alex pettyfer

  64. Thalia says:

    I like how Joey Graceffa is best known for: Youtube.

  65. Sienna2076 says:

    Nick Roux!

  66. Lisa C. says:

    Thanks! I was trying to post a link for my page, but the link didn’t go to the right page when I clicked on it.

  67. Deena says:

    Zac Efron <3

  68. Kayd says:

    Alan Ritchson, from Blue Mountain State, for Finnick Odair.

  69. Bree says:

    When I read Catching Fire, I imagined Nick Roux as Finnick. He’s definitely got the look and I think he’d play Finnick perfectly.

  70. happygilmore says:

    Tom Hardy!!!

  71. Jae says:

    Wentworth Miller from Prison Break would be perfect!

  72. I choose,

    Your mom because…yeah.

  73. Patrick C. says:

    I think they should cast Matthew McConaughey. I feel that he is old enough and can carry Peeta… and he is in a few ocean movies already. You see him swim in Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson.

    But yes, Matthew McConaughey would be a good choice.

    • Angela says:

      Isn’t he a bit old? Isn’t he 40 something? And Finnick is 24. I like him but personally I can’t really see it

      • Nicole says:

        Armie Hammer. He grew up in the Cayman Islands. He’s 25, 6’5, muscular and can carry Peeta around. Good actor. Matthew is too old, but he’s more in the right direction than some guys on this list. Finnick needs to be manly if rich women are paying to have relations with him!

        • Angela says:

          I don’t know… I don’t think height and everything would over rule purely being the character but of course it would be important. But I mean they cast Josh and he wasn’t exactly the exact match for Peeta physically and I think they did an all right job because I actually love their casting choice.
          I’m not really sure about Armie’s acting (as in I don’t feel as if I have seen enough to comment since I’ve only seen Mirror Mirror and The Social Network) Plus if we were speaking appearance wise I don’t think he’s handsome the way I thought Finnick would be… sorry I know a lot of people think he’s perfect though, it’s just me being weird…

          • Patrick C. says:

            I mean, they can make people look ten times younger than they actually are. That is what Hollywood is good at – Make-up. I believe that making Finnick have that older look than 24 (24 year olds these days look quite young) would be more ideal because it does appeal for older ladies… meh.

            Who knows. Only time will tell.
            I was also thinking of Trevor Donovan…
            I think he was in 90210 ? No idea. Girlfriend suggested it.

          • Spencer says:

            I hear you. I know a lot of people are absolutely adamant about having Armie or Garrett, but to me they’re just okay actors, nothing special. Going on appearance alone or height shouldn’t be the most contributing factor. When Josh got cast, I was ecstatic because, eventhough he didn’t fit the bill for Peeta physically, in every movie I saw of him lead me to believe he’d make a good Peeta. I don’t see that for these guys. Sorry, but I can’t see Garrett or Armie as Finnick.

  74. mark says:

    i’m sorry but who the hell voted for alex pettyfer???? he’s so UNLIKEABLE!!!!!!!! he’s got a face u just wanna smach off a rock

  75. Angela says:

    Benjamin Stone! O_O

    • galesgirl says:

      Heck yeah!!!!!!!! He would be soooooo perfect! I mean yeah alex is cute but Benjamin is whoa!!! plus he is british!!!!!!!!

  76. Trish says:

    I will be extremely disappointed if they cast Alex Pettyfer as Finnick. The man just can’t act. -_-;

  77. Emy13467 says:

    NO ONE over 27. There are plenty of great guys out there under 27, and anyone would older would just seem too weird hitting on Katniss.

  78. alliyah king says:


  79. Anna says:

    Grant Gustin!!!! <3

  80. SG says:

    Jake Abel! He looks almost exactly how I pictured Finnick!

  81. lo todd says:

    def ian somerhalder or garrett hedlund

  82. Lexi says:

    GRANT GUSTIN!!!! Or Luke Mitchell

  83. Arianne Fennell says:

    Gaspard Ullie for sure. He’s exactly what I pictured Finnick looking like

  84. Jaki says:

    JAKE ABEL!!! Like 50,000 votes for him

  85. demzglitlovatic says:

    For finnick chase crawford or zac efron and for johanna halle berry

    • JENNIFER says:


  86. Brie says:

    DAVE FRANCO!!!!!!!!!

  87. Rae says:

    Drew Roy. he’s not in the list, but its ok. he’ll forever be the flawless finnick odair to me :)

  88. Ilse says:

    Lol, I imagined Kellan lutz at first but I like armie hammer & Alex pettyfer!! If either of those guys got it I’d be happy :) but may the best man win 😉 <3

  89. Cristina says:

    I decided to be an idiot and read the other comments, so i have like 20 guys…god…
    ill list them, anyone agree?
    matt bomer
    jackson rathbone
    drew van acker (OMFG…yes)
    chace crawford
    Kellen Luts (look him up as poseidon…holy pepsi hes WONDERFUL)

    If you dont know any of these guys, look them up! Also…i dont vote for armie hammer like alot of people…hes just….not ok =.=
    these dudes were listed in no particular order~ gimmie some feedback peeps!

    • JENNIFER says:


  90. Phyllis says:

    I can’t choose! But I’ve narrowed it down to a few:
    Lachlan Buchanan
    Benjamin Stone
    Freddie Stroma
    Garrett Hedlund
    If any of these were to be casted I would be ecstatic!!!!

  91. Phyllis says:

    Also Chris Pine!

    I hope it’s not Alex Pettyfer because I don’t think I could become attached to him the way I am attached to Finnick in the books. He isn’t very convincing.

    • Riley says:

      I love this girl, finally someone realizes alex pettyfer stinks! yay phyllis

      • JENNIFER says:


  92. Williams says:

    Well Gary Ross already decided who he wants to play Finnick so…

  93. Ajohnson says:

    ALEX PETTYFER definatly! or Luke mitchell

  94. Arianne fennell says:

    I think gaspard ullie should play finnick odair

  95. Anna says:

    Alex Pettyfer All the way !! (:

  96. Riley says:


  97. Glory says:

    chris hemsworth!! He has been the one for the job to me ever since i read the book!

  98. Solange says:

    Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder! Ian Somerhalder!
    I think he is perfect :)

  99. Judy says:

    If anyone out there watches The Secret Circle, what about Chris Zylka (Jake). When I first saw him, my jaw dropped to my chest and I saw Finnick!!!

  100. Samantha says:

    Grant Gustin, no competition. I know he may look a bit young, but Jennifer Lawrence looked older than 16 and look how well she played it!

  101. Alex says:

    Lucas Till, Adam Gregory, or Grant Gustin will be perfect for the role :) And Naya Rivera as Johanna Mason :) Sorry but Zac Efron is too small.

  102. Janine says:

    Justin Hartley, who played The Green Arrow on Smallville, would be perfect. I pictured him the entire time that I read Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

  103. bekah says:

    Joey should play Finnick!

  104. Natalie says:

    Grant looks identical to how I imagine Finnick!

  105. Nid says:

    Ever since I read Catching Fire, I have imagined Ian Somerhalder playing Finnick Odair.
    It’ll break my heart if he isn’t cast.

  106. mae says:

    Here are my choices for Finnick:
    Garret Hedlund
    Garret Hedlund
    & Garret Hedlund
    He’s an AMAZING actor and look at him, HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL!

  107. Jen says:

    Chris Evans (captain America). He is who I pictured when I read the book!

  108. Raquel says:

    i thought taylor lautner would make a perfect finnick odair cause he is used to stuff that he does.

    • Jenny says:

      That’s retarded. “He’s so used to stuff that he does”.
      Dafuq? You are stupid.

    • Miatheb says:

      He’s an awful, awful actor who reeks of desperation. He wants to be this big superstar so bad but he’s just so bland. Terrible choice.

    • Spencer says:

      Mmm. I’m not too sure of his acting skills. At first I thought it was just because of Twilight but I saw him in Abduction and just wanted to pull my eyes out. He’s attractive just not a good actor.

  109. SparklyNinja says:

    Personally I think Garret Hedlund would be awesome, and he’s who i originally had in my head but I have a soft spot for Mainstay Productions James Gaisford. He’s played Finnick in their fan made series and he’s just so pretty! But he probably won’t get the part….

    • avery says:

      wow you’re just perfect sparklyninja!james gaisford is the best and he’s got the looks+skills and he should be finnick and grant gustin please noooooooooooooooooooooooo guys he’s not handsome enough amd looks like a high school student which james doesn’t but actualy he is a high school student!he’s 17 but can pass 20 and he’s perfect in all the way

  110. Riley says:

    I think
    1. CHRIS PINE!!!!!

    2. Ian Somehalder ( If he buffed up, dyed his hair, and got green contacts.)

    3. William Levy ( a little old but still works)

    4. Alan Ritchson ( Totally buff enough to carry peeta, but doesn’t have golden hair.)

    5. Channing Tatum ( needs to grow his hair out, w do not need a shaved headed finnick.)

    Probably some other amazing peeps to play finnick that i havn’t seen yet but thts my opinion right now!!!!! I LUVV HUNGER GAMES!!!!

  111. MC says:

    Jenson Ackles Jenson Ackles Jenson Ackles Jenson Ackles Jenson Ackles Jenson Ackles Jenson Ackles Jenson Ackles

    • Shay says:

      You need a life. NO ONE from the CW. that channel is such rubbish. and jensen is OLD. get over yourself SPN fandom.

      • Emma says:

        Rude much? Just because someone likes a particular show on a particular network, they need to get a life??? Just because you think that network is rubbish, doesn’t mean it is, nor does it mean you can insult people like that.
        Jensen (they’ve spelled his name wrong on this page) has the charm to carry off Finnick, and that’s what matters. He’s not my first choice, but I would not be disappointed if he got the role.

  112. Anna says:

    Armie Hammer!!!!!!

  113. Jackson says:

    joey graceffa. he is perfect for it.

  114. Seriously says:

    Some guys on this list are ridiculous. Finnick is a full grown man, not a man-boy. He doesn’t get paid for his “company” by wealthy men, he gets paid for it by wealthy women. Wealthy men might like younger looking guys, but wealthy women… want MEN that look like MEN. Finnick has to be taller than Gale, muscular and almost a full decade older than Katniss… He is not Katniss and Peeta’s peer. He’s a grown man, not some one who looks like they could still be in high school. I love Armie Hammer, as he’s the only one I know that’s taller than the guy playing Gale and a super talented actor. Jensen Ackles is yummy. Ryan Gosling would never do a role like this. There is nothing wrong with the role, but it’s not a Ryan Gosling type of role. The kid from Weeds, he is cute, but he doesn’t look like he’s 8 or whatever years older than Katniss. NO to ALEX PETTYFER. He is good looking, but has a bad reputation. He throws temper tantrums, is known as being difficult to work with, turned down the lead role in “City of Bones” because they didn’t pay him 10x what he’s worth, he’s a known jerk. Google him. Nothing redeeming about him. OH, and he can’t act.

    • Sammy says:

      Have you seen how tall Liam is? You have EXTREMELY high expectations if you think that Finnick HAS to be taller. You are just setting yourself up for dissapointment. Alex Pettyfer throw temper tantrums *BEHIND THE SCENES*! You dont see them on camera and I’m not say Alex Pettyfer would be amazing and I dont think he should be Finnick but all the stuff you say about him you dont see ON SCREEn which is where it counts.

    • lorebakery says:

      Agreed. But don’t worry there is no chance they will pick Pettyfer, or other just-good looking-famous boys in the list, sorry for the fangirls. They wanted Kaya Scodelario as Katniss. They choosed an actress candidated to the Oscar, older. Finnick Odair must be a talented ACTOR, must be older than 24 (any age between 25 and 30) and seriously beautiful. Armie Hammer.

      • Sammy says:

        I agree, i dont think that they will pick Alex, and Gary Ross said he didnt mind picking actors that werent well known and I know hes not directing the next one but hopefully they have the same philosophy.

    • Spencer says:

      I love your comment. A lot of these choices look like they’re still going through puberty. Sorry, girls but I think they should pick a guy that looks a little bit older. I’m not sure why but I wouldn’t take the whole forced into prostitution thing seriously with a younger actor. Jensen Ackles would be a great choice for Finnick. He’s built and he’s gorgeous and he’s a man, which is what Finnick is. Not a pretty boy. Finnick is supposed to look older than Katniss and Jen is about 21 or 22, picking someone that looks younger than she is will just be a disaster. Pick a man!!

  115. Meghan says:

    Armie Hammer for sure! He came to mind before even seeing this page. Seriously, cast Armie!!!!

  116. STAR says:


  117. Beth says:

    Alex Pettyfr may be fit, but he will not play Finnick well, he will play Finnik as a douche, I mean seriously the guy can’t act! AND WHY IS RYAN REYNOLDS EVEN AN OPTION, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ??

  118. MissPeeta says:

    Look up mainstay productions on YouTube and watch their Annie and Finnick series its Reeeaaallyy good! also watch the second quarter quell by them, its the best video I have ever seen on YouTube

  119. Natalie says:

    No, No, No! Whenever I read the books i automatically thought of ARMIE HAMMER as Finnick. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Finnick. He is gorgeous, he is in the right age range, plus he carries that confidence and charm that Finnick has in the beginning. Armie Hammer is perfect.

  120. Kelsi says:

    Luke Mitchell!!

  121. Kirsten says:

    Alex Pettyfer all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  122. NicoleG123 says:

    I think zac efron is perfect for finnick. His hair is perfect and his eyes are just as gorgeous as i imagined fnnick’s. People disagree and don’t want him on the hunger games cast just because he was signed with disney channel for high scool musical, but who cares? That was what, 5 maybe 6 years ago? He’s matured, he’s a good actor, and he looks the part for finnick; he is perfect for finnick

  123. NicoleG123 says:

    And to those who say zac efron is too short to play finnick: that was also a conflict with josh hutcherson playing peeta because he’s only 5’7″, and josh is a perfect peeta. Height doesnt matter, its the acting that makes the movie.

    • Katherine says:

      That’s exactly what made this movie so great. They picked talented actors not just someone who fit the role lookwise. That being said no to Alex Pettyfer as Finnick. I could see zac as finnick because I’ve seen him bulked up and that is an amazing sight, but I’d like to see Jeremey Sumpter as finnick.

  124. Molly Mellark says:

    Definitely Alex Pettyfer. He is almost perfect for the roll. The only thing we would need to change is eye color. He is supposed to have the Sea Green eyes and maybe his hair- the bronze haired guy from district four. His body is perfect and a spray tan will get the perfect effect of the Sex Idol of 4. My next choice is William Levy because of the same reasons. He just seems a little more ripped and is totally sexy!

    • Courtney L :) says:

      I totally agree with William Levy! He’s like exactly what Finnick should look like, drop dead gorgeous!

      • Madeleine Odair says:

        Courtney L,

        No one would be better suited to play Finnick than Alex Pettyfer!

        Fangirls Unite!

        • Courtney L :) says:

          Madeleine, I never said Alex would not be a good choice. I actually have a post saying exactly this. Before seeing this poll, when I heard the rumors of Alex being Finnick I was down with that. However, all I’m simply saying is William Levy is the spitting image of Finnick’s description in the book (no modification needed; no fake tan, no colored contacts, no hair coloring)

          That is all.

  125. laura s. says:

    They ALL are UGLY !! except for Garrett & Armie!!

  126. Emily says:

    Benjamin Stone would be brilliant for this movie. I’ve seen Nine Lives Of Chloe King and he was amaing on that. I feel like Benjamin embodies Finnick and really is him. I pictured him throughout the books.

    • Mallory says:

      I AGREE!!! and he needs this job hes been ontoo many cancelled shows!

      • Robin says:

        Oh that’s sad! It’s such a shame when good actors don’t get the chance to show their skill and have the bad luck of getting on cancelled shows. I’m talking about Phoebe Tonkin here too!

