The Hunger Games Movie – Cast Suggestions

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The debate rages across the Internet about who should be cast in The Hunger Games movie. I found this video by dani72187 and thought that the suggestions were pretty good. What do you think?  Who do you have in mind for Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Rue, Haymitch, Cinna, Effie, etc…?

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  1. i think your Katniss could be someone, if only i could see a better picture, I mean, I tried looking her up in google, there was no good enough result.

  2. Makenzie says:

    I’ve been trying to look for an okay cast, and this WAS pretty good… I feel bad because I can’t find anyone that I like for Katniss! But Kaya is probably the best I’ve seen so far. The fant art for the movie tab on here shows Katniss perfectly, and I still hope the actress will look just like her, even though I know it won’t :( . But wooohooo for HAYMITCH! FINALLY! Ive been looking for a guy, about 40, with LONG hair… and finally! It’s almost just how I imagined him! And Rue’s just adorable and good, she needs to be, but I have to admit I had someone else in mind… GREAT job, dani72187, and MyHungerGames!

  3. annnie says:

    Nice video. That was a great choice of song and I just loved it!! I’ve never seen another vid done like that. Good Job!!

    When you put Shenae Grimes as Foxface it made me think that maybe she could be a good Katniss. Here’s my cast list as of now:

    Katniss: Shenae Grimes
    Prim: Elle Fanning
    Haymitch: Phillip Seymour Hoffman
    Mrs.Everdeen: Courtney Yates (if she has skill)
    Foxface: Hayley Williams (if she has skill)

  4. Kayla says:

    Omg! It’s awesome! I would be perfect for Foxface!

  5. Mickey says:


  6. Mia says:

    This is an almost perfect cast, I think. Even before there was talk of a movie I always imagined Prim being played by Elle Fanning. Katniss is really hard to cast, though. I always imagined Gale somewhat differently than in this video, but Haymitch is spot on. I also had never imagined Cinna looking too much like that, but I could definitely live with that actor.

  7. Cass says:

    I think most of them were really good though I prefer Jaimie Alexander for Katniss and would love to see Matt Dallas as Cinna.

  8. Irma says:

    I think Malese Jow would be a good Katniss, for more of my cast list check out my blog!=)

  9. Brittany says:

    I really like the selection! I thought gale had dark eyes like Karniss and the other “Seam” dwellers from coal-working families. I pictured them a litte more native american looking. The worst thing that could happen to this movie is if they get Megan Fox or someone else, as fake, and awful to play Katniss! Your Peeta was right on the money and I smiled when I saw Haymitch because he was EXACTLY who I saw too!

  10. Louisa says:

    I dont like the Katniss or Gale or Peeta
    soz. ilove haymitch cinna and prim. rue is ok but foxface looks to old

  11. mia says:

    the only ones i thought were ok were haymitch cinna and prim. personaly i think that the role of katniss should be cast as an unknow face. same with gale and peeta.

  12. Louisa says:

    i agree

  13. Amanda says:

    I think that Katniss should be played by someone unknown. It would give the movie and interesting edge i think. Maybe holding some worldwide competition for the role of Katniss would be pretty good, like having people send in pictures, then out of the people that look suitable for the role take it further and meet with them and stuff like that.

  14. Case says:

    Most of the suggested celebrities found in the internet are tool old; remember, this is a trilogy.

    Katniss – Jodelle Ferland (Silent Hill, Eclipse)
    Clove – Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan)
    Prim – Elle Fanning (Benjamin Button)

  15. Miranda says:

    i think that amanda’s idea would be so cool, but i do like kaya as katniss

  16. nicole says:

    i think

  17. Allie says:

    Kay i think no blonde girl should even be considered for katniss
    katniss- jessica stroup gale-reid ewinger (jr?) or harry treadaway or carter jenkins peeta – alex pettyfer or austin butler haymitch: LEWBERT prim- abigail breslin.  jodell ferland. that lil girl from narnia
    rue-yara shahaidi
    cinna- hugh dancy, cam giganet
    finnick- orlando bloom? no idea

  18. Allie says:

    o yeah and am i silly for thinking ladygaga should play effie or some other capitolite?

