The Disney Hunger Games

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If you’re a lover of both Disney and ‘The Hunger Games‘, you’re in luck!

Take a look at this incredible artwork of Disney Characters as Hunger Games Tributes by blastedgoose. They have all been assigned Districts in preparation for the Disney Hunger Games, take a look at the artist’s description below.

Who do you think would win the Disney Hunger Games? Tell us in the comments below!

Disney Hunger Games

District 1 (Luxury) – Aladdin & Jasmine

I had to choose characters who represented luxury, at the same time intimidating enough to be Careers. With themes like greed & temptation (Cave of Wonders) and Aladdin’s misguided notion that love be won with power and riches, they seemed to be a good fit.

District 2 (Masonry) – Shang & Mulan 

Shang and Mulan is the only Disney couple who are both military trained, so it makes sense they belong in the District that specializes in weapons and Capitol soldiers. Also, I can def see them as Careers.

District 3 (Technology) – Milo & Kida

Who else imagined Beetee to look like Milo in the books? I did! I know Atlantis isn’t one of the more popular movies, but Milo and Kida fit in so well that I couldn’t leave them out! Plus the movie’s steam punk vibe totally fits the HG!

District 4 (Fishing) – Eric & Ariel

Need I say more?

District 5 (Power) – Hercules & Meg

Power has a triple meaning here. In the books, it refers to electricity, which goes hand in hand with the God of Thunder’s son. The second meaning is physical power, which Hercules possesses. Thirdly, the movie is all about the power of love, which is what drove Meg to sacrifice her life for Herc, and vice versa.

District 6 (Transportation) – Naveen & Tiana

I thought of transportation here in an abstract sense. Of the Disney movies, the Princess and the Frog was the one that focused most on the concept of journey: the literal journey from the town to the Bayou and back, the emotional journey from ambition/greed to love, and the transformational journey from frog to human.

District 7 (Lumber) – Tarzan & Jane

I know lumber comes from the forest and Tarzan is set in the jungle but SHUSH! It fits okay???

District 8 (Textile) – Charming & Cinderella

Cinderella is basically a story about how a maid snagged a prince because she was wearing a nice outfit. Textiles = cloth = outfit. So there.

District 9 (Grain) – Beast & Belle

This was the hardest to place. Beast and Belle fit NONE of the Districts, but they fell into the category of “how angry fans would be if I didn’t include him/her.” I tried to justify it by thinking that grain = seed = rose? Contrived but there you go. By the way… in this world, Beast is a muttation. When he was a child, he was affected by some radiation or whatever, but it only affected his physical appearance so he’s still eligible to compete in the HG.

District 10 (Livestock) – Quasimodo & Esmeralda

Nothing too deep…I thought of Esmeralda’s goat and that was enough for me. Why not Phoebus? Because I hate him.

District 11 (Agriculture) – John Smith & Pocahontas


District 12 (Mining) – “The Prince” & Snow White 

The dwarfs were miners! Close enough! Oh and here’s some trivia for you. People think Cinderella and Snow White’s princes were both named “Charming” but actually, SW’s prince has never been referred to as such. He’s simply “the Prince.”

I love it! So, who do you think would win the Disney Hunger Games? Would you have placed the ‘Tributes’ in different districts? Tell us in the comments below!



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  1. Thalia says:

    Oh that’s hilarious

  2. Stanley says:

    Beast has teeth and claws. Not to mention he is twice the size of everyone else and as such has the ability to tear them all to shreds within a matter of seconds. I rest my case.

    • SilverMockingjay says:

      i luv ariel and Eric!! and Tiana And Naveen

    • Haley says:

      Thank you! Some one understands! Haha everyone in my class calls me Stanley and I don’t know why. But Stanley is a cool name so I’m fine with it. Haha

    • Sydney says:

      This is so awesome but i believe they left out rapunzel and SLEEPING BEUATY COME ON HOW CAN YOU FORGET HER!!!!!! Go BEUTY AND THE BEAST!

    • Marcus says:

      Tarzan has taken down things bigger and as strong (if not stronger) than Beast. He has faster reflexes and is going to be more resourceful. Looking beyond the movie and into the cartoon series. But Jane is alright.

      But Hercules is the strongest here (unless we are using his human-made form instead of the demi-god).

      Mulan and Shang are a really great pair; they can work with multiple weapons including bows (which Tarzan lacks the use of), both are resourceful soldiers and well-trained. But they’d be hard-pressed against Beast, Hercules, and Kida.