    • kristi says:

      Benjamin stone I love him he should so be finnick

  127. Emily says:

    Benjamin Stone all the way! I feel like he embodies all of what Finnick is he isnperfect for this role and I would apsoluty love if they fasted him. Go check him out in nine lives of Chloe king u will c how perefect he is for this!

  128. amna says:

    mmmm…..they all dont capture finnicks looks, it says in the book bronze hair, i always imagined him with curly bronzy hair and gorgeous green eyes, he has to be young though, because hes young in the books!

    if they dont get a hot actor i will be VERY angry! :)

  129. Courtney L :) says:

    I suggest everyone take a second look at wanting William Levy for the role.

    Finnick is described as “extremely handsome,tall, muscular, athletic, tan skin, bronze-colored hair, and “incredible” sea green eyes”

    William Levy is like the spitting image of that.

    I was orginally going for Alex Pettyfer, but after seeing these suggestions, I’m set on William.

  130. finnicklover says:

    Drew Van Acker for Finnick!!!!!!!

  131. desiree says:

    Totally ben stone!!!!!! God i love him. Alex pettyfer is ok too, but ben stone all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Jas says:

    I nominate Tanner Patrick of YouTube

  133. Cee says:

    check out Douglas Booth. With his hair dyed, I can see him as FO

  134. Danielle says:

    I am so so happy other people saw that Ian Somerhalder would be a good fit for Finnick! As soon as I tried to think of an actor to fit him well Ian was the first one to come to mind! If you have ever watched him in Vampire Diaries the character he plays, Damon, is sooooo much like Finnick, and he plays it so well! He would be PERFECT!

  135. Katie says:

    LUKE MITCHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 He's hot!

  136. Kera Rodrigue says:

    William Levy | is absolutely PERFECT for the role, I’ve never heard of him, but no matter how he acts, there will never be a more perfect match.

  137. HG says:

    William Levy is to perfect, he is Finnick, like I don’t think that any one who read the books can argue the fact that he is the exact image of Finnick!!!

  138. Love says:

    OMG, just looked at the picture of William Levy, and I couldn’t agree more, he is absolutely PERFECT, he is Finnick, if you don think this is right, go up right now an look at his picture, because you obviously haven’t seen him if you don’t agree!!!!!!!! Look at his picture!!!!<3

    • Courtney L :) says:

      COULD NOT AGREE MORE! William Levy is the spitting image of Finnick’s description. Perfection.

  139. Love says:

    And for all you saying zack efron would be perfect, sure he’s hot, but for one, he will NEVER be Finnick, they are nothing alike, and compaired to Finnick, he is a baby, Finnick needs to be older, remember that he needs to be able to carry Peeta, and run whith him!!! He needs to be in his late 20s, or early 30s!

    • Sammy says:

      So your saying he has to be old to carry Peeta?! That argument is rediculous!

    • Phuong says:

      That argument is utterly preposterous. Finnick does not have to be older in order to carry Peeta. You can still be young and have good strength. Actors playing certain character do not have to have to same age as the character, just as long as they look the part and able to embrace the character.

  140. veronica says:

    JENSEN ACKLES, he is perfect in every way he’s even got the amazing green eyes, he is finnick

    • Lindsey says:

      I praise you for being the only other person on here who actually knows how to spell Jensen correctly! LOL.

    • Spencer says:

      Completely agree with you. Jensen is absolutely gorgeous and his eyes are amazing. Whenever I look at him I smile.

  141. K says:

    Best Choice: Ian Somerhalder

  142. Zoé says:

    Jared Leto. He could easily pull off a 24 year-old, is a brilliant actor and so hot it’s almost unnatural.

  143. paige says:

    okay anyone who has actually read the books knows that it is Luke Mitchell allllllllll the way! carefully look over every adjective used to describe Finnick and you will see that Mitchell has the perfect look and perfect age. not to mention, he is not too well known so he can grow into the identity of Finnick.

    all these other guys are either way too well known, too old, and just don’t look or have the vibe like Finnick O’Dair :)

    even that look on his face in his picture screams it! 😛

  144. ashley says:

    Alex pettyfer should play Finnick.

  145. Mandi says:

    You know, I think that if they could get a singer to be an actor, they should definetly try Adam Levine. I mean, he’s like PERFECT for Finnick.

  146. GEEZ says:

    Finnick is suppose to be 24. Jesus Harold Christ, almost everyone that you people said are like, mid-30s. 24 YOU GUYS. 24. That is all.

  147. HGFan says:

    Armie Hammer = Finnick

  148. Lindsey says:

    Top 10:
    1. Jensen Ackles (notice its spelled with an E not an O!!!)
    2. Garrett Hedlund
    3. Armie Hammer
    4. Chris Hemsworth
    5. Grant Gustin
    6. Jake Abel
    7. Ben Stone
    8. Drew Van Acker
    9. Chris Pine
    10. Cam Gigandet

  149. Ida says:

    Craig Horner from Legend of the Seeker, or Matt Cohen from 90210 and Supernatural. They break even and I kept seeing both as Finnick when I read the book! :)

  150. wendy says:

    Channing Tatum! Finnink all the way!

  151. M94 says:

    Ian Somerhalder or Alex Pettyfer

  152. The Girl on Fire says:

    Jake Abel has the blueish/greenish eyes Finnick has, and the messy/scruffy look about him. He’s also the perfect age to play Finnick since Finnick, in reality, is actually 24 years old.

  153. Sammy says:

    To be honest, I completely disagree with most of this list as Finnick and if almost any of them get Finnick then someone will get hurt.
    People need to get over Alex being a drama queen because you dont see it ON SCREEN which is what matters.
    For me Lachlan Buchannan is exactly how I pictured him but I know alot of people disagree.
    People who are saying that he needs to be taller than Gale, REALLY? Have you seen how tall Liam is? You are setting yourself up for complete and utter devistation.
    Everyone needs to remember Finnick is a young man and the people of the capitol are sick freaks so they dont really care if older women want a young man like him.
    He’s young, hot, dashing, sarcasting, loving, caring and smart. As long as the actor can portray that, he will be fine. If you have your heart set on ONE specific person and you get dissapointed when its someone else… you need to get over it quickly because they will be announcing it soon and your going to throw a temper tantrum.

  154. Phuong says:

    Personally, I don’t think Alex Pettyfer has the ability to pull off a character such as Finnick. I just don’t think Alex would be able to fit into the shoes of Finnick Odair and the complexity of this character. Also, looking at the previous posted comments, I just wanted to say that, just because an actor is “hot” or has the perfect body, does not mean he will also have the ability to BE the character. Alex may have the looks, or the body, or whatever else you want to include, but doesn’t mean he can actually BE Finnick.

    • Sammy says:

      Perfectly Phrased! Totally Agree

      • MichelleD says:

        Completely agree. I vote Eddie Redmayne! He’s an amazing actor. Watch “My Week with Marilyn”. He has the acting chops that is needed to play the complex, multilayered Finnick…oh and he’s tall, has auburn hair and green eyes (but again it’s not all about the looks).

  155. stacy coronado says:

    Sean faris

    • Nerissa says:

      Sean Faris would be awesome actually!!! I want either him to be Finnick Odair or Jensen Ackles

  156. Queen Girl says:

    Personally I would love it if Ian Somerhalder, if not for his stuning body and eyes than for his marvelous acting. But really Zac Efron!?!?! I don’t think he cold pull it off… As for the rest of these actors I immediatly cross of many of them, and those I’ve never heard of… If they are picked they better be damned good actors who can also pull off the Finnick look. But just to let you know who I’m leaning towards… IAN SOMERHALDER!!! <3

  157. nora says:

    The only one that could master captioning the fantastic Finnick Odair is without a doubt: Dave Franco.
    That always sarcastic non-understanding face that fools us all. Because really, the thing Finnick and Dave share is constantly being underestimated by the audience. There is a dept people don’t necessarily see nor understand.
    Dave would bring out the genuine side of Finnick and make the audience understand that there’s so much more to him than just a handsome, womanizing victor of the games. There is a tremendous amount of pain and sorrow keeping him and the other used victors from really appreciating the beauty in life, to scared it will be taken from them.

  158. Mary says:

    I think a good actor to act as Finnick Odair is Gaspard Ulliel, the acting and the features would be magnificent.

  159. cariinws says:

    garret is EXACTLY how i pictured finnik.exactly

  160. MichelleD says:

    I know you’ll all go “who?” but trust when I say this IS the man to play Finnick Odair. Anyone seen “A Week with Marilyn”? Eddie Redmayne (English actor) has the acting chops to play Finnick’s complex character and he has the looks…including the eyes. Watch the movie; he’s mesmerizing and I immediately felt like I was witnessing the “soft” Finnick. However there is no doubt he can play the “suave” and “crazy” one too. Extremely talented and to me that supersedes looks any day. This role is too important, it can’t be messed up and as much as I love Chris Pine and some other big names I think Finnick needs to be a lesser known actor…but with the acting chops!!! Eddie Redmayne all the way.

  161. shenae says:

    This may be really random but I think Harry Lloyd would do a great job

  162. Someone says:

    Lucas Till all the waayyy

  163. Hungergameslover says:

    Definatly Garrett Hedlund… He has the exact Finnick look with the bronze hair and tan skin. I like Alex Pettyfer, but you cant have a blonde play Finnick and he already auditioned for Peeta so thats screwed up.

    • kenzi says:

      i deff. agree! garrett is sooooooo hot! and hes a great actor and a model. lord! ppl need to wake up and see garrett is perffic!

  164. Leila says:

    Zeddie Little for Finnick Odair!

  165. Odair lover says:

    OMG, William Levy looks just like one of my track coaches(lucky me!:)) and every girl in my school thinks our coach looks exactly like how we think Finnick looks, so I think that everybody would agree that William Levy would be the per feal image for Finnick, and he’s defiantly old enough, and has the maturity I think it would take to play him:)

  166. O says:

    Okay, whoever says Eddie Redmayne for Finnick must be blind, because he looks like a starving little gay prick!!! He’s soo ugly, and small, no to him! Haha

  167. Rachel says:

    pllllllleassssse be #1 alex pettyfer or garret hedlung, or zac efron but mostly alex pettyfer …….. alex pettyfer(:

    • Tybalt ;p says:

      Zac Efron for Finnick?????!!!!! NO WAY IN THE HISTORY OF NO’S! i will riot if Zac Efron is finnick! So that means there is no way hes playing finnick anyway but alex pettyfer is a pretty good choice though since the person playing finnick has to be totally sexy and he is the closest we got to sexy.:p

  168. meeeeeeeeee says:

    Joey Graceffa!!!!!!!!

  169. Allison E. says:

    JOEY graceffa<3 or Zack effron 😀

  170. Kat Wilson says:

    I think James Gaisford would make the PERFECT Finnick Odair!

  171. Allie says:

    Colton Haynes. Yes.

  172. Mila says:

    Im sorry but Chace Crawford is absolutely perfect for the role, he ticks all the boxes. Why is everyone nominating actors with dark hair and half of them are pale? How much less like finnick could you get. Chace is the finnick odair without a doubt

    • Mrs. Peeta Mellark says:

      Finally, somebody who agrees! Yes, Chace would be great 😀

      • JENNIFER says:


  173. Nerissa says:



  174. Jocalyn says:

    Alex Pettyfer! Deff :) He would be perfect! Jes just the right age and looks perfect with his shirt off 😉 lol

  175. K1A2T3E4 says:

    Alex Pettyfer all the way!

  176. Corey says:

    what the hell is this? Finnick was middle-aged in the book. If one of these younger actor portrays him, his character won’t be believable or even make sense

  177. bay says:

    Joey Graceffa is amazing but he would not make a good Finnick. He makes a better Gale, if anything. But, Liam Hemsworth is better for the role then he is.

  178. Nevaeh says:

    I think zac efron should play flinikk he’s fit and u would attract a LOT of viewers

  179. Hei says:

    Definitely Garrett Hedlund. *A*
    And Ryan Reynolds? Really?
    He’s a good actor, but… not Finnick material… just a personal opinion though. e.o;

  180. Emma says:

    As much as I love Alex Pettyfer, I don’t think he has the acting chops. I’ve sat through his movies because I love him so much, but there’s nothing fantastic about his acting. I reckon Ian Somerhalder would do an awesome job since his character in Vampire Diaries is pretty similar. He definitely has the dreamy eyes required to boot.

  181. Natalie says:

    Alex Pettyfer

  182. Lattechic says:

    Zac efron!!!!! Sooo zac efron!!!

  183. Rachel says:


  184. Chippy22 says:

    Matt Bomer is exactly how I pictured Finnick.

    Tall, dark and sexy. As. Anything. <3

    But I didn't realize who he was until I saw this.

  185. krissy says:

    I voted for Jensen Ackles. He may be a little old for the part, but he definately could pass for 24 and he’s gorgeous.

    Alex Pettyfer is ok, but not hot enough to play Finnick IMHO.

  186. Annie says:

    Alex Pettyfer without a doubt!!! he is tailor fit for the role!! like johnny depp to capt jack sparrow and robert downey jr to iron man. I really wish the producers and directors would make a smart move and cast alex pettyfer as finnick no matter what it takes!!! they will not regret casting him!!!! <3 <3 alex all the waaaaaayyy!!!!

  187. Millie says:

    Guys, have none of you seen the MainstayPro Finnick and Annie video’s?! James Gaisford all the way! He’d be perfect for Finnick Odair!

  188. PeetaLuv says:

    Looks like my boy Grant gustin is right behind Alex Pettyfer….who can not act at all in my opinion. DO NOT HATE

  189. Queen Girl says:

    Okay so most are just voting off looks… But what about acting?! That is what really matters, you can have a person who looks exactly what you immaged as Finnick but is stiff and clean cut when it comes to speaking their part! So please look at each individuales talent and looks for both are neededn to pull off a perfect Finnick Odair…

    • JENNIFER says:


  190. patrick says:

    I think either the rock, dwayne Johnson, or sylvester stallone should play finnik. They both look how the book describes him and they would be perfect. Go rocky or the rock!

  191. angel says:

    The brother from boondock saints who hated the “rope” idea should play finnik

  192. patrick says:

    What about governator? Get to the chariot, get down!

  193. Lala :P says:

    Either Alex Pettyfer OR Chris Hemsworth 😉

  194. Pamela says:

    Jenson Ackles definitely–he’s hot and an amazing actor. He also has blonde hair and muscles. The answer is obvious.

    • Spencer says:

      And green eyes. If Jensen got the part, I would be very ecstatic. He’s hot, sexy, and a great actor.

  195. CJ says:

    OMG I MAY NEED A MINUTE TO COLLECT MYSELF!!! I have no idea who William Levy is but after seeing that photo of him I am convinced he should play Finnick….providing his acting abilities are on par with his looks.

    Am SOOOOO SICK of seeing Alex Pettyfer votes…..he looks too much the same age as Liam and Jennifer. Finnick needs to CONVINCINGLY LOOK 10 YEARS OLDER than them! Same goes for Zac Effron. No thanks.

    My other pick is Ian Somerhalder. that’s who I pictured while reading. May have to read the books again and picture William….swoon.

    • Kr says:

      OMG, thank you!!!!!! Couldn’t agree more!! William is sooooo perfect!! He looks just like one of my track coaches, and everyone had alwase thought of our coach as Finnick

  196. Sammy says:

    I think that the Alex Pettyfer voting is basically half and half.
    I am highly doubtful that they will cast him and my vote is for Lachlan. Gary Ross said that he didn’t mind having actors who weren’t well jnown and I hope whoever the new director is looks at it the same way.
    As for my argument about Lachlan, he was in an Aussie show called ‘Blue water high’ where they were competetive surfers, so that ticks the box for being comfortable in water.
    Over his career he has become a better actor, just look at him in ‘pretty little liars’.
    He has a good body and I am sure that he can portray his character with the right amount of flirt, crazy, sass and love.
    He wouldn’t look weird if they needed to die his hair a couple of shades darker and he has blue eyes.
    People say the person who plays Finnick has to have sea green eyes but Jen and Liam didn’t have grey eyes. I actually think that Liam has a set of amazing green eyes.
    But like I said in my comment before, and actor who can embrace the role of Finnick with enough knowledge and love for his character,who is a good actor and will be able to gove everything they have to this beloved character will be fine with me

  197. CJ says:

    Oh man I take back my William Levy vote…..I just youtubed him and found dancing with the stars. Total buzz kill, not to mention the cheesy soapies.

