The Five Scenes to Watch for in The Hunger Games Movie

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My Hunger Games - Movie Still

The folks at Hollywood Gossip have listed five key scenes of The Hunger Games movie, that they say will define the film.ย 

We’d love to know which scenes you’re most looking forward to.

Here’s the list:

A Capitol event. According to reports, the scenes shot in the Capitol for the opening ceremonies of The Hunger Games will be nothing short of epic.ย  Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss dons a dress made of flames, courtesy of Lenny Kravitz as her stylist, Cinna. The visuals are said to be out of this world.

Katniss-on-Peeta action: As part of an ongoing saga, Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson get their mack on while in the arena. Do we need to say more?

Hemsworth hunts. Peeta, schmeeta. Some of the hunting scenes featuring Gale show Liam Hemsworth at his ripped finest. Great casting, THG.

Awesome Effie: Elizabeth Banks steals every scene in her pink-wigged, diva-like glory, bringing to life one of the books’ most colorful characters.

RIP Rue: Katniss’ BFF, played by youngster Amandla Stenberg, does not make it out alive, leading to a poignant scene in which Kat adorns Rue’s body with flowers, then sings alongside her fallen comrade’s body. Amazing stuff.

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  1. Khiya Hillyard says:

    i aggree with almost everyone except Effie. Yes we all wanna see Effie in that wig but common i think we would all rather see Haymitch as the drunk, amazing mentor he is. Maybe most importantly the scene where he is so drunk at the reaping that he falls off the stage. :)

  2. Sarsie says:

    I agree with all of these moments, can’t wait to see Peeta and Katniss chemistry, lol! I’d also like to add the reaping scene to the list, that’s SUPER important and i’d love to see them get the tone of that one right!

    My big thing though is how ‘adult’ this series is going to be…THG hasn’t been rated yet, right?
    I mean the novels are pretty dark and in parts quite graphic, and for me that’s part of the appeal, a YA novel that’s not all fluff, one that shows the sheer horror and heartache of war, juxtaposed with the fact it’s children being forced to participate in these games.
    Now, I really wouldn’t expect them to rate it R or anything like that but I’ll be seriously let down if Lionsgate don’t stay true to the atmosphere of the novels and instead make it child friendly in a bid to be more commercial! This is a dark series, I hope the films respect and reflect that!

  3. Emma says:

    Agreed. I have no doubts that this is going to be an amazing film. I see all of what they have shown us and all I can say is wow. I know they will do awesome and I know they will get it right.

    I have to say I am most excited for the Peeta and Katniss scenes because I love Peeta and I love romance. I usually hate cheesy romance but in the books I didn’t care how cheesy it was I thought it was so freaking cute! And who wouldn’t want to see Liam Hemsworth doing some butt kicking because the last movie I saw him in he was sucking Miley Cyrus’ face of and I don’t want to go through that again. Now I’m really excited for the river scene when Katniss finds Peeta. Why? Because I love how Peeta is trying so hard to get Katniss to kiss him and because Peeta has abs. Need I say more?

  4. Mrs. Mellark says:

    The director promised he’d make it PG-13 for the teenagers.

  5. Mrs. Mellark says:

    PEETA SHMEETA!?! WHAT THE ******* HECK? WHO WROTE THIS?!? MORE LIKE PEETA PEETA!!!!!! STUPID GALE!!!!!!!! Let me guess. The author of that list is obviously team gale. AND I’M OBVIOUSLY TEAM PEETA!!!!!!

  6. Emma says:

    @Mrs. Mellark haha I never noticed that peeta shmeeta. And I have to admit although I am a die hard Peeta fan I am excited to see Gale because they are both hot of course Peeta is way hotter and I would just like to say I like both Gale and Peeta I just like Peeta ten millions times better.

  7. PEETA! says:

    i agree with @Emma, im a die-hard peeta lover, theres no other way to describe it. and they totally blew it that rue dies for people who didnt already know

  8. Sarsie says:

    @Mrs. Mellark PG-13!? Really!? Ugh, that sucks SO HARD!!! Who read THG and thought it’d make a charming childrens movie?
    Okay, i’m gonna try and reserve any judgement despite being pretty bummed out now….boo! But I agree TEAM PEETA ALL THE WAY!!!!

    Lol, PEETA! You’re so right, I didn’t even think of that! Glad I’ve read the novels, I hate spoilers!