      Aladdin and Jasmine are also a really good pair, but I’d put Mulan and Shang a step ahead.

  3. Karalee says:

    This is really cool, Ithink beast would win I mean look at him.

  4. Analea says:

    Human-wise (AKA not Beast or Hercules), Mulan or Shang would probably win, because they’re practically the only ones who can use weapons well. Milo would probably have a good chance if he didn’t get into any combat, since he’s a genius. As for who would die first… definitely Snow White or Cinderella.

  5. Kari says:

    i think it was perfectly put together

  6. Anastas says:

    I think that Shang or Mulan would win. They are both skilled in swordplay which is one of the weapons seen in the games and they are also skilled at hand to hand combat.
    who would die first in the initial bloodbath would be the prince, charming, cinderella, and snow white.

    • Nicole says:

      Um. Ya. Completely agree with that one. Cinderella is too…greedy, you could say? I dunno. She’s never had an opportunity like that, so it makes sense. Now, Snow White snuck into a tiny little house and lived there without the dwarves knowing… I rest my case.

  7. Kathrine everdeen says:

    HAHAHAHA..Very creative…!!!! LOL…

  8. dfsdf says:

    i think the top 4 will be: Shang & Mulan,Hercules & Meg,Beast & Belle,John Smith & Pocahontas!!

  9. Softball4ever says:

    Wow it’s amazing! Love how the princesses are in there! I would so watch this hunger games! 😀

  10. Awesomee says:

    Honestly for me, I’ve kinda imagined Pocahontas to be from District 12 because of the Seam and Katniss hunts….. Definatly the top 5 Districts would be District 9 because Belle is very smart and is like the only princess who reads, and the Beast beacause he can scare a lot of people away. District 7 because they know how to survive. District 5 because Hercules is powerful and strong and Meg would make an awesome Foxface. District 2 because both the tributes have actually been in combat before, and have been training like Careers. District 11 because they are awesome!!!:D

  11. 4everMinnie says:

    Ariel looks evil

  12. Awesomee says:

    P.S. Ariel looks evil:O

  13. Andrea says:

    I think Tarzan would win when it came to survival skills, but in fighting hercules would win since he’s part god and all that

  14. Mariah says:

    Haha that’s so cool ! It would be awesome if they’d make a Disney Hunger games -movie :DD

  15. Mandy says:

    I believe the prince in Snow White is named Prince Phillip.

  16. Arctic says:

    Awesome I have to say either Mulan or Herculeus would be the victor.

  17. Jane says:

    I think it would be Belle or Jane would win.

  18. Claire says:

    Would Ariel have a tail? If she did then she could do well maybe even win as long as she could get to the water before she was killed. If not, she has as much a chance of winning as Cinderella.

  19. Alex says:

    I think districts 2,5 and 9 have the best chances to win, but districts 4,8 and 12 would probably die first

  20. Nick says:

    What I think would happen is:

    Milo (3), District 6, Jane (7), District 8, Belle (9,District 10, John Smith (11), and District 12 would die in the bloodbath, or towards the beginning. (I judged by their skills/characteristics). And then I think District 1, Kida (3), District 4,and Megara (5) would die towards the middle (Judged by their skills/characteristics again).

    I think someone from District 2 could win because they are “trained to kill”.

    I think Hercules could win because of his amazing strength.

    I think Tarzan could win because of the skills he has, and he has lived with Gorialls and everything.

    I think the Beast could win because he is strong.

    And I think Pocahontas could win because she probably has good stealth and tracking, and she would be able to hunt for her food.

    But out of those six, I would want Pocahontas because she is just awesome 😀

  21. Amelia says:

    You are amazing. I’m District 9. My favorite Disney princess is Belle. YES!!!!!!! I think Pocahontas would win. If not her, Mulan. Girl warriors kick butt!

  22. Tirzah says:

    i think beast would win…

  23. allyse says:

    i imagine someone like tarzan winning or pochahantus oir how ever u spell her name. but because they both can hunt and climb trees and know how to survive in the wild

  24. justusinfinity says:

    Cinderella would win. I bet she would pull a Johanna Mason

  25. caroline says:

    I couldn’t choose who would win but “Prince Phillip” as someone said earlier was Snow White’s prince. I think he is Auroura’s prince.