  19. Robin says:

    I really like the idea of Sean Bean as Haymitch.

    Here are the ones I have thought about.

    Katniss- Mika Boorem (hair can always be dyed) I think she could do the depressive nature that is required.

    President Snow- David Bowie

    other than that I don’t really know.

  20. cindy says:

    in the book they describe people from the seam-katniss, gale- as olive skinned /dark hair. so i was thinking like latino, native american, asian or atleast someone with a tan. i will scream if katniss/gale were pale.
    it would be awesome if they had a whole array of races in the movie! oh yeah rue is suppose to be african american. 😛

  21. Britt says:

    Okay it was a pretty good cast. The picture of Katniss was okay but she’s the best idea i’ve seen so far. I was thinking Miley though. Now don’t get all up in a tissy. She has good acting ability and her hair is in my opinion almost perfect, except the color would need to be changed. but she could also go for fox face.
    I do not like William though. He is too little boyish. I would go for Lucas Till. He also has good acting ability and i think he should be given a chance. He has the right build and in my opinion has peeta’s smile. at least how i imagined it
    good suggestions though
    for President snow!
    David Morse, he played the old guy in Disturbia. I think he’d be perfect!
    Elle Fanning for prim is PERFECT! when i set eyes on that actor, it just screamed Prim. So I’m all for that.
    Don’t like Gale though. actors eyes are too light.
    Adam Gregory is who i think. He has a little bit of a rustic build and i think depicts that “I hate the capitol” feeling greatly. All for him. He treds the line perfectly just like the book does.
    Haymitch is alright but he’d need a shorter hair cut and less beardness.
    Cinna! Perfect! Just needs black hair.
    FoxFace might just be perfect. Or the person that played Victoria in Eclipse. She looked rather FoxFacish too.

  22. Britt says:

    David morse for pres. snow!

  23. Britt says:

    in later movies hugh jackman should play finnick!

  24. Claire says:

    PERFECT CAST! i love this book. they had better get it right!

  25. izzy says:

    michael welch for peeta and elizabeth gillies for katniss. sorry no turning back!

  26. Hannah says:

    No one from any Twilight movie should be cast in this.

  27. Meghan says:

    Robert Downey Jr. for HAYMITCH

  28. MHalla says:

    Does anyone else imagine effie to be mother nature from the tampon commercials?

  29. Sandy says:

    I completely agree with Cindy. There should be lots of different races, especially for Katniss, Gale, and Rue (since their descriptions in the books even SAY they’re olive/dark skinned)… I mean, it’s the future right? Of course most people aren’t going to be white. And for Rue, of course the description in the books won’t say she’s African American, since the people of Panem wouldn’t know what Africa even IS, even if she is black.

  30. Sandy says:

    And I’m not saying that the actress for Katniss couldn’t get a tan or something, I’m just saying that it’s kinda close minded to just assume she’s white.

  31. Nic says:

    I also think Lucas Till would make a good Peeta :)

  32. Zeal says:

    I do think that Hugh Laurie will be the perfect one to play as Haymitch

  33. Anton~ says:

    Hugh Laurie – Haymitch
    Eric Roberts – Pres. Snow

  34. maia says:

    i think ricky gervais should be president snow, he has an evil look to him. also u guys are forgetting about madge. i mean come on shes the one who gave katniss the mockinjay pin in the first place how can u forget her? oh, no offense but i think that the actors for the people in the districts shouldnt be white skinned, i picture them tanned or something……… the haymtch in the video is good though. the idea for unknown facces is great, too.

  35. Andie says:

    Best Cast ever!

  36. Lea says:

    Finnick should be Bradley Cooper… I know it’s jumping ahead a bit, but it’s also good to be prepared.