    But I agree with those who think they should find some unknown. Fresh, talented man candy is always welcome in my books :) they have managed to find a cast that is both captivating onscreen as well as endearing off…..let’s hope their luck continues….I can’t wait to see who it will be. Soooo long to go though! Argh!

    • Spencer says:

      Thank you! I understand a lot of girls find him attractive – though personally I really don’t see it – but he is a terrible, terrible actor.

  198. Charlie says:

    I think Matt lanter from 90210 would be the perfect Finnick Odair

  199. finnick lover! says:

    what about jackson rathbone he can be blonde, he is tall, and he has naturally green eyes i think he would be perfect besides thefact that he was in twilight but it would be kind of funny

  200. Kyomushu says:

    Are You F*** kidding me ? Alex for Finnick !! That’s a joke !! Armie Hammer is perfect !!! Finnick is sexy, Armie is, Finnick has a perfect face,Armie has a perfect face !! They even share the same age so ARMIE HAMMER !!!!

    • Lauren Mellark says:

      Finnick is 24. Armie Hammer is 25. Armie looks 35, though.

      • KJ says:

        Totally agree! Plus, he always seems to play a dorky guy. Maybe I just haven’t seen him in other things…but he certainly wasn’t my idea of Finnick.

        • Lauren Mellark says:

          I know right! They need someone new who hasn’t been discovered…cuz none of these could be finnick …

  201. Mrs. Mellark says:

    Paul Walker

    • Michelle says:

      Oooh I forgot about him! I do like him and he could pull off the age, the look and we know he can act.
      Paul Walker!!!

      • KJ says:

        I would third that one! Plus, we know he can swim as he did the Into The Blue dive movie with Jessica Alba.

  202. Cassy says:

    I think Benjamin Stone would be perfect, or Chase Crawford. They are both totally hot, and really good actors

  203. Obviously they pick garret hedlund he is is well cute and awesome he can be funny but he can have that very tempting look and talk if he needs to he is just so cute i cant wait till the next hunger games “catching fire” OMG it will be amazing unless zach effron got the part then i wouldn;t even go see it he is just to high school musical for me i mean he would ruin it so Garret hedlund is a obvious choice.

  204. russ says:

    Brad Pitt from Troy

    • Kr says:

      OMG, wasn’t he absolutely BEUTIFULL in that movie!!!!!! I feal like no one has seen it, so finally someone who has!! Haha, he was so perfect, and HAWT!! I cry’d when he died, and started yelling at my TV……! Idk how long it’s been from Troy, so idk if he still looks as hot, but if he does, then I’d be totally fine with him;)

      • KJ says:

        He just turned 50. And I don’t think he is in shape for it anymore. He was married to Jennifer Aniston when he did that movie.

  205. Lauren says:

    Grant Gustin Please!!!

  206. Sofia says:

    Bradley Cooper should play Finnick!

    • Sammy says:

      He’s too old I think, not just from my point of veiw, i think the casting people think that.

  207. Katie says:

    I think a perosn who isn’t famous! i beleive everyone has there own version of Finnick, i mean it’s millions of peoples imaginations,and not one celeberty out there is what i pictured as Finnick! i know its hard to make a loved charator into reality without upsetting a few, but if an unknow face appered on screen, i beleive that people would accept it more if they didn’t remeber them from there favorite romatic movie, or seeing them on a cover of a magizine! It would be easier if we could see a fresh face and put our version onto it! Thats my opinion! <3

  208. Taylor says:

    You all must check out Nick Roux! The way I have always pictured Finnick was tall with an athletic body type and bronze skin and blue eyes. Nick seems to be every bit of Finnick on the outside and I believe he has what it takes to be Finnick on the inside. He is an amazing actor, and anyone who has seen Jane bye design would agree. He may be a little young to the acting industry compared to many other actors but I believe that if we give him a chance he would be the best Finnick you could ever find. Besides, I thought they were looking for actors that weren’t that well known. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope he may get the chance to be apart of the Hunger Games!

  209. adri says:

    definitel ian somerhalder !! think of him in the vampire diaries !! he acts EXACTLY like Finnick !! he would be perfect- super sexy, smug, charming, a bad boy. Seriouslt guys !!!

  210. Alice says:

    Please NOT Alex Pettyfer! I won’t argue about his acting but he brings this kind of over-seriousness to all his roles and I don’t believe he can be as funny as Finnick requires. Finnick is hilarious! (not al the time but it’s an original and important feature of the character, especially in the arena);

    I think Grant Gustin would be amazing. He’d have to beef up to be better suited physically to the role but he’s charming and looks just mischievous enough. I won’t pretend to know the extent of his acting chops but if he can convince the casting people that he can pull off the nervous break-down then he’s the man.

    Jake Abel, Lachlan Buchanan and Chase Crawford look about right too!

    I’m trying to keep an open mind and not get too attached to any of them as Finnick so I can appreciate who they eventually pick… I would even give Pettyfer the benefit of the doubt, maybe Jennifer Lawrence can bring out the bestin him :p

  211. AJ says:

    i give all my mind to ALEX PETTYFER!!! GO FOR FINNICK!!!! please really?!!? Chris hemsworth???? there will be family reunion if he is being finnick……and too old i dont mind for age but is he still strong enough for being finnick??? i guess who ever being finnick he must a little bit stronger than peeta….. he will protecat Katniss by the way….. and zac efron????? BIG NO NO!! i know he is in lucky one but is he good enough????? her face doesnt look strong than peeta,sorry, for the first time i choose Grant Gustin he is cute for finnick but his body not reall good for finnick i guess… he will dance on jungle, and we always think he is wearing warblers suit and dancing lol.. and my suggest is Ryan Merriman you know he is from final destination 3 i dont know he is lil bit fit on finnick….

    • Ceres says:

      Totally agree with you ;). Aley Pettyfer would be perfect as Finnick Odair since he’s described as a quite handsome man of 24. The others would be too old.

  212. wendy says:

    Cam Gigandet

  213. Love of Peeta says:

    I don’t think Lachlan will win,but I still want him as Finnick. I was google searching Finnick Odair today and found this picture of him covered in sand and his hair was wet and he became my Finnick. He’s not greatly know but has experience and he just looks perfect to me.

  214. Daniela says:

    LOGAN LERMAN!!! =:D I would love it.. ♥

  215. Donna says:

    Chris Pine should be Finnick. Remember Captain cheats.

  216. ciel says:

    Jake abel should play finnick

  217. Adriana says:

    Hayden Christensen as Finnick! :)))

  218. LoveYouPeeta says:

    I’ve been so anxious about the casting for Finnick Odair. He needs the perfect person to play him! Which I why I’d vote for Chace Crawford. He has the right build and look, and I’m sure he could pull off that strong, playful, handsome character :) Please reply if you agree!

  219. Sim says:

    I’m sorry, but Alex Pettyfer would be a really bad choice for Finnick Odair. Maybe he looks good to a lot of people, but the fact remains that he’s too YOUNG. Finnick is supposed to be a MAN, about eight years older to Katniss; whereas Alex is only sixteen. And apart from the looks, I very much doubt he’d be able to pull off the role itself. We need a person who not only has the looks, but has the ability to play Finnick as an actor!

  220. Rosemary says:

    Sorry guys, but if Zac Efron is going to play Finnick I’d better shoot myself.

  221. jocylin says:

    Garrett Hedlund, Garrett Hedlund, Garrett Hedlund, Garrett Hedlund, Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund Garrett Hedlund then Joey Graceffa (I’ll Bake you pies XD)

  222. Maggiemay says:

    I think Kyle Schmid would be great for the role. He has great comedic timing and he’s an excellent actor.

    • Mary says:

      Oh I agree with Maggie, KYLE SCHMID HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. Alicia says:

    Jensen Ackles

  224. Soni says:

    I’ll like to add actor Kyle Schmid (recently seen in ‘Being Human’ Syfy as vampire Henry) for consideration.

  225. Alena says:

    Kyle Schmid, without doubt, excellent actor!!!

  226. Iris says:

    I’d like to see someone like Harry Lloyd or Eddie Redmayne as Finnick, as looks goes. Or perhaps Ben Barnes. He can’t look too young, Finnick’s not a teen, and the actor’s got to be right for the Finnick in Catching Fire as well as the Finnick in Mockingjay. But honestly, I feel that if they are as good with the castings as for the first film (Jennifer & Josh are just precious!), I think they’ll find us a satisfying Finnick.

    Though, if they cast someone like Zac Effron, I think I’ll die.

  227. kaeli says:


  228. juliet says:

    Armie Hammer should total be Finnick. In the book this is how they describe him:” Tall, athletic, with golden skin, and bronze-colored hair and those incredible eyes.” Armie fulfills every aspect.

    Tall- Armie stands 6’5″. Athletic- well, he learned to somewhat fight in Mirror Mirror- i think he can manage. Golden Skin- picture. Bronze-colored hair- picture. Eyes- they’re blue but contacts!

    I made my point.

  229. Lindyb says:

    I would love to see Kyle Schmid play Finnick. He’s an awesome actor and is a great choice for the role.

  230. Haydee says:

    Alex Pettyfer all the way. Finnick is supposed to be tall, dreamy, have beautiful eyes and hair, be muscular, and able to seduce a person and yet feel love. Alex fits that description perfectly.

  231. Marfil says:

    whats this?

  232. Sussie says:

    Actually, Finnick is supposed to be a little “pretty” per Katiniss’ statements: “Is this the first time you haven’t looked pretty?”; also “Maybe he’s too pretty, or maybe he’s too easy to get, or maybe it’s that he’d just be too easy to lose.” So I think Lachlan Buchannan would look the part – I’m not sure if he’s a strong actor though.

  233. Callie says:

    What about Bradley James? He may have 28 but looks a bit younger. He has the looks, he can act, especially that flirty type of character. And he’s well fit!

  234. Callie says:

    What about Bradley James? He may be 28 but looks younger. He has the looks, he can act, especially that flirty type of character. And he’s well fit!

  235. nanarad says:

    All the actors above already have been doing good gigs for a while, why not some relatively fresh face? And yes, Kyle Schmid could be a good candidate too. His latest appearence on Being Human have proven once again what an excellent actor he is (that AND he’s hands-down handsome and charming ~_^). IMHO it’s a real shame he still hasen’t got any major gig, he so deserved it long time ago.

  236. Kelly says:

    I want them to pick an unknown.

  237. Amanda says:

    I think Jeremy Sumpter would be the perfect role for this movie!

  238. Ceres says:

    The first time I read the description of Finnick Odair, the thought of Alex Pettyfer immediatly appeared. I hope he’s thinking of auditioning for Finnick’s part. Would be quite dissappointed if the actors turns out to be quite ordinary 😉

  239. akb says:

    Benson Ackles. Hands down.

  240. Brazzledazzle says:

    Henry Cavill
    gorgeous eyes
    Rocking body
    Can actually act

    Played in count of monte cristo and immortals

    Guys this needs to happen!!

  241. Brazzledazzle says:

    Wait it gets better.

    Henry cavill is the new superman!

    He was in Tudors, so needless to say sexiness is not an issue.

    He could be Matt Bomers younger brother.

    Stephanie meyer pictured him as edward while she was writing the novel.

    Im depressed this will never happen.

  242. Mallory says:

    U could only pick ONE well that made it very difficult 4 me i thenk Luke mitchell or Alex Pettyfer or benjamin stone they are all great but luke mitchell is australian and thats really hot but benjamin stone is british and needs this job and well alex pettyfer is well him and all of tthem are amazingly hot!!!!!!

  243. danielle says:

    Kevin Zegers.

  244. Sim says:

    You know, I’ve come to this conclusion: there’s nobody perfect enough to play Finnick! 😀

    • Kr says:

      Check out William Levy, I think his picture is at the top of the page, he as close as it gets for me!;) and he could be my Finnick anyday…….lol

  245. Natty A says:

    Choose this British actor Zach Povey, he isnt famous but he is soo much like Finnick and should play him!! Follow him on Twitter @Zpovez!! CAST HIM FOR FINNICK ODAIR!! You wont regret it, Trust me! 😀

  246. Lilli says:

    Absolutely not Zac Efron or Alex Pettyfier or whatever his name is :S
    I kind of think of Jared Leto(why? I don’t know) but I just love his eyes, so dreamy <3

  247. Abagail and Andie says:

    Grant Gustin!!!!!

  248. Holleigh says:


  249. Sophie says:


  250. Why is no one mentioning JESSE WILLIAMS!!?? It’s soooo obvious.
    This eliminates almost ALL the contenders above. Jesse is PERFECT for this role.


  251. Anne says:

    I think Grant Gustin would be the best option for being Finnick Odair, he is just perfect for that role.

  252. Smiley says:

    Get some new faces coming the ones that haven’t been in a lot of movies or tv shows pick them really cause when u see some one who is famous before the movie came out you know what’s coming and you don’t want people to know a thing right?

  253. Kennedy says:

    I’ve noticed alot of people are voting for these typical “teen eye-candy” guys who dont possess the qualities that Finnick has at all. I’m 17, but im ” movie-wise ” enough to know GARRETT HEDLUND is the most adequette man to play the role of Finnick. He’s a very good actor. I’ve seen him in Friday Night Lights, Four Brothers, Eragon, Country Strong, Troy and Tron: Legacy. He performed very well in all of them. I think he would bring great charisma to Catching Fire. He fits the description of Finnick perfectly. From the dreamy sea green eyes, to the sandy colored hair, and perfect physique. From what I’ve seen in previous films he’s starred in, im 100% convinced he could project the seemingly cocky and flirtatious side of Finnick’s personality to the strong, witty leader Finnick was in the arena, and even the vulnerable, caring, frigile Finnick in Mockingjay. He’s a star based on his ability to perform marvously in the roles he plays in movies, not because a bunch of 13 year old girls swoon over him because he’s cute. The Hunger Games series deserves someone like GARRETT HEDLUND to play Finnick Odaire. Not Grant Gustin, not Zac Efron, not Alex Pettyfier.

  254. Rebecca says:

    Alex pettyfer as finnick

  255. Kennedy says:

    I’ve noticed alot of people are voting for these typical “teen eye-candy” guys who dont possess the qualities that Finnick has at all. I’m 17, but im ” movie-wise ” enough to know GARRETT HEDLUND is the most adequate man to play the role of Finnick. He’s a very good actor. I’ve seen him in Friday Night Lights, Four Brothers, Eragon, Country Strong, Troy and Tron: Legacy. He performed very well in all of them. I think he would bring great charisma to Catching Fire. He fits the description of Finnick perfectly. From the dreamy sea green eyes, to the sandy colored hair, and perfect physique. From what I’ve seen in previous films he’s starred in, im 100% convinced he could project the seemingly cocky and flirtatious side of Finnick’s personality to the strong, witty leader Finnick was in the arena, and even the vulnerable, caring, frigile Finnick in Mockingjay. He’s a star based on his ability to perform marvously in the roles he plays in movies, not because a bunch of 13 year old girls swoon over him because he’s cute. The Hunger Games series deserves someone like GARRETT HEDLUND to play Finnick Odaire. Not Grant Gustin, not Zac Efron, not Alex Pettyfier.

  256. Kennedy says:

    spellcheck.* Adequate .

