VIDEO: The Civil Wars Pick Their Hunger Games Team: Gale or Peeta

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The Civil Wars had not one but TWO great songs that appeared on The Hunger Games Soundtrack Songs from District 12 and Beyond. They wrote, and recorded Kingdom Come AND worked with Taylor Swift on the song Safe and Sound. Vh1 asked them the infamous question: Team Peeta or Team Gale? Here’s what they had to say:

Civil Wars Vh1 Unplugged Hunger Games Kingdom Come

“I don’t think I’ve chosen a particular team, whether it’s Peeta or Gale. Singer Joy Williams began, before John Paul White swiftly interjected, “I’m Team Haymitch, I’m with Woody(Harrelson).”

Vh1 pressed Joy further but she refused to pick sides,

“What I do love about it is that the characters are so flawless, everyone of them. Which makes each of them so human, and so accessible. So, I couldn’t sat I prefer one of them over the other.”

They also have a discussion about ‘The Hunger Games‘ Soundtrack and writing their song ‘Kingdom Come‘, which you can check out below:


And watch their amazing performance of ‘Kingdom Come‘ from Vh1’s Unplugged below:


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