  26. peeta lover says:

    im sorry but i just cant amagain snow white as katniss . im sorry

  27. yukillofffinnick says:

    distrect 12 or 3 or 4 always. and i dont really think beast should be in the games because hes not all that human but he could be a mutt from the capital that tries to destroy them.




  31. Emmyb01 says:

    I think Pocahontas and John Smith should be district 12 because pocahontas can do archery and John smith can probably cook . Plus Pocahontas has a darker complex of skin just like Katniss said the seam people have dark hair and dark skin just like Pocahontas, and John smith has blonde hair like Peetea does!

  32. Emmyb01 says:

    Oh and I say go Huercules and Meg!!! I think there going to win because Hercules can defeat a three headed monster with more growing heads!! There going to win!! Oh and Alice from Alice in Wonderland should be Prim!!!

    • sarah blake says:

      I totally agree with you that alice should be Prim. she is so innocent, sweet, and delicate like prim is supposed to be. Plus, she has blonde hair!

  33. zeus says:

    whoa.. snow white as katniss. lol.. both can talk/sing to birds. nice

  34. Cassie says:

    Tarzan would SO win. :3 I can just see it.

  35. maryrocks2 says:

    i agree with dfsdf!I do not think the beast would win because everyone thinks he big and would really kill but no he just a sweetheart same with tarzan they would never win but like katniss the hunters {not 5-12}
    2,3,4 would win!! 11 sweethearts.
    soooo yeah i would definetly watch the disney games {:

  36. maryrocks2 says:

    I do not think the beast would win because everyone thinks he big and would really kill but no he just a sweetheart same with tarzan they would never win but like katniss the hunters {not 5-12}
    2,3,4 would win!! 11 sweethearts.
    soooo yeah i would definetly watch the disney games {:

  37. camryn says:

    i think mulan or shane orr beast or pocahontas because she basically lives in the wilderness

  38. Nora says:

    Anyway I think pocahontas will win but it all depends on the areana

  39. Wyvern says:

    A jungle IS a forest, you know… a tropical rainforest. In fact, the trees in a rainforest are *bigger* than in a regular deciduous forest (more water means more growth), so it’s a good source of lumber — mahogany and teak come from tropical plants, for instance.

    Anyhow, I think you’ve come up with neat connections here.

  40. allyse says:

    ugh i can just see cinderella doing an elevator strip… ew…disturbing :/

  41. Violet says:

    Out of the females I think Belle would win as she is very intelligent.
    Out of the Males I think Beast as he is atleast 3 times bigger and stronger then anyone there and in the movie he has awful anger issues and i think belle and beast are a perfect combo of intelligence and physical power.
    What she lacks in muscle she makes up for in brains and for what he lacks in brains he makes up for in muscle :)

    ( I instantly shut out hercules and meg as he is a god and it is completly unfair to put a god amongst mortals, very silly to put them there I think you should have put Sleeping B and Phillip instead. )

    • Elle says:

      I don’t see why because Belle would never fight and Beast even though he seams like he has anger issues but he actually really never wants to fight. If you want to go for a brainy perspective pick Mulan because not only can she use weapons but she is intelligent and can think up plans very quickly.

      • May says:

        A lot of people think that belle is really smart because she reads but so do some of the other princesses. And anyway she only reads romance novels which don’t really teach you anything.

  42. Kate says:

    lol nice tinkerbell pin 😀 😛

  43. Sam says:

    First, I wanr to say that Ariel is my favorite princess, but Pocahontas comes at a close second. I loved the work. The creaful job, but I do have one objection;
    Pocahontas should be in districte twelve because she is the most like Katniss. She’s a Native American Princess so she can obviously hunt (though she does gather like Rue–shoutout to Rue. So sorry you had to die. You were a huge part of the Hunger Games and that didn’t come across as strongly in the movie. I wanted to kill President Snow right then and there).

  44. Sam says:

    I wanted to add that Pocahontas is also the disney character who is the poorest–yes Cinderella is basically a slave but her step-mother is rich. Tiana doesn’t have hardly any money but nothing beats being Native americen. They didn’t use money and they lived inside tepees which are basically material wrapped around sticks with no floor; John Smith also looks alot like Peeta-just saying.

    (Either the Beast or Shang would probably die like Cato because of their strength and lack of brains–I mean compared to the other characters). Rue might be like Jane because of her small size and ability to climb trees.

    • Mulan4lif says:

      I think the beast might mostly be like Thresh because once again he’s strong but has a good hurt. If its climbing trees, Tarzans defiantly your guy lol.