  257. rue springsteen says:

    I think one of these three should play Finnick –
    1) Matt Bomer
    2) Jenson Ackles
    3) Chris Hemsworth

  258. laney says:

    why does alex pettyfer have the highest ranking?!
    i think its cause his shirts not on….
    but anyone who has read the book, dont you think he should look somewhat a little older than that?
    like seriously, katniss is like 16 or 17 or something and finnick is like 25.
    alex doesnt look that much older than her.

  259. Esme Ramirez says:

    Zack Efron

  260. tommyking says:

    Dustin Clare (Spartacus)

  261. Rosie says:

    If anyone here has seen even a single episode of The Vampire Diaries, they will know that Ian Somerhalder is perfect for the role of Finnick. The entire time I was reading Catching Fire, I had an image of him in my mind for Finnick, he not only has the looks, but can also captivate his devilish charm.

  262. Karlee says:

    I have no idea who Finnick should be. But my Friend has Peeta, my other friends has Gale, and i love Finnick. So he better be HOT! and when i say hot i mean HOT! But i do know that if it is Zac Efron or Taylor Launter i will scream and cry until i have no voice. the hottest twenty four year old alive. The other night there was this guy on tv and i told my bro that he looked like an ugly version of finnick. Then my bro told me there was no ugly true. SO finnick better be hot, hot, hot. like Adam leven(idk how to spell.) or liam hemsworth ot something. Young and gorgeuos.

  263. Karlee says:

    OK ppl! Think about Finnicks personality and looks and body and face and body and funny-ness and kind-ness. Now choose William Levy. it doesn’t matter what his personality is in real life, cuz he can ACT as finnick in the movie. but when you take all those things i said above and put them to a face, a body, you get William Levy as Finnick Odair. PLEASE PPL!

    • Kr says:

      Thank you!!!! Someone who actually know what their talking about, William is the spitting image of Finnick Odair!!!!!

    • Spencer says:

      I’ve seen him act and he’s not all that great. Everyone has a different take of what Finnick looks like and looks aren’t everything, the guy has to be talented. I’ve seen William Levy’s work and I can say without hesitation that I find it doubtful he can do an honest portrayal of Finnick.

  264. Grace says:

    Ryan Gosling would be the perfect finnick. He can play the roll really well. I imagined him as finnick from the bronze hair to the blue eyes. They are so pretty

  265. Julissa says:

    William Levy :p

  266. mia says:

    jennifer lawrence is 21years only. Finnick is 9yr older than Katniss. Therefore, they should get an actor around 30 to prevent Katniss and Finnick from looking around the same a age

  267. Skye says:

    For me, totally Garrett Hedlund! I think age wise he fits – physically, he’s almost exactly how I’d imagine Finnick to look like and acting wise, I think he’s a brilliant actor I mean from Billy Darley to Sam Flynn as well as receiving Oscar nods for some of his films. And on the bonus side as Katniss quoted Garrett also has that old seductive voice and incredible green eyes as of Finnick ODair :)

  268. María says:

    Have you seen him? He plays Haymitch in this video

  269. Katri says:

    Armie Hammer, Alex Pettyfer or Freddie Stroma :)

  270. Isabelle says:

    I personally think that Freddie Stroma would be a perfect fit for this role. He’s the kind of guy I pictured while reading the books and has also the right kind of age. I don’t have anything against Alex Pettyfer but I don’t he has the right look, he looks a little too boy-cute for me. But that’s just my opinion.

  271. peetarox says:

    it has got to b alex pettyfer !! 😀 😀 😀 <3

  272. TeamPeeta says:

    Alex Pettyfer for sure!!

  273. Sarah says:

    Either Lachlan Buchanan or Zac Efron.

  274. Mimi says:

    Ian Somerhalder for sure. He’s georgeous, for one but he also can play Finnick’s attitude. His character on The Vampire Diaries, Damon, is very similar in demeanor to Finnick. Ian has the perfect shade of blue eyes, and with a hair dye and a tan maybe he would be a perfect match. Finnick’s supposed to be taller than Gale, who is played by 6’5″ Liam Hemsworth, and Ian is only 5’10”. To me this is pretty minor; when I was reading Catching Fire I imagined Ian as Finnick. Ian may be 33 but he definitely looks like he’s 24. My second choice would have to be Jensen Ackles, who is realllyyyyy tall, and yummy. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zac Efron but he is completely wrong for the part. He doesn’t look old enough, and to be honest whenever I look at him all I see is Troy Bolton singing “we’re all in this together”. Matt Bomer would be good as well. IAN SOMERHALDER all the way! :)

  275. Scarleth Lopez says:

    I think Zac

  276. Scarleth Lopez says:

    I think Zac Efron should play Finnick. He would be a totally amazing Finnick. If they don’t want his they should pick Ian Somerhalder, just dye his hair.

  277. Cathy says:

    What a great survey! I’ve been dying for one like this. First of all, NO GUYS in their 30’s, and I say that as someone who’s a lot older than 30.
    Looking over the possibilities, I like Lachlan Buchanan’s looks, but I have no idea who he is.

    Armie Hammer looks like an EXCELLENT choice. Zac Efron looks great, but I don’t know if his representation would be happy with a lesser role than lead, even if Finnick has quite a lot to do. Chase Crawford is a good choice.

    I’d LOVE Chris Hemsworth, but Ironically I think he’d lose the role only because Liam has such a pivotal role. I think he’d be pretty awesome, though!

    Finnick’s such a great character, and is so characterized by his godly good looks, I can’t wait to see who lands the role. Thanks for this!

    • Spencer says:

      It would be a little strange if Finnick and Gale look alike, but I agree with you. Before the movie came out, I pictured Chris as Finnick, but now I see Jensen as Finnick

  278. Sarah says:

    I choose Lachlan Buchanan | Age: 21 | Best Known For: Pretty Little Liars

    2 ppl because my freind is with me too.

  279. Tory says:

    Omg I will seriously hunt down Suzanne Collins and the director of catching fire if Alex Pettyfer isn’t playing Finnick Odair! I mean come on he’s a friggin sexy beast!!!!!!

    • Izzyxx says:

      Agreed. Alex has those perfect natural good looks and everything… he is everything that portrays Finnick anyway, good looks aside.

  280. Tory says:

    Omg! I will seriously hunt down suzanne collins and the director of catching fire if Alex Pettyfer isn’t playing Finnick Odair mean come on he’s a sexy beast!!!!<3

  281. Whitney says:

    Definitely a fan of hammer, stroma, or hedlund. Whomever is chosen, they have to understand and portray the layers of Finnick. It’s easy to be the playboy. The rest will be much more complex.

  282. Lulu says:

    HOPEFULLY Grant Gustin gets picked for Finnick Odair! The first time I saw him I didn’t know where he was from! I never even heard of this guy before! But when I saw his face I knew he would make the perfect Finnick Odair! He is EXACTLY like how I imagined him! It’s SCARY! Same facial structure, same haircut! Please! He would be the ULTIMATE Finnick Odair!!!!

  283. faye says:


  284. Finnishgirl92 says:

    I would definitely go with Alex Pettyfer or Kellan Lutz.

  285. Ellie says:

    From those actors I think Armie Hammer is the perfect Finnick. He just looks like he’d be perfectly charming in the role and he’s a good actor. But when I thought about who I’d want as Finnick whilst reading the book I did think of Matt Bomer. Just something about him seems like he is Finnick. I’m sure the casting directors will pick the best Finnick anyway. They got every actor spot on in the first book so I completely trust them.

  286. Clove says:


  287. Fer says:

    I say Robert Pattinson could be Finnick Odair…i don’t know why, but when I read the book I imagine he as Finnick :)

  288. Levien says:

    I think Zach Effron would play a GREAT Finnik

  289. Sarah says:

    It is kind of funny how stuck people are on age. I hate to tell you all but most of the people playing “high school” parts on TV are well into the twenties or older. So if a person is 24 and is played by a younger looking 30 year old then it isn’t really a big deal.
    On that note my vote is for Ian Somerhalder. He is naturally a blonde and with his beautiful eyes he would easily have the same effect on people that Finnick has. Also the character he already plays on Vamp. Diaries is that same sort of coc ky, angry, misguided bad guy with a good heart. So it wouldn’t be hard to see him playing this part either. Frankly Armie looks too much like Liam and Finnick needs to be of a different “shape”

  290. em says:

    I want someone tall and well-built since Finnick is suppose to carry two people at the same time. Therefore I can’t picture Grant Gustin in the role at all. I can’t see them picking him.
    I think Chace Crawford and Alex Pettyfer are both awful actors so I hope they aren’t choosen for the role either.
    My favorites are Armie Hammer, Freddie Stroma, Jake Abel and Chris Hemsworth.

  291. liberty3 says:

    ok, this guy would be PERFECT! he hasn’t been in much, but he looks so perfect for finnick.

  292. Chiyo says:

    I think the best candidate for Finnick is Chace Crawford (Nathaniel “Nate” Archibald). ce sera parfait!

  293. ruth says:

    Jesse Williams for Finnick, and Ruth Negga for Johanna. Would be perfect casting.

  294. TaySwiftRocksMySox says:

    HOW ABOUT JAKE GYLLENHALL as Finnick, Lol. It might work out…

  295. Well you know who i’m going to choose 😀

    I created a chart of all the finnick traits and the only person who fulfills them all is jesse. Of course that’s just the traits but he’s a good actor too!

    • Emma says:

      To start off with, some of the things in your table are wrong. I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say Jesse Williams has bronze hair, because he clearly does not. And I’m not going to bother with the rest of the mistakes. I don’t think anyone can really have a criteria for the ‘perfect Finnick’ when so many of the traits people are looking for can easily be changed to fit the character. Perhaps some will not look good tanned or don’t have the height, but hair, eye colour and toned muscles can be achieved. Plus, as long as whoever plays Finnick is a fair bit taller than Jennifer, it doesn’t really matter. 5’11” would be an okay height.
      And you’re forgetting that Finnick is meant to have “natural beauty” according to Katniss. Jesse Williams, while handsome, does not have that natural beauty. In my opinion, he looks menacing without even trying to and that is just all wrong for Finnick. He looks a bit old and I don’t see how they could make him look younger. If you’re really considering their real age as a factor, Jesse is 9 years older then Jennifer, not 7. Age does not actually count for anything anyway; as long as they look young enough or old enough to play Finnick, depending on whether they are older or younger than Jennifer.

      • Emma….why are you saying he’s Menacing? I don’t want to judge to conclusions here, but is it the same kind of menacing that George Zimmerman found Trayvon Martin? I mean how is this menacing?

        And how can you not say that his hair is NOT bronze?

        • Emma says:

          I meant that he looks menacing when he isn’t smiling. Not with an angry face, just a plain face with no emotion. For example:

          It may be just from my perspective that he looks that way. I just imagined Finnick to have an innocent face but he could turn on fierce or playful and still look genuine.

          When I think of bronze, I think of something much lighter. For example:

 (Garrett Hedlund) – close to anyway, not exact. Perhaps a little lighter than this actually…

          I get that some people’s hair only look bronze in the light but with the picture you sent, there is light shinning on Jesse, but his hair still looks dark brown. Without light, close to the black. I think that the bronze hair should be explicit rather than needing light to be shone to see the bronze-ness. That being said, I don’t consider hair colour to be a humongous factor in choosing Finnick. I did imagine Finnick to have longer hair. I haven’t seen Jesse with longer hair, so I can’t judge how he would look if he did.

          I just realised that Jesse looks a little bit like Cinna, I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I was a little shocked by Cinna’s casting and after seeing the movie, I still don’t feel he was the right choice. I don’t mean to be racist. I know that Suzanne Collins said that Rue was meant to be African-American, I don’t know if she’s said the same about Finnick. At the moment, I’m still imagining a Caucasian with tanned skin (from fishing out in the sun).

          I’m not advocating anyone for Finnick at the moment. I’ve looked at the selection of people on this site, and I’m not completely convinced on any of them based on appearance. I am slightly biased towards some of them, but often they don’t look the part though for some, I do believe they have the acting ability required.

          • Robin says:

            I’m with you on this Finnick thing. In the book, it said that Finnick was green-eyed, bronzed haired, and tanned and I’m sorry but that sounds like a white boy to me. Usually white people are the red heads and usually you describe white people as tan when they get darker. I’m not saying this to make a big deal out of race, like the people who were picking on Amandla when everyone got on her case because she was black and people thought she wasn’t in the book, eventhough it clearly said she was. I go off of what the description says. When it says they’re black, they’re black. I always pictured Finnick as a surfer guy. That’s how I would describe a surfer boy: tan, good-looking, and sort of built. Personally I don’t like most of the choices they have for Finnick, I’m just going to wait and see who Francis picks and get over it when he chooses whoever.

  296. Thalia says:

    I think Finnick should play Finnick. :)

  297. Cíntia Mara says:

    Jesse Williams! The Finnick of my dreams ^^

  298. PEETA says:

    Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer Alex Pettyfer HE IS 21 HOT AND EXACTLY AS I IMAGINED FINNICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  299. rp says:

    robert pattinson should!

  300. onedirectioner says:

    Grant gustin has that kind of power that one person can have .

  301. liberty3 says:


    tell me he wouldn’t be perfect…
    and he hasn’t been in much, and how cool would it be to have someone totally new!

  302. Izzyxx says:

    Who the hell said Chris Hemsworth?? Dosen’t he play Gale?? I think Alex Pettyfer. Gotta be him. I mean, hes practically wearing just his underwear in the picture!! And he has all those natural dreamy looks… :)

    • Emma says:

      LOL. You clearly don’t know much about the actors in Hunger Games. Gale is played by LIAM Hemsworth. Chris is his older brother and has been in many big movies such as the Star Trek reboot, Thor and the Avengers. Yes, Chris probably won’t work since he is Liam’s brother, but he is a far better actor than Alex Pettyfer. Alex has yet to prove himself in anything. I’ve watched all his movies except for Tormented and he can be painful to watch at times…

    • Kr says:

      Liam is Gale, their brothers, and both amazingly HOT!!!!!! (Just invade you were wandering;))

      • Tybalt ;p says:

        sorry but liam and chris are not that hot or cute. i think josh hutcherson is way cuter than anyone in the movie. sorry but that’s my opinion. 😀

  303. Sara says:

    Grant Gustin is exactly as I imagined Finnick ! <3

  304. Cara says:

    I think Chris Zylka would be good. He looks like a Finnick Odair to me. He’s just an Ian-exept tanner and the right shade hair.

  305. sandra says:

    jesse williams is perfection. pls pick him. those green eyes ( no contacts needed) and that golden skin, hes perfect.

  306. Maji says:

    I really like all most all of these actors and most of them are total celeb crushes for me, but I really only could see Lachlan Buchanan as Finnick!

  307. dill says:

    JAKE ABEL he looks perfect for finnick plus
    24 finnicks age

  308. JESSSSSS says:

    it’s JENSEN, not JENSON. Lol.

  309. Laura says:

    What about Adrian Grenier… that’s who I pictured when I was reading the book. Tan skin and green eyes…

  310. Sarah says:

    I’ve read all 3 book and I imagined Finnick EXACTLY like Alex Pettyfer but I heard he turned the role down:( I also think that Aaron Johnson would we perfect as Finnick! For those who are American or something and don’t know him he played Robbie in Angus, thongs and perfect snogging. He was also the main part in nowhere boy and kick-ass in..kick-ass :’) he’s perfect and can play the flirtatious part so well! – as you can tell he looks the part too! So hot although I did imagine Finnick with blonde hair:)

  311. finnick odair says:

    Justin Hartley.

  312. Sonny :D says:

    Garrett Hedlund or Alex Pettyfer would do good!