  37. KitsonGirl says:

    the guy who plays house HAS TO BE haymitch. i will cry if hes not.

  38. Yasmin says:

    For some reason I would LOVE to see Thomas Sangster as Peeta.

  39. catnip says:

    Hugh Laurie from House should be HAYMITCH!!

  40. DHB says:

    Katnis- Malese Jow or Italia Ricci

  41. Me says:


    Lucy Hale- KATNISS
    Zach Roerig- PEETA
    Gaspard Ulliel- GALE
    Hugh Laurie- HAYMITCH

  42. jerby says:

    Ha Ricky Gervais as President Snow would be kind of entertaining.
    Justin Chatwin would make a good Gale, I like that one alot.
    what do you think of my list?

  43. Ally says:

    NO MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE never bring that up again…any ways LOVE THE MOVIE AND THE CHOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especiall Haymitch!!!!!!! Katniss is ok, but i think they need to find someone else…Madge should be Anna Sophia Robb…some of the actors/actresses are too old…remember there are 3 BOOKS!!! and thomas … is too young to be peeta i like the movie’s chioce!!! well and i also hope that they choose someone hot for gale cuz i always pictured him as being this SUPER hot guy so…yea…well i REALLY hope that director or whatever oicks good actors/actresses :)

  44. Halia says:

    Missy Peregrym
    The most PERFECT Katniss yet. Take a look!

  45. proana says:

    COURTNEY YATES as someone.
    Look her up she is great.

  46. Lionne says:

    I don’t know who should play Katniss (perhaps chick that plays Effie from Skins), but William Moseley should totes McGoats play Peeta because he’s got a bit of muscle (and Peeta does wrestling, mind you) and Gale should be a bit skinnier. I’m not a big fan of Dakota Fanning, but I don’t care if she is cast as Madge because Madge isn’t in the story much and dies in the end. ANYONE BUT ABIGAIL BRESLIN FOR PRIM. Robert Downey Jr. for Haymitch and James McAvoy for Cinna. Just leave Twilight people, Miley Cyrus and Abigail Breslin out of it.

  47. Stranger says:

    Rue is not white ! OMG why does everyone put Rue as white ? I really like your Katniss though i also like Christian Serratos , Put her in gray contacts and she will be perfect !

  48. Addie says:

    Katniss – Sarah Bolger (she won an award at the age of 10, and is really popular in Europe. She’s beliavably beautiful, but has that edgy Katniss-ness to her xP)

    Peeta – Max Theriot (he’s a good actor, too, and he has that sort of bruised, but sensitive look to him that I gathered from Peeta in the books).

    Gale – Alex Pettyfer (no, Peeta and Alex were not compatible, but GALE and Alex = magic. Haha, well he’s qualified and has that badass-gale-look to him)

    Prim – Chloe Moretz (she’s a really good actor for a 13-year-old, and she has a fragility to her features that makes her so Prim-ish. Though she did prove herself a major badass-chick in Kick-Ass, I think this girl can handle a purer role)

    Haymitch – Hugh Laurie (I was originally thinking that the guy who’s the lead singer for Coldplay would fit the role, but he’s, well, a singer. So I chose a guy that looked exactly like him, except way more talented in the acting world. Yes, he’s the PERFECT Haymitch–he can pull off a drunk man, a serious man, and a funny man. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This man never ceases to amaze me)

    now moving on to random and SLIGHTLY lesser characters…

    Plutarch Heavensbee – Tom Hardy (he was good and funny in Inception and I could totally see him being a naggy man with superiority issues :])

    Clove – Emily Browning (she’s looking for scarier, fiercer characters to play now, so I think Clove fits)

    Johanna – Natalie Portman (I realize she might be hard to snag for this movie, but she’s exactly who I envisioned as the petite, but nasty-tempered Johanna)

    Finnick – Adrian Grenier (he’s amazingly attractive, and an impressive actor. I believe he is on Entourage. He’s a very Finnick-esque actor and I adore him for it)

    Effie Trinket – Kristin Chenoweth (need I explain?)

