‘The Avengers’ No Match for ‘The Hunger Games’ Opening?

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With the star power and fan base behind ‘The Avengers‘, it is safe to say the movie is going to be huge. But according to experts, the opening of the blockbuster won’t be able to stand up against that of ‘The Hunger Games‘, especially at the midnight premiere.

The Avengers is going to be big, but it’s looking less likely that it’s going to beat The Hunger Games.

Avengers Thor Chris Hemsworth Hunger Games At least in the early box-office going, and especially tonight at midnight.

With only hours to go until The Avengers‘ long-awaited domestic debut, the Marvel Studios epic has sold out some 1,850 screenings nationwide, according to the advance-ticket sellers Fandango and MovieTickets.com.

At the same point in the run up to its midnight release, The Hunger Games was reported to have sold out more than 4,300 screenings.

The Hunger Games is the year’s top-opening movie, and Hollywood’s third-biggest opener of all-time, with a $152.5 million debut.

While the upper end of guesstimates has The Avengers besting The Hunger Games, as well as reigning opening-weekend champ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, most have pegged the superhero film to open with about $150 million.

If the weekend race for bragging rights could be close, the midnight box-office battle—as the gulf in the sell-out numbers suggest—might not be.

The hot-ticket Hunger Games grossed nearly $20 million in its night-owl debut, and took seventh place among the all-time midnight openers, falling just under a half-dozen Harry Potter and Twilight films.

So while ‘The Hunger Games’ will have the upper hand when it comes to opening weekend, ‘The Avenger’ will probably still pull out a larger worldwide total.

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  1. KatnissMockingjay says:

    The Avengers was the best but The Hunger Games was just world changing. I’m probably like the Hunger Games more but…

    • Dan says:

      The Avengers already doubled The Hunger Games opening day from 42million to 80million and it’s on pace to break 180million wich is ariu 28million ahead of the hunger games 152.2million

    • clark says:

      world changing ? the opening of hunger games didn’t even gardner half the attention avengers is getting here…

      heck, i only heard of that movie when it was coming out… your neighborhhood doesnm’t count as the world you know…

  2. Cara says:

    THE HUNGER GAMES! The Avengers seems kinda stupid. The Hunger games has meaning. Our government is better now and Panem has bad government-so we cant let that happen, try your best, be brave, stand up for what you believe in. The Avengers is good vs. evil. I wonder who will win? It is so hard tto tell. hahaha

  3. PeetaLover!' says:

    Come on guys’ we all now that the HUNGER GAMES WAS THE the movie that everybody was waiting for besides the fact it is NEW! i mean the avenger its kind of a clasic so i thing thats what ost heping the avenger but if we talk about which one is better i thing HUNGER GAMES!’

    • Mario says:

      i don’t think so, the avengers has already grossed 200.3 million and the weekend is not even over and the hunger games only scored 158.9 million so i guess that makes the avengers a better movie….people were lining up about 3 hours before each showtime and i did not see the same with the hunger games!!!

    • Jon says:

      Avengers destroyed Hunger Games in the weekends. And look at the general audiance, already calling The Avengers the best movie of the year. People have been waiting for the Avengers for 4 years. You biased shit, Avengers is the better movie

      • Dan says:

        Ticket sales don’t determine what movie is and isn’t “the best.” If that were the case, then the Academy Awards must be getting it wrong the majority of the time, eh?

        And was the vulgarity really necessary? You can voice your opinion with some class, you know…

  4. Soumya Basu says:

    Keep talking people….
    I guess you already heard the 207.8 mill thing….;)

  5. terence says:

    actually the academy does get it wrong sometimes, like this year

  6. Ella says:

    Oh hilarity in hindsight…

  7. Ben says:

    The hunger games sucked avengers beat the opening in one day and was awesome jennifer lwarence was good in the hunger games though

  8. Paula says:

    I love The Hunger Games and I love The Avengers but i like more The Hunger Games

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