  313. honestlyronald says:

    no no no. so many of these are wayy too young! like alex pettyfer, he is only a few months older tha njennifer lawrence.and joey graceffa IS younger than her. also, youtube stars are not actors. Finnick is supposed to be decently older than Katniss, like 7 or 8 years. And he can’t look too young either. Honestly, when I read the books, I definitely felt like he shouldn’t look innocent, but still extremely attractive. And think about the personality when voting. I would say Ian Somerhalder or Garrett Hudland would be the best

  314. Billie-lee says:

    I’d love for Finnick to be Grant Gustin! Or Luke Mitchell, or Jenson Ackles XD

  315. I say says:

    Channing Tatum should play finnick

    • Lu says:

      Or anybody from Twilight for The Hunger Games roles.
      Please directors, be wise :)

  316. Kat says:

    Garrett Hedlund is THE PERFECT Finnick!!! I want him to be cast so badly!

  317. Paul says:

    Actually, frankly speaking, I am imagining Grant Gustin as Finnick. I don’t know. By the instant he was being described in the book, it was pretty natural that Grant Gustin would have met the characteristics. In my opinion though! :)

  318. Julia says:

    I dont care who the fans want for finnick,I want the real finnick! C’mon Lionsgate and whoever else works on the movie,you need to get it cast!The first movie was cast MONTHS before they started filming! If they want to start filming in August or September,they need to get to work! CAST THE MOVIE ALLREADY!!!

  319. lula says:

    I think Jensen Ackles would be fabulous. Finnick needs to be played by someone who can convey courage, bravado, devotion, heartbreak and brokenness. A lot of these younger actors just don’t have the skills yet to really pull of the complexity of such a character. Ackles demonstrates his acting chops every week on Supernatural, has a great fan base to bring to the franchise, is great in ensemble pieces and to top it all off, is sublimely beautiful. Sigh – here’s your Finnick, ladies and gentlemen.

    • Spencer says:

      Completley agree with you. Jensen can pull off complexity in his characters. People who don’t know him or have some kind of prejudice against shows on the CW might not know this because they’ve hardly given him a chance, but the man can actually act. I’m always so critical of crying scenes, the only ones that really get me are the ones Jennifer Lawrence does or Kate Winslet in Titanic, but Jensen makes my eyes water when he’s doing a vulnerable scene. He acts without overacting. I adore Jensen and would love to see him as Finnick.

  320. Lina says:

    I just think Finnick should be played by a young, handsome, blonde guy, with a sixpack, who isn’t too famous. That would just be much nicer for this movie(:

  321. Kris says:

    Well folks… He’s 25 in the books. Jennifer Lawrence is 22, so how on earth can Pettyfer play Finnick? He has to be older! No, it’s Arnie Hammer for me :)

  322. L says:

    Anyone but Robert Pattinson. -_____-
    I’m sorry but, no. I think the tan would not work.. AT ALL.

  323. Lottie says:

    JOEY FOR FINNIK!!!!!!!

  324. Peeta Mellark Lover says:

    I think Matt Lanter (Liam on 90210) or Ian Hardin though they would have to die their hair so… Alex Pettfier or whatever his name is would be better.

  325. Andrew says:

    I’m sorry to tell most of you this but it needs to be said, 95% of the people on this list cannot play Finnick based on one fact, if anyone has actually read the books they would know that Finnick is a very large person, this is confirmed when they are in the arena and he has to carry Peeta through the woods, Only 1 person on this list would be able to carry Josh Hutcherson for more then a few feet and that would be Chris Hemsworth, I’m not saying Chris would be the best for the role but of all the people on the list he is the closest.

  326. Nina says:

    Chris Evan ,captain America cast.

  327. anh says:

    Alex Pettyfer has the looks, but I don’t think he has the skills! Grant on the other hand, he has both looks and skills!


  328. Softball4ever says:

    Alex pettyfer all the way!!!!!!!!!!! No chace crawford is not te guy to play finnick!!! He doesnt have the looks!!!

    • Kennedy says:

      Alex pettyfer would disgrace the role. He just could not handle it. I really doubt he could portray the manly, rugged, gorgeous, charming & sensitive character that Finnick is

    • Emma says:

      I can’t believe so many people think Alex Pettyfer would be a good choice, looks/talent aside he’s too young! With Jen Lawrence being 5 years older than her character Finnick really needs to be played by an actor in his late 20’s at least so that the age gap is is similar to that in the book. Personally i’d love Josh Dallas to get the role

    • Megan says:

      Chace Crawford definitely has it in the looks department, he just isn’t nearly a good enough actor to fulfill the role.

  329. Kennedy says:

    GARRETT HEDLUND FOR FINNICK <—— perfect pick

    • Marty says:

      I agree that out of all the ones to pick from above, Garrett Hedlund would be the best, though I’m still pulling for Justin Hartley. He’s what I imagined Finnick to look/act like when reading the book. Just my opinion.

  330. Sinead says:

    I personally think that anyone under 27-28 years old would be too young. Finnick is supposed to be 10 or so years older, and still a babe. I always imagined him having dark hair, hazel eyes and sallow skin. He’s supposed t be fun but also have a dark undercurrent. That’s why I think Josh Hartnett or James Franco

  331. ahsataN says:

    James Gaisford is my Finnick personally.

  332. Danielle says:


  333. ISABELLA says:

    i think i mean I KNOW!! that GRANT GUSTIN IS PERFECT for finnick odair hes got the eyes the face and the hair plus i totally se him in the movie!! so please i beg with all my heart let grant be finnick!! just waych this…………….. an this one TOO!……………. WATCH THEMMM!!! NOW AND BELIEVE ME GRANT IS FINNICK!!

  334. Shannon says:

    I want Tom Felton to play Finnick but he’s not on the list:( he is perfect! Zac Effron would be ok too, but I just can’t really see him as any one other than Troy! finnick is 24!! So stop suggesting people in thir 30’s! It needs to be some1 that the audience can fall in love with too, and since most f the audience is 12-17(ish) year old girls, it would need to be someone a bit younger! Alex Pettyfer would have been amazing too…

    • Sinead says:

      I completely do not agree with you saying that the fan base is is mainly under the age of 18. Im 21 ane ive mainly only heard of people my age and older having read the books. Also Finnick is 24 in the book so it makes more sense for an “older” actor to play the role as most actors look quite young for their age. And all of the older actors above are gorgeous so xhy do you think no-one would be able to fall in love with them as finnick?

      • Hamilton says:

        According to exit polls, over half of the opening weekend was over 25 and only 61% were female. So while the “die-hard” fan base may skew younger and female, there are certainly plenty of older Hunger Games fans as well as plenty of us guys.

      • Spencer says:

        Truer words have never been spoken, Sinead. I’m 19 and have also only seen people my age reading these books. By the way, just because the fans are supposedly a certain age or a certain gender, doesn’t mean they should cast an actor just to satisfy one group. Casting an actor should be based on talent and what they can bring to the role. Personally I find it hard to believe a young actor will be able to pull of the complexities of Finnick. Besides it’s the actors in their thirties that are playing the roles of high school students and more importantly, I think it’s the older actors that look more handsome than the younger ones. Except maybe Jake Abel, but even he looks a bit more like a man than other actors his age.

    • Emma says:

      I’m 31 and a huge fan of the books. Its not just about who people will fancy its about finding a person that suits the role written in the book,Finnick needs to be played by someone older than 24 because Jen Lawrence is 5 years older than her character, the age gap should be similar to that in the books of 8-9 years

  335. Hunter says:

    I totally think Hunter Wilson should play Finnick. He’s a swimmer and has never stepped out of community theater, but i think he is the portrayal of the role.

  336. Catnip says:

    It’s okay by me if Alex would get the role. People always say he has the pride the size of continental antarctica, and that he would disgrace the role. But judging by his portrayal of Kyle Kingsbury from Beastly, he can act as Finnick. James Gaisford or Grant Gustin are quite okay as well.

  337. thedistrict12rebel says:

    GRANT GUSTIN. Enough said!

  338. Sophia says:

    Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund Garret Hedlund
    Just Saying… <3 <3 <3

  339. alicia says:

    ewwwww chris pine is ugly NOOO!
    Go ALEX PETTFER!!!!!!!

  340. Angelina says:

    Lachlan Buchanan alll the way! Woo he is perfect(: Emerald eyes and bronze hair(; And best face next to Alex ettifer him and him are my choices

  341. ilinca says:

    If Alex Pettyfer or Zac Efron were to play Finnick, i would never touch the last two movies. I’d like Jake Abel to play Finnick but I doubt he will ’cause they’re filming Percy Jackson at the moment. But him of Garrett Hedlund…. anyone except Alex Pettyfer or Zac Efron!!!!!

  342. Abby says:

    Justin Hartley should play Finnick

  343. Alejandra says:

    IAN SOMERHALDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I <3 HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOST!!!!VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND NOW HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. AmyDeHP says:

    My favorites : Jeremy Sumpter, Ian Somerhalder & Ryan Gosling.

    People who look the best for the role : Armie Hammer, Alex Pettyfer & Lachlan Buchanan.

    Who I think they’ll really pick: Someone unexpected/random/incognito.

  345. Sarah says:

    i think That Alex pettyfer or Chris hemsworth could do it but Joey Graceffa Would be an awesome choice 4 Finnick

  346. Kayla says:

    I choose Garrett Hedlund!!!!!!!!

  347. Lil Ana says:

    Are you all serious? Have you looked at William Levy? Yes he is 31 but he’s sooooo hot! Plus the accent will make him sexier. I vote for William Levy!

  348. Defne says:

    Garrett Hedlund is my choice but deffinitely not ALEX? People, he is not even a good actor and he is too young for Finnick. Anyway, he is just not Finnick. Sorry.

  349. Lil Ana says:

    Look up JLo’s “I’m into you video” you will see why she paid him $8,00,000 to roll around in the beach with her

  350. Laly says:

    Iam Somerhalder all the way!! i can already see him saying with that sexy look of his “want a sugar cube?” or “tell me your secrets”

  351. Mafer says:

    Lachlan Buchanan is perfect to be Finnick Odair!

  352. I heart Hunger games says:

    Guys, Guys, let’s be serious, James Gaisford for Finnick, he already played Finnick for Mainstaypro!!!!! And Emerald Green should be Annie (already played her in mainstaypro) And Danielle Chuchran should be Johanna Mason, (The girl with the axe in the mainstaypro version of the quarter quell). Mainstaypro has really talented people there!!!!!!!

  353. I heart Hunger games says:

    listen to ahsataN!!!! THEY HAVE TASTE IN PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Choose James Gaisford please!!!!!!!! Put his picture up there!!!!! WHY don’t I see his picture?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

  354. I heart Hunger games says:

    What is this, a Germ????? ——————————>

  355. Mich says:

    well for me DREW VAN ACKER is perfect is hadsome tall the hari don’t care. he got the body ahh the yes please think about it :)

  356. Love You Peeta says:

    I like the look of Armie Hammer, but I don’t think he’s exactly right for Finnick. To me, he seems more fit for the role of a prince, like in Mirror Mirror – not a guy like Finnick. So I think Chace Crawford would be a good bet :) None of the others seem right!

  357. Love You Peeta says:

    Josh Hutcherson as Peeta … nobody could have played the role better. I think that was a perfect choice <3 Love them both! Especially Peeta <3 If only we could find someone apt like that for Finnick :)

    • Katherine says:

      So true. Josh made that role. Same for Jennifer. I absolutely loved her in Winter’s Bone and was so excited when I heard she was going to play Katniss. I think whoever plays Finnick should be the same. It should be someone where you can say that ‘he is Finnick’.

      • Love You Peeta says:

        Yeah, seriously! Jennifer was amazing as Katniss, if only there is someone out there like that for Finnick … well, we’ll have to wait and see! :)

  358. Mrs. Peeta Mellark says:

    I’m voting for Chace Crawford! :) Although I still think there’s nobody perfect enough for Finnick 😀

  359. Cristiano Ronaldo IS Finnick! says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo IS Finnick! He is a famous Portuguese Soccer player for a Spanish Team and Captain of the Portuguese National team. I believe he speaks English very well. He sooo beautiful and TAN….check out his Armani Ad on Youtube you wont regret it!

  360. Veronica says:

    I definitely pictured Finnick as Chris Evans aka Human Torch & Captain America. Hands down, no doubt about it.

    • Rachel says:

      YES!! he might be a little old, but his personality is SO funny and he totally pulls off the tan body. he should definitely be considered.

  361. Mee says:

    Alex Pettyfer may be hot, I think he just doesn’t suite the role of Finnick Odair…
    Finnick should be casted by Suzanne Collins and he should be known as Finnick forever, like Daniel Radcliff will be known as Harry Potter forever and Kristen Stewart will always be Bella Swan.

    • ilinca says:

      I totally agree with you! Finnick’s a really memorable character, so the actor who plays him should be memorable as well :)

  362. bfubd says:

    BENJAMIN STONE we all know he can really flirt up a girl he is so handsome and I imgained him and get over it ALEX is not going to play the part and also I heard that some other dude all ready got the part hes name is up there but i dont remeber but its still not offical

  363. Rachel says:

    Why has Chris Evans not even been considered? He’s funny and hot as hell! and he doesn’t look like he’s 30

  364. Melissa says:

    Some of these choices look way too young to play Finnick. Finnick is 8 years older than Katniss so whoever plays the part needs to look 8 years older than Jennifer Lawerence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson!!! Since they casted those roles older already, Finnick needs to be casted older as well to work, so someone who is late 20s – early 30s!

    Alex Pettyfer, really? He looks good and all but simply can not act well enough to carry off the role of Finnick. Not to mention he looks younger than the other actors already. And Zac Efron? Please keep him far from these movies! There is more to Finnick than looking hot, although I will agree whoever gets the part does need to be drop dead hot and built. I can picture Chris Hemsworth, but not sure they would go that route since Liam Hemsworth is Gale. I also think Chris Evans would be great as Finnick but he isn’t on the list. Aside from them, I like Garrett Hedlund the best.

  365. Lil Ana says:

    Re: bfubd comment,
    Wait, someone already was picked to play Finnick, his name is up there but you don’t remember who it is? Oh, and it’s not official yet!! Why would you even post that! Your kidding right?

  366. IheartHG says:

    look up Hayden Christensen
    he would make perfect finnick, or Jeremy Irvine with blonde hair

  367. katrina136 says:


  368. lexie says:

    JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY JOEY i may be a psychopath {Inside joke} but i vote for joey graceffa! Why you might ask Because he rocks he is awesome and he is super hot but i only want him in catching fire not mocking jay ***SPOILERS*** I dont want him to die!!!!

  369. jasmine says:

    i think tht benjamin stone or ian somerhalder would be great to play finnick !

  370. mariee says:

    Taylor Kitsch’s name is being thrown around to play Finnick.
    Unfortunately, anything Taylor Kitsch does absolutely
    bombs at the box office (John Carter, Battleship)
    so, he shouldn’t even be considered.
    Personally, I’d like Armie Hammer.
    He’s got the deep, sexy voice I imagine Finnick has
    And he has a smokin’ hot bod.
    Plus, he’s an accomplished actor and I think
    he’d be able to portray all of Odair’s situations perfectly.
    You can’t just look for an actor with a pretty face
    He has to actually be able to act!!

  371. mariee says:

    Channing Tatum would also be perfect!!
    He’s got enough spunk to portray the sexy, teasing side of Finnick
    but he can also portray the lovesick, hurting, ruined man Odair is!

    I imagine Anna Kendrick as Annie Cresta!
    Rooney Mara as Johanna Mason.
    Helena Bonham Carter as Wiress.

    I can’t quite place anyone as Beetee just yet…

  372. Steph says:

    JEREMY SUMPTER IS PERFECT!! When I read the book I said to myself, I bet Alex may get this role, but I really think Jeremy is perfect!!!

