The Hunger Games Cast answers more fan questions with MTV!

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The Hunger Games MTV interview

The stars of The Hunger Games movie have answered more fan questions for MTV, as the network prepares to show-off its own interview with the stars of the film.

On Wednesday, MTV posted photos from their interview with The Hunger Games cast, with the video interviews coming soon.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth answered another round of questions submitted by fans via Twitter. Lawrence and Hutcherson were both in agreement that Hutcherson was like his character in The Hunger Games.

“Josh is Peeta,” Jennifer said. “He’s charming, he’s nice, he’s very real and down to earth, he’s not fake in any way. He just can charm anyone and anything.”

Hutcherson added, “I have literally never read a character, book or script or anything that has a character in it I connected with more than Peeta. I feel like so much of who I am is Peeta.”

According to Liam Hemsworth the most difficult scene to film was the reaping scene.

“I remember turning up to set the first day and looking out at the few hundred extras there — it looked like a prison camp. It looked so rough and really did look how I think it would be, and it was hot. It was some of the hottest weather I’ve ever shot in. We had extras collapsing because it was so hot out there. That was probably the hardest stuff to shoot for sure.”

Jennifer pointed out some of her more physcial scenes.  “Katniss doesn’t really stop running throughout the whole movie,” Lawrence said, “so if I’m running up a mountain in a scene, that’s what we shot all day, so by the time we started acting and talking, it was like a vacation.”

Hemsworth also discussed working with a voice coach to hide his Australian accent, and got to talk to author Suzanne Collins {lucky him (:  }

Source: Hunger Games Examiner 

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