  9. PEETA! says:

    if they did this movie exactly how the book is, it could easily be R but im almost fourteen so i wouldn’t be able to go see it with just my friends and not my parents unless it was PG-13 of course. I just hope they don’t screw it up and make it all hapy and pretty cuz if you barely even think about it, its completely the opposite but suzanne helped write the script so it should and will hopefully be identical

  10. canuslunar says:

    I’m really looking forward to the girl on fire and rue’s scene. this movie will be great I know it! <3

    -Team Peeta :)

  11. Leesha says:

    They better not screw this up. I hate watching bed/sex scenes, its just like mild pornography. In the book there was no scene, and in the movie there shouldn’t be a scene. If they put a scene in there, it takes out the whole atmosphere of how it was in the book and it takes away the innocence of Katniss and Peeta completely.Its enough watching kids kill each other brutally, but having THAT in there would totally ruin it for me. I mean, they’re in an arena fighting for their lives and could be attacked at any moment and theyre doing THAT. It doesn’t make sense. Kisses are fine, but THAT…no way. Plus, in the first book she barely knows him, and they’re supposed to be only 16! Please don’t make this another Twilight movie. The story is completely different from Twilight.

  12. Leesha says:

    The majority of people who read the books are under 18. (kids) They shouldn’t be placing stuff like this in their minds.

  13. Katniss Mellark says:

    @Emma well everything you say I agree to! lolz I’m also so excited for those costumes Cinna designs!! Also the moment when Rue dies is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAHH!!!!! and PEETA !!! and PEETA AND KATNISS !!! and GAlE SHOOTING THINGS !!! I will scream everythime something I remember from the book happens (the whole movie)… well hopefully that doesn’t happen. OMG HAYMITCH!!! OMG U GUYS I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF ANY LONGER!

  14. Katniss Mellark says:

    Who sucks at typing, me. *every time
    I guess I get to excited sometimes… xD

  15. Emma says:

    Guys I’m so excited I’m going to explode!!!!! I’m going to b tapping my dad saying “Hey dad look that happened in the book!”

    @Katniss Mellark yay we agree!!!! Haha I’m so freaking excited I’m going to die!!!!! 186 days left 186 days left so close yet so far!!!

  16. GirlWithThePearl says:

    OH PEETA AND KATNISS!!!!! I totally agree with the five above, here are my 7….(CAUSE SEVENS A LUCKY NUMBER!)
    1.) Katniss volunteering for Prim/saying goodbye to her family.
    2.)When Peeta announces that he likes Katniss during his interview.
    3.) When Katniss shoots the arrow at the gamemakers.
    4.) When Katniss enters the arena for the first time = EPIC
    5.) Tracker Jacker scene!!
    6.) Katniss drugs Peeta.
    7.) The berries…the berries? OMG YES THE BERRY SCENE!! HULLLOOO!!!!!!

  17. Katniss Mellark says:

    @GirlWithThePearl YES!! But you forgot Rue’s death and them being chased by the muttations. ๐Ÿ˜› those are unhappy moments but are sooo good!

    OMG AHHH i am going to die!!! @Emma I shall explode as well.

  18. Emma says:

    Guys the best is going to be all the scenes where Peeta pulls the moves on Katniss! I’m not even Katniss and I was blushing. haha

  19. Hayley says:


    there was sorta a scene in catching fire, but it didn’t get serious. Like it said

    “I found it hard to look at Peeta. Maybe it was all that kissing last night.”

    I mean, it’s kinda hinting they might have, but idk. that’s how i saw it.

    Gale’s not dumb!!!!!! I LOVE gale! (I’m still Team Peeta, though) it will be awesome to see him not making out with Miley Cyrus. I HATE Miley Cyrus. She doesn’t deserve Liam…

  20. Hayley says:

    The move?

  21. Emma says:

    @Hayley The moves means he is flirting with her. Second of all they never were being all gross and notty they were making out and its one page before she says that.

  22. Emma says:

    @Leesha stuff like what?!!! The Hunger Games is not violent. You should read The Lovely Bones and then tell me how you feel, okay? And what kids? You do realize that kids don’t read these books. I’m pretty sure kids wouldn’t even understand what is going on.