    • Bianca says:

      Shang doesn’t have any BRAINS??? What are you talking about? He is the general of an army for God’s sake, and he and Mulan are the smartest characters on the list.

  45. Amanda says:

    Omg love this idea should so b a movie I can see this in my head I bookmarked this site I love it so so so so so so so ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  46. sarah blake says:

    I love this idea and I think Pocahontas might win although it would be a close call. You should e-mail Suzanne Collins this idea(author of The Hunger Gamse). I bet she would love it even though you would be technically using someone else’s characters. I would love to see this made into a movie!

  47. Annaliese says:

    I think Hercules and Meg has a chance to win, You know, Hercules is a Demi-God but I think Beast and Belle will win, Beast can turn Hercules into pieces before Hercules can use his powers, And I agree, Cinderella and Charming has no chance of winning, even through Charming is a Prince and surely is train for battles, he can’t compete with Beast and the others, Same with Snow White and Prince.

  48. Viera says:

    Woah! I have never seen Disney characters more angry! Good job on the editing. By the way, I think that Mulan and Shang would win (if it were the 74th Hunger Games and Seneca had changed the rules) or if only one tribute could win, it think that it would between Mulan, Shang, or the Beast

  49. Viera says:

    If gaston were eligible, he would totally be a career/volunteer

  50. WinkleSniggleflark says:

    Beast and Hercules need to be disallowed they have an unfair advantage, not being human. Never underestimnate Snow White. She escaped and Evil queen and made very valuable allies in the mean time. She also has the animals alongside so I think that even the Mutts could be swayed her way. I think she would be a silent killer.

  51. Nicole the cat says:

    This is awesome! I think the beast would win and Cinderella would die first

  52. Looksorn says:

    where is my dearest Aurora? T.T

  53. Lindsey Broome says:

    Okay so snow whites’s prince does have a name it is Ferdinand. The only prince named charming was Cinderella’s prince. The Beast is actually named Adam too.

  54. Loreley says:

    I think none of them would kill because they are kind and gentle, but if they were raised to be prepared to kill, then… they would.
    Maybe Kida or Hercules would win…but Pocahontas knows everything about nature and she can jump and climb from tree to tree, like Rue, but if John Smith dies – she would commit suicide.
    I agree, Cinderella would die first. And Snow White. That’s for sure.
    But I would be fan of the Mulan and Shang pair and I would like them to win.
    Oh My Gosh, how many words. For nothing xD

    • cccccccc says:

      They would all join hands and sing a song right NOT. Its the hunger games really? But if they did that it would be quite a show for the capital. But i think the princesses would be that way exept arial

  55. Nobody says:

    Tarzan and Jane would so totally have one in book one.

  56. Tommy j says:

    I think bell and the beast should have been district 11 cause thresh is huge and rue is like this week fragile girl.

  57. Olivia C says:

    Mulan would win, because ehe can fight and she is clever, and snow white would die first because she sucks.

  58. Catherine says:

    I think (hope) Mulan would win. She is clever and strong (c’mon she beat that massive pure muscle hun guy with only a paper fan, you gotta admit that’s impressive) as well as having a nice personality so she would probably get a lot of sponsors :).

    I agree with most people that either Snow white (yeesh she couldn’t even tell that an apple that obviously had the shape of a skull was poisoned, how on earth would she survive in the arena!?) Or Cinderella would be the first to die, they and the princes don’t have any skills or experience with ex. Going without food for days, had to hand combat or surviving in the wild, they’d probably end up like the district 8 girl..

    Pocahontas would prob. do pretty well, she knows what berries to eat and how to defend herself against animals etc. but she is not strong enough to defend herself against other tributes and yes, if John where to die she’d probably kill herself or something.

    Beast would probably be kinda like Thresh, a loner on his own little slice of the arena. He would have a physical advantage but he’s not very likeable in any way so he would probably not get a lot of sponsors :/.

    I’ve always imagined Esmeralda being sort of like Rue, she’s agile and has shown to be a good climber (So is Quasimodo) and pretty smart so I’d say she’d probably end up in the middle.

    Milo is smart and would probably either survive a couple of days, or be killed trying to fight it out at the cornucopia. Kida however could make it to the top ten, she can fight and so on and I think would be kinda like foxface :).

    Hercules is strong, but too nice and would be overestimated. Naveen and Tiana would not last 5 minutes and would be among the first to die. Jasmine and Aladdin are a great pick for district 1! I think that they would end up kinda like Glimmer and Marvel with Jasmine dying fairly early and Aladdin somewhere in the middle.

