The Hunger Games District 12 Up for Sale

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The Hunger Games - District 12

The Hunger Games was filmed in North Carolina and District 12 was created at the deserted Henry River Mill Village near Hildebran.  Once upon a time it was the town that serviced the Henry River Manufacturing Company, but the mill burned down in the 1970s and the village has been left empty ever since.

But that all changed after the cast and crew of The Hunger Games took up home in the village last summer to start filming.  According to a report on CNBC, fans have been driving by the site, day and night taking photos.  The owner of the property is Wade Shepherd.  He told AP that he’s putting it up for sale at a price of $1.4 million.

Whether Shepherd likes it or not, “The Hunger Games” is the first hit of a franchise with a reported three additional sequels in the works, so this private property has become a tourist attraction for the duration, as have other parts of the state featured in the film. The North Carolina tourism site offers a four-day “Hunger Games” itinerary which includes Henry River Mill Village. (Event organizer Leigh Trapp, who produced Harry Potter Adventures fan tours, and Tammy Hopkins, local film liaison, are offering unofficial Hunger Games Fan Tours. Their Adventure Weekend, at $389 per person, includes survival skill training in DuPont State Recreational Forest.)

In addition to the expected tourism dollars that the movie is expected to bring North Carolina, the movie’s production brought in excess of $60 million into the state economy, making it the highest-profile motion picture made in the state.

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  1. PeetaLuv (Paloma) says:

    holy cow!

    I want that!!!

  2. Jonathan says:

    I wish I can just sit in one of those houses and read the re-read the book :)

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