  373. @kaitypassmore says:

    Luke Mitchell, he is an amazing actor and the ladies will love him. Vote for Luke :)

  374. Zweetcel says:

    My choices would be:
    Zac Efron
    Matt Lanter (90210)
    Grant Gustin
    Chace Crawford* I think he’s the best fit to be honest

  375. Abby says:

    For all of you people thinking someone like Efron, Sumpter, Pettyfer, etc immature guys could pull off such a versatile character, you’re dead wrong, of course.

    Luckily, you’re not the ones to decide…

  376. TheHungerGamesRock!!! says:

    WHO TO VOTE FOR????????????????????????????????????????????????

  377. GrantGustinFTW says:

    I say Grant Gustin all the way. Wehn I read Catching Fire for the second time I had just finished an episode of Glee with him in it and as I was reading the book I immediately thought of Sebastian.

  378. ihatedmockingjay says:

    When I read the books, in my mind’s eye I saw a beefy version of Alex Pettyfer as Finnick, but the role requires and actor with a real ability to portray the levels of emotion and complexity that would come with very difficult life the character of Finnick had. Chris Hemsworth is my favourite, but I think he may be a little mature for it. If Zac Ephron were taller I think he’d be great, but a big part of Finnick’s character is his physical stature, and I think it’s important to stay true to type.

  379. Terrie says:

    Kellen Lutz all the way!

  380. Kendall Mellark says:

    Alex Pettyfer will NOT be playing Finnick. I’ll tell you that right now. He turned down the role. Zach Effron would play an awesome Finnick. Think about it. I mean, Chris Hensworth couldn’t play Finnick really……….in my opinion. Of course, everyone is entittled to their own opinion. But just saying, for all you Pettfer fans, he won’t be playing the role so don’t even get hyped up.

  381. Sarah says:

    Come on guys! I vote for Ian Somerhalder. but i just found out he’s 33 so im mentally scarred for life.


  382. SC says:

    Finnick has “golden skin.” I am pretty sure he is meant to be Latino or Spanish

    • Spencer says:

      I’ve seen a bunch of white people and African American people with skin that could be described as golden so I’m not too sure that’s the defining quality for the role.

  383. nightlock says:

    Garrett Hedlund! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  384. Sarah says:

    Benjamin stone! He’s gorgeous, alex pettifyer is such a jerk!

  385. Marty says:

    There is no disputing that Zac Efron is very handsome and is talented, but he’s only 5’8″, which only makes him an inch taller than Josh, which would make him almost the same height as Jennifer (shorter than her when she is wearing heels for some of the interview scenes) and I just don’t see that playing well on screen, especially in MJ when he’d be side by side with Liam who is 6’5″. He just wouldn’t come across as this tall, muscular, and athletic man who could carry 2 people on his back while trampling through a jungle ( I know that will probably not make it into the movie, but who knows).

    If the character is to be cast with someone who has the stunning quality that Finnick is supposed to have, you should just go all the way and fulfill all the traits that describe him. It’s only my opinion of course, which is only worth 2 cents ;).

  386. lue says:

    I definitely thin its ryan gosling he’s just perfect and zack efron is way too young!

  387. Paige says:

    Doesn’t anyone agree who have seen the Finnick and Annie web series on Youtube think that James Gaisford should play Finnick??

      • ilinca says:

        Yeah, that would be great but he’s too young for the part :'(

        • Lauren Mellark says:

          Remember, 24 year olds may not look their age. Armie hammer is 25 but looks 35. Alex pettyfer is 21 but look 15. So really, there isn’t a certain look you have to have to be 24. For all we know, Finnick could look young for his age. After all, he is supposed to be hot :)

        • Lauren Mellark says:

          There isn’t really a cirtain look you have to have to be 24. Armie hammer is 25, but looks 35. Zac Efron is 24 but looks 18. For all we know, Finnick could look young for his age. After all, he is supposed to be hot. So, I think he would be the perfect finnick, with a little work :)

          • Lauren Mellark says:

            woops i posted that twice… sorry i retyped it because i thought it didn’t post…

    • Olivia says:

      Ok I think he’s perfect for Finnick!

  388. Seal says:

    Garrett Hedlund all the way :)

  389. roro says:


  390. jasmine says:

    benjamin stone <3

  391. Sally says:

    Nathaniel Buzolic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  392. Rebekah says:

    Ian Somerhalder shouldn’t even be on this list. How people keep suggesting is beyond me considering his appearance is the complete opposite of what is described in the book.
    Plus he’s far too short and lanky. He’s only about 2 feet taller than Josh.
    Finnick has to carry Peeta at one point and Ian carrying Josh would look ridiculous because Josh has a bigger build.

    I like the idea of Justin Hartley, Armie Hammer or Jensen Ackles.

    I’d also just like to add that I refuse to watch the movie if anyone from Glee is cast because they’d be destroying my favourite character in The Hunger Games trilogy.

    • Spencer says:

      I think Ian has a bigger build than Josh, but I agree that he wouldn’t be the best choice for Finnick. Personally I endorse chosing Jensen Ackles for Finnick.

  393. Madison says:

    I honestly feel like people are over looking Grant Gustin. The kid is an outstanding actor. I have never watched an episode of Glee in my life, but I came across a short film of his, then I watched some of the clips of Glee. He is an excellent actor, yet he has that natural flow to him that makes him Finnick. (Kinda like how Willow was made for Prim and Amandla was meant for Rue). there’s just something about the way he carries himself, and the fact Gustin really and truly wants the role. That makes me want to slap Francis Lawrence in the face and show him the way. My only problem is he might be a bit too young for the role, Grant is one of those people that you look at and think ehh 18 maybe 19, but then you hear him talk and he persuades you into believing the age he should sustain. I would honestly look over any man over the age of 25.Finnick is supposed to be in his younger twenties.(The best thing I can think of, is even though Liam Hemsworth. and how he looks like he’s 22….. Even though he would never be a good Odair and we already have him as Gale.) Men like Ian Somerhalder shouldn’t even be on there, He’s really no where close to the description of Finnick. Gustin has stated that he wants the role and is more of a fangirl than half the people here, and I’m pretty sure he would push and do his best maybe even better to fill the roles up to his shoes.

    • sarah says:

      Yeah i agree, Gustin would be amazing, he is a great actor, i dont think that he is to young people dont look at the age, as long as he acts great (which im sure he will) it hardly matters how young he is. GRANT GUSTIN!!

  394. Priscila says:

    Yes Every body is voting for the wrong person his either to small or to short
    Jesse Metcalfe look him up his perfect!! For this role he did the movie “John Tucker must die”
    His a brunette but his strong tall and this is a good character that he can pull off. .
    Please choose him. .
    Jesse Metcalfe
    Jesse Metcalfe
    Jesse Metcalfe
    Jesse Metcalfe

  395. Odair you are says:

    Armie is perfect for Finnick guys! I think Taylor Kitsch is kinda old for play Finn and not “hot” enough. And Garret is also kinda old (not so much) for Finn. Armie has all the characteristics to be Finnick: Height, age, skin color, eye color (kinda). The color of Finnick’s hair is difficult to define, but the color of the hair is not a problem for producers. And have you heard his voice? I’ve seen some interviews with him and he has a deep and seductive voice just like Finn. To finish he is a great actor, so for me is the perfect Finnick :]

    • Katherine says:

      I love your screen name! I think of the three Armie is the best choice. I’m not really considering Taylor because he’s not overly attractive and, while Garrett is talented, I can’t see him as Finnick. Armie is a great guy and he’s really good-looking.

  396. Al says:

    I think Ryan Gosling would be a good Finnick. To me Finnick was the one person that everyone would just melt when they saw him. I know he may look a little older than wanted, but his acting skills and looks would make him an ideal Finnick. That’s just my opinion.

  397. Mrs. Peeta Mellark says:

    Okay, so there are quite a few actors people would love to see as Finnick. But what if the actors themselves aren’t interested in the part? None all of these people will go for the role – Finnick Odair might just be someone completely different. It’s very possible!

  398. jayjay says:

    i think logan lerman can play as finnick odair. he’s handsome and he’s not too old for the part.

  399. pj says:

    SOME of them (regardless of their age) look like in their mid-thirties when you look at them. remember finnick is just 24. i think logan lerman would do just good.

  400. jayjay says:

    SOME of them (regardless of their age) look like in their mid-thirties when you look at them. remember finnick is just 24. i think logan lerman would do just good. he’s young(not too young) and he’s handsome. and besides he is the son of poseidon. he looks good with a trident :>

  401. jessa says:

    I’ve watched TVD, and to be honest, I think Ian Somerhalder’s acting is perfect to be Finnick. He knows how to intimidate, flirt and stuff like that. But when it comes to the appearances? No no, he’s way too old. Alex Pettyer of Jake Abel would look good, for me. :)

  402. Hannah says:

    I’m a big fan of Joey Graceffa and I think he’d do a GREAT job as Finnick! He’s a big fan of the series and I think he’s able to embody all that The Hunger Games is meant to be. Plus, he’s gorgeous.

    • ilinca says:

      we can keep guessing, but i’m betting that Lionsgate will pick someone that no-one expected

  403. Debbie Morlan says:

    Something happened to my last post…I hoped this isn’t rigged. Anyway check out NYC actor Justin Tatum at Smith Street Theatre in 12th Night.
    I think Finnick needs to be an unknown actor!!! I’ve seen this guy onstage in Cleveland and he could soooo be Finnick!

  404. Franca says:

    i think douglas booth would be the nicest pick beneath joey graceffa! they’re both really good finnicks,i believe. pleeeaaaase one of them:/

  405. Meap says:


  406. Sugarcube says:

    My TOP 3 choices:

    2. MAX IRONS

    Let me just make case for Jesse Williams here for a second:

    JESSE WILLIAMS for Finnick Odair. !!!

    I wasnt his greatest supporter at all first, but I see it clearly now. I dont know why really, I was thinking of Finnick as a blonde, which he isnt, so not any more. Finnick can be played by a POC, that’s what people need to realize. The author of the book is very open minded, she create a world where all races exist. Jesse Williams does check all the boxes. Green eyes, bronze hair, tan skin and of all the guys being fancasted, I can say in all honest, he is the one who radiates the beauty and mesmerizing effect that Finnick is described to be have, he just looks right. He could even played a 20 year old and Finn is 24. He is a wonderful actor as well. In my mind Jesse is already there as Finnick, he ticks all the boxes. If they can have someone who fits the description so closely and acts well, then they should.

    I think he can do this, Jesse Williams can be Finnick. He is my first choice right now.

    • jayjay says:

      I agree about jeremy sumpter. He can be a good finnick.

    • Kat says:

      Love your list. Max is really good-looking and Jeremy is who I always pictured as Finnick. Jeremy’s perfect! I used to think too that Jesse wouldn’t fit the role because I thought Finnick was blonde, but honestly looking at the other choices out there, he is a lot better looking than the rest of them. Plus he’s talented and his eyes are amazing!I think that if any talented actor wants a chance to audition, go for it. Any person deserves a fair chance and they may do a better job than people think. Perceptions are different for everyone, but no one should be denied a chance to persue the role.

  407. daniela says:


  408. Clary says:

    I don’t really think Alex should play Finnick, he’s been in too many book adaptations, and it seems like whatever book that is being made into a movie people think he should automatically play them. People thought that with Jace from TMI, and I have even heard of people who wanted him to play Peeta. Alex is attractive and muscular so I can see why people want him to play Finnick. But could he play the emotional side that we all grew to love?


  410. naomi says:

    I’m surprised to see wiliam levy in the running to be gimmick I mean can u imagine a Latino finick Prost that would be hilariously awesome anybody with me ? 😉

  411. carol odair says:

    honestly i always imagined Finnick being cite nice sweet but intense james gaisford is perfect i mean just look at the videos on youtune, and plus he is already in tue finnick zone because in tue videos he iscTHE the guy so he already has experience for of being finnick, i just think that no one will ever be as perfect and beautiful as finnick but personally james is the closest one

  412. Aj says:

    Hey there since i read all your comment just let me share what i thougt , for me it must be popular actor, as we see that in hunger games many popular actor like josh,liam,jennifer its just prove that the director newd something really blast! For that movie, dont try to choose actor that has been popular in one movie,like zack eferon his name has been popular since high school musical,or alex pettyfer maybe he will be finnick but after that issue dont you thimk that director will think twice???

  413. Debbie Morlan says:

    Saw him onstage in Cleveland….now in NYC. He would make awsome Finnick!
    Check him out at Smith Street Theatre…click photos, 12th Night and scroll down to Justin Tatum.

  414. Katniss says:

    no! not Alex Pettyfer! he’d be a really bad finnick!
    I like
    1)Matt Bomer
    2)Jesse Williams
    3) Luke Mitchell
    4)Robert Pattinson
    5) Ian Somerhalder
    6) William Levy I’d be happy if any of them got it. But definetly not Alex. He’ll ruin the while movie. He may be a good actor but he’s not a good Finnick,he’ ruin it :( i really hope it’s not him!!!

    • Katnissfan says:

      Thank u Katniss for saying jesse williams on the list but he would totally fit the part of Finnick and when i read the book i imagened him but my friend say taylor lautner

  415. PeetaLuvah says:

    Not Pattison >..< as joshhutcherson said " theyre vampires, were NORMAL people" eww..

  416. katnissfan says:

    u guys are crazy Finnick is tan,musculer! if its not taylor lautner playing the part then JESSE WILLIAMS has my #1 vote Efron second

  417. Tridentlad says:

    Max Irons, he just totally screams Finnick Odair to me. He has to be on that short list. He is stuck in my mind as Finnick than any of the other guys.

  418. Blaze says:

    I found the PERFECT Finnick Odair. This guy is Finnick all round:


  419. jessewilliamsforfinnick says:

    i think jesse williams should definatley play finnick odair. he has the eyes for it, they are positivly gorgeous! he also has the body for him to. the only thing he doesnt have is the bronze hair. that can be changed though.JESSE WILLIAMS FOR FINNICK ODAIR!!!!!!!

  420. ameliaanne says:

    Does anyone else think that Matt Barr (American Pie Band Camp, Harper’s Island) would be pretty perfect for Finnick?

    • Morgan says:

      Yes! I agree completely! I was worried that he wasn’t well know enough to be cast, but hey Jena Malone is Johanna and she co-starred with him in Hatfields in McCoys. His character in H&Mc was practically finnick! Long blonde hair, tan, muscular, and he’s got the acting skills:) Perfect!God, I hope he gets cast as Finnick!

  421. Torzie says:

    I think Chase Crawford, or Joey Graceffa. Crawford looks almost exactly like I pictured him in my head, but when I saw Graceffa’s picture I immediatley thought “That’s Finnick Odair!” Even though they don’t look all that similar

  422. Ela Harrigan says:

    Jeremy Sumpter will be the great choice. His performance on the 2003 version of Peter Pan was most likely as it. Or, he could also be perfect for Peeta Mellark for Mockingjay. Jeremy is very sensitive with his acting. Therefore, he’s a brilliant actor.

    • Marty says:

      I liked Jeremy in Peter Pan, so if he were cast as Finnick I wouldn’t be disapointed. I don’t think they would replace Josh Hutcherson as Peeta for Mockingjay.

  423. Pippy says:

    Garrett Hedlund!

  424. violet says:

    Well I think Jeremy Sumpter will be a great Finnick Ordair!! :)) Because he”s just so dreamy even in peter pan! He is a great actor and by the way he is so hot!!

  425. Darian says:

    I imagine Alex Pettyfer or Grant Gustin playing Finnick Odair.
    It’s a shame that Alex turned down the role though, he would have been a good fit.

  426. Girlwishinshewaskatniss says:

    William Levi should definetely play Finnick! He looks the right age and he’s hot! (Not as hot as Josh Hutcherson though!)