    Phew.. My fingers hurt.. Anyway that’s just how I imagine it! :)

  59. Stephen says:

    I thInk that Cinderella could win because, she started off almost as a slave, serving not satin for days. But the most important part, she is smart. Btw I really wish Alice from Alice in wonderland was on this list as something like district 7 or 10

  60. mj says:

    i think pocahontas would win!!!!!!!! where is meardila????? she can shoot a bow and arrow like katniss!

  61. SilverKitten says:

    You should make a District Thirteen. I dunno, maybe. . .someone.

    I dunno. Then again, they never really had tributes.

  62. SilverKitten says:

    Wait. . .I’ve got an idea. Reread the book with this on the screen, and put all the manes in the right place.
    (lol meaning snow white and the prince would win O_O that shoulda been Merida I agree with mj)

  63. SilverKitten says:

    So basically, Aladdin kills Pocahontas, and then gets killed by Snow White. Shang gets eaten alive by wild mutts. Megara eats poison berries that The Prince leaves lying around (sounds more like Snow White’s death to me. . .). Oh yeah, almost forgot, Snow White blows up the supplies, so Shang freaks and kills Milo. Weird. But cool.

  64. Sabrina says:

    I think Hercules and meg would win because they have power

  65. Laila says:

    megara or esmeralda! i think the most underestimated one comes out stronger (like katniss). esmeralda is the quiet/smart/strong type that would keep to herself. they’re both independent. but katniss is kind of shy and ends up being the face of the rebellion, so meg or esmeralda could probably shock people. megara sacrifices her own life for hercules just like katniss for prim and peeta. :)

  66. raina says:

    Well I believe Cinderella will die first because what experience has she had with killing. I think snow white will win because in once upon a time she kicks butt.

  67. raina says:

    The last one to die will be Hercules

  68. Sophia says:

    i think aladdin would go pretty far but not win bc he can run and fight a little but not like mulan and shang or hercules. but considering hercules is a god, idk if that would even be fair, unless he was dropped into the river Styx and couldnt get out.

  69. CoolGirl123 says:

    Mulan, Kida, Megara or Pocahontas

  70. CoolGirl123 says:

    Snow White is great pick for Katniss because she had an apple and Katniss used an apple to set the mines off.

  71. Mylaervain says:

    Mulan. Come on… What is more terrifying than sending a landslide after a bunch of huns? She trained in the chinese army!

  72. cccccccc says:

    I think aladin tiana and milo would die first then all the princesses. Arial and kida would get in abatlle in the water and kida would win but then pochahontis would sneak up on her an stab her. Shang and mulan and Hercules and meg would be the gang of careers. Tarzan would getkilled by the careers and jane would hunt them down and kill them all exept hercules. Belle would pick up a bow and be a katniss with her witts she would win exept beast would tragic ly die and she would go cokoo crazy.

  73. andrea says:

    I think beast and bell wiil win the games!!!

  74. Eric says:

    I seriously think Tarzan could win, he took a gorilla down with his bare hands

  75. Lilwen-district12 says:

    Moi je dis Mulan et Shang.

  76. Aracelly says:

    I think Milan and Shang

  77. theAdvenger says:

    Alright, personally I think that tarzan would win. Let’s be honest here, beast would be no threat to tarzan as tarzan (in the book) killed A FULL GROWN GORRILA WHEN HE WAS TEN YEARS OLD WITH A SMALL HUNTING KNIFE. And let’s not forget that Aladdin beat Hercules in a episode of Hercules that I saw a long time ago. Aladdin in turn is no match for Tarzanwho by the way (in the book) killed a lioness with his bare hands please reply if you think I am right.

  78. Nick says:

    Firstly, just because someone isn’t like Katniss doesn’t mean they can’t be from 12. Secondly, through Hercules is a big physical threat, he would be stupid enough to pull a Foxface and eat nightlock by accident. Thirdly, Beast may be large and threatening but Katniss very easily took out the mutant dog things (sorry, the name escapes me) very easily and the same can be done with Beast. Fourthly, Tarzan may be able to survive, but do to his upbringing, he won’t be able to win a fight against an armed opponent, he will protect Jane to the death, and he will not back down from a fight. I can’t pick a winner because I can’t say for sure how each of them will behave, but I do have a top 6.

    They are:

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