The Hunger Games Mock Trial of President Snow

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This is too adorable!

For take your child to work day at the Broward County Courthouse in Florida, they do more than just sit around all day. The courthouse set up the Mock Trial for President Snow, who was being charged for kidnapping, child abuse and more for his instigation of ‘The Hunger Games‘ in Panem.

“We just want to expose them to [the system],” Donnelly said. “We’re not going to debate philosophy with them; we just want them to have fun and hopefully they retain something.”

Hunger Games Mock Trial of President Snow After seeing the movie little more than a week ago, Donnelly, a father of four, ages 9 to 16, had the idea to adapt the popular young-adult novel and movie into a courtroom play.

Donnelly worked evenings developing The Nation of Panem v. President Coriolanus Snow and recruited fellow prosecutors to play the roles.

“Wanna-Be President Snow is the one who was behind the whole thing,” Adriana Alcalde, argued as nation of Panem prosecutor. “We want peace for the districts. We don’t want the Hunger Games.”

Her star witness, head gamekeeper Seneca Crane, played by Tony Loe, complete with a shiny black, curlicue beard (applied with hair dye), testified in exchange for a plea deal that would send him to prison for two to five years for his part in the games.

“Everything I did was because he told me to do so,” he said, referring to Snow as an “evil man.”

And Snow, aka Broward’s head homicide prosecutor, Brian Cavanagh, indignantly took the stand in his own defense: “I think I am the victim of the ultimate political prosecution.”

The Stand Your Nation law, he said, allows the use of deadly force to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to defend the nation.

The Hunger Games maintain law and order, he bellowed. “We would have pandemonium in Panem, otherwise.”

The chants of “guilty, guilty, guilty” grew in volume and enthusiasm as Cavanagh retreated from the witness stand to the defense table.

The jury found Snow guilty and he was sentenced with 5,000 hours of community service as well as running errands for the judge. That’s quite a bit different from his conviction in ‘Mockingjay‘.

But I just love their creativity! Has your community done anything inspired by ‘The Hunger Games‘?

source: Orlando Sentinel via DWTC

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