  427. Girlwishinshewaskatniss says:

    Zac Efron would be great, too. He is exactly what I’ve always pictured Finnick to look like as I read the book:)

  428. Marty says:

    Ok, now I know I’m going stir crazy over this whole casting Finnick thing when I’m watching the york peppermint patty commercial and saying to myself…”That guy could be Finnick” lol. I feel like I’m going insane hehe. He is pretty hot though!

  429. Kat says:

    I was watching the Ugly Truth the other day and the guy who plays the doctor, Eric White, is gorgeous. Not sure if people know him all that well but he is very good-looking, wouldn’t mind seeing him as Finnick.

  430. Lexie says:

    Definitely Matt Bomer. He would be a perfect Finnick. Hot, handsome, caring!
    Maybe also Chace Crawford, I think he would fit!
    Alex Pettyfer is too young and nothing like I imagined Finnick would be. Robert Pattinson PLEASE NO! And neither Zac Efron!

  431. jamie says:

    I really, really, really want either Ian Somerhalder or Luke Mitchell. They are both good actors and r both really cute :-)

  432. angie says:

    I don’t know why but I always picture Jake Abel as Finnick. I I think he would be great as Finnick.

  433. Lucy says:

    I think Jackson Rathbone would make an AWESOME Finnick.

  434. Patricia says:

    Just a suggestion: Sam Claflin.

    Age: 25
    Best known for: Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides

    • Robin says:

      Saw him in Snow White and the Huntsman!

      • Patricia says:

        Yes, but he was terribly underused in that movie. He has such potential. He’s got the looks and easy charisma for Finnick’s Capitol persona, but he can also portray the fierce protectiveness and devotion that Finnick shows towards Annie. Sam is an excellent actor and I would love to see him in more films. The idea of him as Finnick came to me out of nowhere, but I stand by it.

        • Robin says:

          Oh I know. I’d love it if Sam was cast as Finnick. Out of the all of the guys, I think he has the most potential and he’s very talented. I had never thought of him as Finnick before but I can see it now.

  435. Regina says:

    The one who sould play the role of finnick! should be grant gustin! he is so peeerfect for the role! or also lachlan buchnaman because is supossed to be blonde , handsome , strong and perfect .. :)

  436. Annie says:


  437. Random Person says:

    Channing Tatum would make the PERFECT Finnick… at least I think so

  438. peeta says:

    this website sucks becuz all the stupid ppl dont know who it should be. CHANNING TATUM!!!!!!!!!!thats who should play it

    • Liza says:

      Oh my god yes changing Tatum would actually be amazing I never even thought of that but he would be great probably wont happen though sigh

  439. Kristine says:

    Nick Roux…everyone look him up. He fit’s the role perfectly.

    • Sara says:

      AGREED! 100% Nick Roux seems like a fitting person for the part, and so does Benjamin Stone! <3

  440. Lyra says:

    Honestly, I would absolutely love it if Jeremy Irvine was cast as Finnick. He was amazing in War Horse (his performance just about brought me to tears) and I think he could do the role justice. He also has a wonderful sense of humor in all of his interviews. For the more popular choices, I wouldn’t mind Grant Gustin, Garett Hedlund, Jake Abel or Hunter Parrish (Why isn’t he getting a lot of votes?) getting cast for the role either. Sam Claflin would also be an interesting casting, based on his appearances in Pirates of the Carribean and Snow White and the Huntsman. So would Douglas Booth, who I’ve been keeping my eye on since he’s in that new Romeo and Juliet with Hailee Steinfeld, and Eddie Redmayne, who is Marius in the new Les Mis movie and was in My Week with Marilyn.

    However, I do think that the director will choose the absolute best actor for Finnick. Honestly, I’ll give anyone a chance. I would even give Alex Pettyfer a chance, although I have to say that I didn’t like his performances in Beastly or I Am Number 4 very much.

    So, let’s just wait and see.

  441. Hannah says:

    Guys seriously!!! Joey graceffa may be no know by all but it would probably mean the world to him so just go check out his YouTube (joeygraceffa) and give him a chance he makes hg parodying and actually acts like gale and finnick it is awesome on my computer but just picture him on the big screen:)

  442. Cassie says:


  443. jettison says:

    Does anyone have a clue?!

    Why should age matter when katniss (jennifer) is in her 20’s, NOT 16 and certainly won’t be anywhere near 17 when catching fire and mockingjay come out.

    Why should eye color matter when peeta (josh) has brown eyes although the books go on and on about peeta’s blue eyes.

    Why should race matter regarding any of these characters. Most of you appear to live is small worlds where everyone looks alike and thinks a like.

    Have some imagination. Get out and see the world.

    And only in American can “teen” books contain so much blood and violence and it takes hollywood to actual tone it down for the movies.

    Wow, just wow.

  444. Milou says:


  445. Aryanna says:

    Alex Pettyfer is the WORST ACTOR!!!!!!!!I know some people voted for looks b/c he is hot im not gonna lie but have you seen “I am number 4″????????!!!!!!!!!!! The i am #4 series (offically called the Lorien Legacies) is my favorite series &i was so excited about seeing that movie and after it i was so pissed i wasted my $$$ &not listen to the movie critics but really he sucks at acting & im happy he isnt going to be in City of Bones(the Mortal Instruments). TAYLOR KITSCH, GARRET HEDLUND or ARMIE HAMMER should have the highest percentage rate.Come on girls look past the face and judge the acting!!!!!!!!!! :)

  446. Rhianne says:

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be great as Finnick Odair. He is so gorgeous. He is 26 yrs old. He is 6’3 ft tall. His eye color are Green\Blue. He is so hot. I saw his pictures on Google and Facebook. I also saw him doing the yoga on Youtube and his interviews. He is amazing. He looks like Finnick Odair. <3

  447. Thea says:

    GRANT GUSTIN would be perfect for this role!!!
    His cute, HOT and has the boyish look that tells “i’m hot and i know it” that fits Finnic Odiar perfectly <3<3
    We need someone new, someone who hasn't been noticed yet, like Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron.. Please don't choose one of them, the hole movie will be ruind..

  448. to make the movie good they need and actor that is well known. that makes other people that may not have even read the books (which in my opinion u shouldnt see the movie if u havent read the books or it wont make any sense) they will see that, say, zac efron or ryan gosling and know that it should be a good movie.

    I think ryan gosling is good but he seems a bit old zac efron is okay.

  449. Leali says:

    Has anybody else every thought of Paul Wesley..? 😮

  450. R says:

    Channing Tatum PLEASE!!!
    He can act Arrogant and Cocky and be emotional
    He is Finnick…

    • sarah says:

      maybe, but wouldnt he be a bit old? what about Grant Gustin?

      • Rachael says:

        I don’t how Channing would be to old, he’s not that old he’s like 32 and Grant is the same age as Jennifer but what do I know
        I think Channing could/would pull it off

    • Sara Eadie says:

      thats a good point Channing Tatum would be great, but he just finished a movie, Magic Mike, do you think he would be willing to do another one right after he just finished a huge one?

  451. Savannah says:

    I think Chord Overstreet would be the Finnick to end all Finnicks. But maybe its just me… (it shouldnt be just me thinking this).

  452. S says:

    JEREMY SUMPTER! He fits the description and he is such an underrated actor!

  453. Mia says:

    Holy crap, there are a lot of really great actor choices. I know I really like the idea of Luke Mitchell from Home And Away because he just seems to fit the role and look the part best compared to all these choices. Although I also think Hunter Parrish, Grant Gustin, Jake Abel, Chris Zylka and Lachlan Buchanan are great Finnick choices. Although the guy I think would be the perfect Finnick isnt listed. I think Craig Horner from Legend of the Seeker would make just an absolutely amazing Finnick. Anyone else agree?

  454. Alysha says:

    Ian somerhalder should soooooooo be him coz he has everything they need.and just to be soooo ov i wanna be in the hunger games as one in district 13. i wanna be an actress and this would be amazing plus i love josh hutcherson. and would love if he could teach me stuff

  455. Okay, so I don’t like any of those. From the moment the Finnick character developed in my head as I was reading him, I picked Iggy Pop.
    Finnick is a built, good looking guy with a tan, light, long hair, and light eyes. He’s had a rough life, having survived a Hunger Games and dealt with an insane girlfriend and prostitution, and he’s OBVIOUSLY older. All of the actors in the lineup look 12 years old. Iggy Pop, in my opinion, would be THE PERFECT Finnick. I don’t know where everyone’s getting this idea that people age gracefully and have no pores or frown lines in Panem. I hate every other option so far. I want something realistic and true to the novel.

    • Mary says:

      … Finnick’s not THAT much older… He’s in his 20’s… (24, I think)

      • T says:

        He’s 24, and he’s supposed to be ‘perfect’. Yes he’s emotionally abused but he is not physically abused, he’s still ‘a pretty boy’

  456. Danielli says:

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen would be great as Finnick Odair. He is so hot. I love his smile. I search him on Facebook to see a lot of pictures and when I saw it. He looks like Finnick Odair!!! <3 He is so hot when he is doing the yoga on Youtbe. He is amazing. So gorgeous.

  457. Emily says:

    Joey Graceffa !!!!! When you watch his youtube videos they are so funny !!! Plus he is super cute !!!!!!

  458. Zelda says:

    ARMIE HAMMER all the way! Hes perfect he has Golden hair and he is handsome, Tall and his voice is perfect also. I think Armie Hammer would play an amazing Finncik and when I read the books thats the only person I thought of!

  459. Tin Tin says:

    Matthew Florida! If they go on true acting chops and the book’s character description then Matthew Florida is the choice: extremely handsome, tall, muscular, and athletic, with tan skin, bronze-colored hair, and “incredible” sea green eyes, making him very popular.

    • HeatherM says:

      Matthew Florida! Yes thank you I’m glad someone knows talent! Mathew Florida is the clear cut choice!

  460. Audra says:

    I’m stuck between Zac Efron, William Levy,and Chris Pine. I think Alex Pettyfer or how ever you spell it, is good looking, but he’s not a very good actor.

  461. Sara Eadie says:

    BENJAMIN STONE!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH I LOVED HIM IN THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE AND HIS ACCENT IS TO DIE FOR!!!! I REALLY WANT HIM TO BE IN THIS MOVIE! I WOULD BE THE HAPPIEST PERSON ALIVE! sorry for the all CAPS but i have to get my point across that he is the perfect part to play for Finnick! i know most people would lean towards Zac Efron, but he has already been in alot of movies (nothing against Zac, I LOVE HIM) but Benjamin Stone would honestly be great for this part! I LOVE BENJAMIN STONE! Honestly everyone on the list is a great contender, but the best choice honestly in my opinion would be BENJAMIN STONE! <3

  462. Laura says:

    i’m stuck between Grant Gustin and Chris Hensworth. Wouldn’t it be great if the 2 brothers (Liam and Chris) were in the same movie! <3

    • Cassie says:

      I’d love it if Chris got the part, but wouldn’t it be a little weird if Finnick and Gale look a little alike?

  463. O says:

    I think there’s a lot more to Odair thab just pretty face (efron, for example) I don’t know if it’s only me, but I think finnick has this strong physical prescence same as katniss, no only the body, and I’m not going to talk about the emotional complexity of that role, just talking about the prescence I think the best options are jensen ackles, garret hedlund or drew van acker (pretty little liars) … All three of them gorgeous, big prescence

    • Melody says:

      I think Jensen could play both the cocky, funny, and extremely sexy role as well as the emotionally broken down role.

      • KJ says:

        I agree, he would be good. He’s great at flirting and also at being vulnerable. So would Jared Padalecki, for that matter. Both are good a emoting vulnerability. Jarod’s got the height and muscles. Can either pull off the swimming? They both have fight training … but not with a Trident, of course.

        Just wishful thinking as I don’t think either are reading for the part due to their schedules.

        • Marty says:

          I agree with you completely!! I’m not sure why more people haven’t voiced an opinion on Jared Padalecki before. He has more than just the physical attributes of Finnick, he has the acting chops to portray him as well.

          Maybe this could sway some minds:

          I wish we could hear some news about who has read for the part instead of all the rumors swirling about who’s in talks. To me that means absolutely nothing.

          • liliaeth says:

            Love Jared, he’s a great actor, but no.

            He has the body, but he doesn’t have the face. Jared is handsome, what he’s not, is a pretty boy, which is what Finnick needs to be.

          • KJ says:

            I gotta think they will be casting someone that doesn’t have all the characteristics described by Collins. She pretty much wrote up a guy of near perfection on one side and near destruction on the other. Let’s review: 1) Famous sea green eyes. 2) Comfortable in a Net, strategically knotted. 3) 24 years old. 4) Career — so, heavy on the training and physcality, well defined. 5) Tall, athletic, with golden skin, and bronze-colored hair. 6) Stunningly sensuous, seductive, flirtatious. 7) Smart, observant, with good instincts.

            8) Unflinchingly deadly when required. 9) Vulnerable. 10) Feels used, but found a way to survive. 11) Suffering mentally/emotionally from years of post tramatic stress. 12) Falls in love with an equally disturbed, mentally disoriented girl. 13) Falls completely into a nervous and mental breakdown. 14) Has to put himself back together again. 15) Finds inner strength for his soul mate. 16) Needs revenge…but knows the odds of surviving yet another round. 17) Strength of character to choose to go again, anyway.

            And someone has to try to CAST an Actor for this role? Someone the audience will ‘accept’?

  464. Katie says:

    Chris Hemsworth or better yet………. William Moseley <3

  465. Jadyn says:

    Garret Hedlund, Armie Hammer, William Levy, or Jake Abel.

    I love Chris Pine, but he’s too old. Same with Chris Hemsworth. And Zac Efron…no. Just no. Also, I love Grant Gustin, but let’s be real here. He’s a barely recognized TV actor. No way is he gonna be in a major motion picture anytime soon.

    • Jadyn says:

      Also there’s no chance that Alex Pettyfer will play Finnick because he already turned down the role!

  466. Grier says:

    It HAS to be Ryan Gosling! He is who I pictured the whole time. He’s seriously perfect for it.

  467. grace mellark says:

    I think Chris Hemsworth should play it he looks younger than he is and he is pretty strong

  468. jillian says:

    how did CHANNING TATUM not make this list??? HELLO!!!!!

  469. Jasmine says:

    JensOn Ackles? Seriously? Learn to spell people! -.-

  470. Lauren Mellark says:

    OMG I WANT ALEX PETTYFER! or zack efron. he should cut his hair first though…lol!

  471. littleboopeephasn'tlosthersheep says:

    I really think Luke Mitchell should do it. He seems the perfect fit. If you watch him on Home and Away or H20 you see he practically lives in water for a start. Plus, he just have the right look. He IS Finnick Odair. When I was reading it, I could never really picture him as any actors or anything, but as soon as I saw someone say he should do it, that was all I could do. I couldn’t picture Finnick as anyone else.
    As for Annie, Rebecca Breeds might be a good choice.
    Johanna, I had always pictured as Mila Kunis. Never anyone else, it was Mila.
    Then with Beetee, the one person I always thought of was your creepy reporter guy from the Hannah Montana Movie. I know that’s weird, but that was me.
    Anyway, LUKE ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  472. Kay says:

    BENJAMIN STONE FTW!He looks just like how I imagined Finnick and could totally play him from what I’ve seen of him.
    Garrett Hedlund is my second pick.
    Zac Efron and Luke Mitchell are really good too.
    Alex Pettyfer and Grant Gustin? I love the guys (esp Grant) but they’re what, like, 2 years older than JLaw?

  473. amira says:

    I always imagine Finnick as Paul Telfer, the guy who played Corporal Damon Werth in NCIS Corporal Punishment. He’d be great-looks the part and can act. Finnick needs to be a really good actor as well as gorgeous. Finnick in the books is funny, vulnerable and damaged as well as ruthless and powerful and physically perfect. I’d rather see someone who isn’t already really well known, than any of these suggestions.