    The innocence? The innocence of what? It’s a bunch of kids going all killer crazy there is nothing innocent about it. And why the heck would they put a porno seen in there? Because you know when I go into and all out war to fight to the death and I am with the guy I love the first thing I want to do is totally have a love scene.

    I don’t mean to be rude but I have nothing to agree with in what you have said. The Hunger Games will be a great movie and we all just need to stop worrying about it and not think omg they are going to have so much violence and porn. It’s going to be rated PG-13 and its going to be great.

  23. Hunger Games Crazy says:

    I CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER !!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ PEOPLE TELL ME I AM THE MOST OBSESSED PERSon!!!! I might be in the top ten…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    MY FAVOURITE SCENE WILL BE THE MUD SECNE!!! OR THE INTERVEIW!!! the reaping or the cerimonies. THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!! I think that if you have read this you will be stoked!!! :) and every single that that Haymitch will say!!!!


  24. Katniss Mellark says:

    Yea the people who read these books are young adults and teens not kids. It is going to rock everyone’s world. @Emma *high five* xD I would blush too while reading those parts! I knew I wasn’t Katniss but you are in her mind so I felt for her lol. I was always so engrossed in the book. I bet I was making weird expressions while reading.

  25. Autumn says:

    PEETA SCHMETA!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are they TALKING ABOUT! As u can tell i think Peetas amazing. im looking forward to the following things.
    1. saying goodbyes
    2. all the outfits
    3. when Peeta confesses his affection
    4. Starting the games
    5. Rues death :(
    6. Cave Scenes! Yeyah!
    7. Who could forget the BERRIES?
    Hunger Games is EPIClY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Emma says:

    @Katniss Mellark I would read it during reading time in school and when a romantic part came up I would smile and blush and the kid that sat across from me said, “Why are you blushing? Did I say something?” haha nope! It’s all the magic of Peeta and I would laugh out loud or go awww and sometimes my mouth would be wide open and when rue died I was said out loud, “Are you serious?” everybody stared at me and I was like, “Crap did I say that out loud?” haha oops

  27. Emma says:

    @Autumn another Peeta lover!!!! And the cave scenes are the only thing I’m really looking forward to oh and when Peeta is buy the river and shirtless haha what can I say? It’s Peeta, enough said.

  28. Mrs. Mellark says:

    My favorite scene will be the first look of the arena. Did you read the post that said they are making a few changes from the books to the movies? UH OH!!!

  29. Leesha says:

    Whether teens/young adults or kids, its all the same thing. They’re all still under 18.

  30. Emma says:

    @Leesha I get what you were saying, but still just because you are under eighteen doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the books.

  31. Peeta'sgirl says:

    I’m so excited for the hunger games! I have faith in the movies! But if they aren’t good, then I won’t be watching the others….but who knows?!

  32. Leesha says:

    I’m not under eighteen and I have read the books. I’m just tired of seeing those things in like every movie that is not rated G. So unoriginal.

  33. Mrs Odair says:

    I am really exited for the berries and mud scenes too. I wonder what the capitol will look like? And the capitol accent? That must be really hard to work out, us fans will understand if they all start speaking like absolute weirdos but I’m not sure anybody else will! And I really hope the whole thing isn’t too glamourised, I doubt anyone would look too sexy after running around in the bush for weeks.
    I’m sure they’ll do it justice!
    (And then bring on catching fire for some Finnick time, and that will outshine all the others by far!)

  34. Emma says:

    @Leesha I so agree on that. It doesn’t always have to be dirty for it to be good.

  35. Autumn says:

    @Emma ur awesome. lol. and ya i am mostly excited for the cave scenes. yeyah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Peeta'sgirl says:

    I love Peeta! But, I have to say I can’t wait to see who plays Finnick in Catching Fire! They better cast him good! Any guesses on who it will be?!

  37. Emma says:

    @Autumn thanks! You are also awesome and who isn’t excited for the cave scenes? Oh yeah Gale lovers, but I bet even they are excited haha and btw you made my day by saying I’m awesome! I take that to heart! haha again you are also awesome!

  38. Autumn says:

    @ Emma thanks. Hunger Games is Awesome!

  39. Emma says:

    @Autumn Shoosh yeah it is.

  40. ember says:

    i cant realy tell witch ones im excited for they all seem good. i just want to see the hole movie already!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Michaela says:

    OMG i love the Hunger games i just got done reading it and it was AMAZING! I LOVE PEETA!

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