  474. Bailey says:

    Finn<3 ~ Garrett Hedlund
    Annie~ Zooey Deschannel
    Johanna~ Kirsten Bell

  475. game67 says:


  476. Sasco says:

    Nope, none of these look like finnik at all.

  477. smileyprincess says:

    lol justin bieber wld be perfect for the part!!!!!:)

  478. KJ says:

    Watching the Olympic Swim trials. I am thinking Ryan Lochte would make an EXCELLENT Finnick. Obviously a swimmer, built, used to being physical, nice looking, used to pressure…I’m thinking the guy is nearly perfect! Would need fight training but with the discipline of the Olympics…I’m thinking that would be fairly easy for him.

  479. Melody says:

    Hands down it should be Jensen Ackles!

  480. morgan says:

    I think Ian Somerhalder is a great choice. It says that Finnick is supposed to be really sexy, and that all the girls swoon over him. Ian Somerhalder has that stare in his eyes that instantly seduces you!! ha

  481. Adah says:

    i love Zac Efron! But seing Luke Mitchell from H2O just add water. He is also perfect. Watch H2O you’ll agree with me.

  482. Lauren Mellark says:

    Half of these guys look 30…

  483. Lenzel says:

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen is great for Finnick. He is gorgeous and a great actor. He is amazing. I don’t know him before but I saw his name and picture on some previous comments. He is so handsome. Also check this link. You will see all his latest pictures.–999577733ujudTif33_8_XGZkAWz2zkrayZ4hgKrIHz9-

  484. Ravyn says:

    Chris Zylka will always be my choice for Finnick Odair. If you’ve read the books, you’ll agree with me.

    Physically, he is described as being extremely handsome. He is tall, muscular, and athletic, with tan skin, bronze-colored hair, and “incredible” sea green eyes, making him very popular with people in the Capitol.

    Katniss says that Finnick never needed to do anything for sponsors, and that no other tribute could overcome his “natural beauty”.
    Extremely Handsome : Look at that man’s face. Holy hell, yes!

    Tall : Chris is 6ft tall. O_O That answers that question.

    Muscular :

    Tan skin : Perfect golden tan.

    Bronze colored hair : Look at the pic!

    Sea green eyes : Hazel. Close enough.

    Flirtatious : Did you see The Secret Circle. Anyway, you melt just looking in those eyes of his…

    Plus, Chris Zylka is a great actor. I think he would totally take control of Finnick’s character… And just win every single one of you nay-sayers over! I really do! :)

  485. Cassie says:

    I wish they’d announce something already! Seriously, they already have rumors saying that they’ve offered Jena Malone the role of Johanna Mason, so where are the rumors for Finnick? I love Johanna, she’s my favorite character, but I would rather hear who got the role of Finnick. It’s driving me nuts!

  486. Olive says:

    James Ellis (model) would make such a great Finnick! (If you dont know who he is I suggest you look him up)

    • KJ says:

      WOW!! He certainly has the look…as long as he is not bulked up for body building. Hope he visits my dreams tonight! BUT…Can he act? Can he swim? Can he fight?

      Although it doesn’t matter, really. If they have already ruled out Trevor Donnovan, I highly doubt they are looking for others to read for the part.

  487. mikeb says:

    Finnick Odair = Michael Phelps…Think about it!

    • KJ says:

      No! Much rather have Ryan Lochte. He is very handsome as well as great swimmer, well trained, disciplined.

      Phelps is too dorky for Finnick…IMO.


        phelps would be funny, lochte would be pretty good. but chad le clos. seriously after all he is ‘the most beautiful boy you’ll ever meet.’ lol gotta love mr.le clos 😀

      • finnicklover says:

        I totally agree!!!!!!

        • BUFFALOCRAZY says:

          Accually guys sorry to destroy your dreams but the cast list is up and its official, Sam Claflin is play Finnick Odair. You should check him out. He accually suits him well.

  488. Familiar Stranger says:

    Has anyone thought about having Andrew Garfield (from The Amazing Spiderman) as Finnick? If they dye his hair blonde I think he may do really well in portraying Finnick. He has the good looks; but he also is talented as an actor.

  489. Deena says:

    Aaron Johnson (:

  490. Hunger games fanatic says:


  491. Le Person says:

    I want it to be either:
    Ryan Gosling
    Garrett Hedlund.
    They might be a little older, but does it really matter? As long as they can act? Plus, I know a ton of girls who adore both of them.
    Hopefully it’s Gosling though :)
    Gosling: http://katniss–

  492. MADZ says:

    I THINK Alex Pettyfer should play finnick, and if he cant play finnick then Luke should;) he would be my second choice even tho i really want alex!!! :O i hope alex will play finnick! luke is the 2nd person i pictured finnick as…which is kinda go alex and luke!:D

  493. Person u dont know says:

    i was looking through most of the comments and i looked up most people and i think i saw a goodish one hunter parrish but i picture finnick as laykn from the voice australia when i saw him i thought of finnick straight away he would be absolutly perfect for finnick you have to look him up and he is an amazing singer he has to be finnick but his probs mot but if he was that would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  494. clint says:

    First off if zach effron is any character other then just some solider who gets shot in the face i will not go see this movie no matter how much i love the books.

    second off about 80 percent of the guys on this list could never pull off finnick… not sure if people actually read the book but finnick carries peeta on his back for A WHILE and hauls people with him while swimming. Half of these guys look like they could not pick up mags let alone peeta. finnick is a brawny guy not some skinny kid. he is a man. not a boy. not sure why some of these actors are like 19 and 20 lol best two options would be Reynolds or pine, both have the body and looks to pull it off but more importantly they have the humor… and the acting chops to play him when he is breaking down a lil more. but the problem is no matter how much this movie makes they will not pay either of those guys what they would want and hemsworth is way to busy with his movies. I was orig think ryan gossling but then he started blowing up movie wise as well. so my current suggestion is either Christopher Egan or and this may sound wierd but J.T could pull it off I think…. and yes I mean justin timberlake..

  495. Catherine says:

    If only Brad Pitt was younger, lol, anyway out of all of these I think that Garret Hedlund could definitely pull it off, he is good looking and an amazing actor, he can play cocky yet tormented roles which make him a perfect Finnick. While I don’t think that anyone can ever be perfect for Finnick because he is the perfect guy you have to draw the line and I think that Garret Hedlund would be the best. Second choice Armie Hammer, because he has proven himself to be a great actor plus he is a total hottie to look at. :)

  496. RachelOdair26 says:

    Benjamin stone should play finnick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Seriously because

    1. He is 24 just like Finnick!!!!
    2. Hes muscular like finnick but not extremly buff that it is unatractive
    3. He is like the perfect height for Finnick!
    4. He would look so HOT in his underwear!!
    5. He has the perfect hair for Finnick!
    6. He has the perfect facial features of Finnick too!
    okay so i said perfect alot but thats because HE WOULD BE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is my dream cast for Catching Fire:

    Plutarch: Jeff Bridges
    Annie: Elizabeth Olsen
    Johanna:Olivia Wilde
    Wiress: Helena Bonham Carter
    Mags: Maggie Smith
    Beete: Michael Emerson
    Finnick: Benjamin Stone

    So what do u guys think?

    • Kj says:

      I think you are NOT getting anyone in your dream cast for CF.

      Plutarch: Is Phillip Seymour-Hoffman
      Mags: Is Cicely Tyson
      Johanna: Is Jena Malone

      You must be behind on your reading. These are the ones we know with signed contracts.

    • Morgan says:

      My dream cast would be:

      Plutarch: Robert Downey Jr.
      Annie: ??
      Johanna: Jena Malone
      Wiress: Helena Bonham Carter
      Mags: Vanessa Redgrave or Julie Andrews
      Beetee: Michael Emerson (with white hair)
      Finnick: Matt Barr (with long hair)

      • Alexis says:

        You do know that Plutarch is kinda fat? That’s the way they described him in the book, but I seriously think that josh goodman should play Plutarch. And then mags would be the old lady from raising hope.

        • KJ says:

          I think you mean John Goodman if you are talking about Rosanne’s husband in the ROSANNE show. And actually, Cloris Leachman would make a good Mags. She, however, might be offended by the older role. She likes to play things raunchy or blue. Also, Phillip Seymour-Hoffman is a chunky guy, when he is not trying to be Truman Capote. He was the bad guy in MI-3 who tried to kill Ethan’s wife.

    • Demetruis says:

      I don’t know about the rest but Benjamin Stone deserves it he can totally pull it off.

  497. Morgan says:

    Matt Barr! He looks the part when his hair is long, and his character in Hatfields and McCoys was practically Finnick and he nailed it!!

  498. kristi says:

    My casting list would go as follows Finnick 1st choice Benjamin Stone 2nd choice Tim Rozon Annie1st choicce Alexz Johnson 2nd choice Skyler Samuels Johanna1st choice Alyssa Diaz 2nd choice Grace Phipps Maggs 1st choice Deidre Hall Wireless 1st choice Knesia Solo 2nd choice Mandy Musgrave Beetee 1st choice Maurice Benard

    • KJ says:

      Did anyone notice in the Comic Con Day 2 video that Kellan Lutz is now sporting mid-length reddish brown hair? Instead of his normal blue/black short crop.

      Is he audtioning for Finnick? [Please say no.]

      • Cassie says:

        I don’t think so. They said no twilight actors and his name never even comes up for Finnick related news. I got to say though, he was looking pretty hot!

  499. littleboopeephasn'tlosthersheep says:

    Luke Mitchell all the way! Come on, watch his first episode of Home and Away. He wasn’t on screen for more than two minutes before he was running into the water. He is Finnick. He isn’t as well know either in the US so there isn’t as much for them to judge him on before hand.
    His roles in Home and Away and H20: Just Add Water make him perfect.
    Romeo(H&A): Ambition to be a pro surfer
    Will (H20): Practically lives in water so he could see the mermaids.

  500. avery says:

    James Gaisford is the finnick I would love and adore.alex pettyfugly please no his acting reminds me of trashcan and seriously people?zack efron???who the hell let him near catching fire?and sorry but armie hammer is not even handsome and is way too tall!I don’t want finnick to lppk like a giant!someone around 185 alittle more or less would be better james is a very good actor and is very handome he’s 17 but I think that he can totally pass for a guy in his early twenties.GO JAMES GAISFORD!

  501. avery says:

    i meant 185 cm

  502. Rainy says:

    I really wanted James Gaisford or Garrett Hedlund… oh well.

  503. Demetruis says:

    BENJAMIN STONE!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  504. Alexis says:

    Yeah, so I think that Luke Mitchal should play Finnik because, has anyone ever noticed that in the books the way they describe him it’s more of a smooth, hot not a rugged hot, like Chris Hemsworth or Taylor launcher. So yeah Luke Mitchal should definetly play Finnik. XD

  505. says:

    1. Luke Mitchell
    2. Grant Gustin
    3. Alex Pettyfer.

  506. James Manes says:

    Come on, We all that Finnick should be potrayed by Colton haynes

  507. roy says:

    i pefer Micheal Phelps/Lucas Till for this role

  508. Mary says:

    Joey Graceffa should be finnick odair. Look him up on you tube! He’s adorable and has the finnick body. He’d be so upsetif he didn’t win. He’s been rehearsing his adition for a long time he even calls himself Finnick. Please take a few moments and research him on you tube. Then vote for him please!! It would just be 1,000 times better with joey. Exactly who i imagined to play him. :) please???

  509. tabitha says:

    i really think zac efron would be great… i mean the romance and yet his great humor


    all the athletes should be in the Hunger Games:
    Peeta Mellark: Fabian Hambuechen (Germany)
    Gale: Igor Pakhomenko (Russia)
    Cato: Ryan Lochte (USA)
    Marvel: Marcel Nguyen <3 (Germany)
    Beetee: Michael Phelps (lol):D (USA)
    Finnick Odair: PHILIPP BOY!!!! <3<3 (Germany)
    Anyone who is fit and doesn't die: **DAVID BELYAVSKIY!!!!!!!!!**<3<3<3
    Love them all so much…especially david <3

  511. kristi says: nick roux check him out he’s a cutie

  512. KJ says:

    Speaking of Finnick…this may be too racy for this site. It is a picture of Jared P. on the beach in Rio. THIS is what I imagined Finnick looked like body wise. Check it out.

  513. mags says:

    For some reason the whole time I was imagining Finnick as Anthony Kaye, nicknamed BB, short fpr Black Beauty, a model I’ve seen on tv, there’s something about him that makes me thing he’s perfect for it, probably the smug smile plus the incredible body and symetric face, even the nickname 😛

    What do you think?

  514. mags says:

    Sorry if the previous photo is a bit… um… inapropriate. But he fits!

  515. ajp says:

    I just wondering if finnik will be played by max therriot, I don’t know hoe to write it but I guess he is perfect as he played in my soul to take….

  516. t bumblebee says:

    No offense to anyone but I really think Sam Claflin is the perfect Finnick!! He has a beautiful face and a great body. And he seems like he’s tried out Finnick before. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides anyone???? As soon as I saw him in that movie I thought “HE’S FINNICK!!!” He carried that mermaid so I think he can carry Peeta and Mags. And he’s only 27! Finnick is 24. Sam Claflin all the way! :)

  517. t bumblebee says:

    Oops I meant he’s 26….>fail<

  518. littleboopeephasn'tlosthersheep says:

    Sam Clafin has been officially cast!!!

  519. t bumblebee says:


  520. KATIE says:

    Come on have you guys SEEN james Gaisford. if not google him. SMOKING

  521. KATIE says:

    just googled sam claflin. Bllauugh. going to puke. are we making a remix of the hunger games where all the hot guys are FUGLY. cause if was are he is the perfect finick. he is so ugly. i can’t even say he is cute he is bad in every photo.

    i think james gaisford should have been chosen to play finick. now HE his hot

    • Jasmine says:

      u realize that they can actually see this? i think it would be more polite to just say hes not how u pictured finnick! i have to say i really think hes a good actor, just not for finnick. but ill wait until the movie comes out and maybe he’ll surprise me. i want to be an actor, and if i saw a comment like that written about me i think id cry

      • KJ says:

        Jasmine, while I totally agree with your comment(s), I have to say you may not be able to be an actor. Being an actor is ALL about rejection and figuring out how to handle that…without turning to drugs or alcohol…or just having a mental break down.

        Best to work on acquiring humor as a coping mechanism AND a thick skin if you are serious about acting. Human nature is all about finding the weakness of a person and tearing them down. Until that changes…thick skin/humor.

  522. ADVENTURE TIME says:

    alex pettyfer would make an AMAZING finnick he’s handome and looks just like him!
    p.s. william levy is spanish, but he looks like him 😛

  523. VAL says:

    so my sister whose eight wtaches hanna montanna(beeotch) and theres was this episode with this guy in ti hwo immedatley made me think of finnick. hes tall with a justin bieber like dark brwon hair and blueish eyes…… so maybe.

  524. VAL says:

    hunger games!

  525. makaya says:

    Nick Roux should play finnick. Boom! #Genius

  526. Ava says:

    Two words for Zack Efron: NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  527. Clover says:

    Okay, so they obviously need to be a fair bit older than Jennifer Lawrence. Some of them don’t look like a Finnick. In a comment below someone describes Finnick as funny, vulnerable and damaged as well as ruthless, powerful and physically perfect. If you have seen Supernatural, in most episodes Jensen* Ackles displays this traits perfectly. The only issue is that I don’t want people falling in love with him when he’s my baby :'( He’s not very well known because the target audience for Hunger Games isn’t or wasn’t the target audience of Supernatural. Barely no one of my generation actually knows what Supernatural is. Jensen Ackles is also 34 which is a fair bit older than Jennifer Lawerence. I believe he is one of the best options. I love most people there especially Alex Pettyfer and Chris Hemsworth but I don’t see them as Finnick especially Chris as they already have a Hemsworth as Gale. You can never have enough Hemsworth brothers I just think this would look a tad weird…