  49. memem says:

    Courtney Yates could do could as Johanna, specially in Mockingjay!

  50. johanna says:

    I agree that some new actress should play Katniss. I know I’m dreaming, but I would love the opportunity to try out for her! As far as Peeta goes, anybody BUT Max Theriot. Kristin Chenoweth is a perfect Effie. I can see the guy from the video as Haymitch, definitely. But for fox-face, not Shenae Grimes. She’s gorgeous, but fox-face has to be very thin with a slim face and very red hair

  51. phillip says:

    this is a really good cast(even tho u mispelled haymitch lol im sure u were in a hurry)– everyone looks a lot like i imagined them- when i saw ur pick for cinna i was just like “holy crap- thats exactly cinna- throw on some gold eyeliner and he’s perfect” its great!

    @Me(the person who left a comment- not myself)
    Though he doesnt really look like how i imagined haymitch, i think that Hugh Laurie playing him would be the best thing that ever happened! that would be awesome! ahh! i get too excited over things that won’t happen-lol

  52. mi says:

    Tim Roth from Lie To Me should play Haymitch Abernathy!!!!!! He has that rugged, worn down look. He could definitely portray Haymitch’s almost arrogant personality! XD

  53. J says:

    Haymitch should be played by Gerard Butler
    Cinna should be played by Neil Patrick Harris
    President Snow = Malcolm McDowell
    Singing Voice of Katnis = Charlotte Church

  54. Sarah says:

    Mitchell Hewer would be a great Peeta, I think . . . But it would be weird to have Kaya and Mitchell together . . . I did picture him as Peeta though as I read the book . . . And when I read that Kaya got the script, I thought she would be a good Katniss . . . Hmm . . . Does anyone know when the cast will be announced?

  55. Lauren says:

    Hmmm, awesome Katniss choice. I think your Foxface looks a little too old, though. I imagined her about the same age, if not, a few years younger than Katniss. Hayley Williams is an idea for Foxface, though…

  56. Rebecca says:

    Kaya Scodelario is perfect for Katniss
    William Mosley,Max Thieriot, Lucas Till or Chord Overstreet should definitely play Peeta, im just not sure which…
    Your Prim and Cinna are amazing choices.
    Gale should be Avan Jogia.
    i saw rue as darker skinned.. maybe
    But I honestly don’t think Sean Bean should play haymitch, i just dont think he would get the character right. i recommend Robert Downey Jr. for the part. or hugh laurie for sure…
    I agree that your choice for Foxface is too old. i also agree that hayley williams would be great for the part.
    As for the other characters:
    Effie= Kristin Chenoweth
    Finnick= Chace Crawford/ Zac Efron
    Cato= Alex Frost
    Clove=Bridgit Mendler
    Johanna= Natalie Portman
    Glimmer=Hayden Panettiere
    President Snow=Garry shandling
    Ceasar Flickerman=James Marsden/ Sam Rockwell
    Thresh=Quinton Aaron

    Kay great job! 😉

  57. Regan says:

    If one more person says Hugh Laurie for Haymitch, I’m gonna flip out. Yes Laurie is a good actor, but I think Sean Bean would do a waaaaaayyyyy better job at portraying Haymitch. TPTB need to pick actors who fit the characters’ descriptions and personalities; not alter the characters to fit the actors.

    I know lots of people are fans of the eternally cranky House, but that doesn’t mean Laurie should play Haymitch. The main reason is automatic character association; every time you see Laurie, you think House. Also, Laurie’s build makes him look more like a crack addict than an alcoholic (i.e. he’s super skinny, has no paunch). And while Sean Bean could pull off an alcoholic 40 year old, Laurie looks way too old. Also, Haymitch was supposed to be attractive in his younger years, and I don’t understand how Laurie is considered remotely attractive. He’s all wrinkly and has saggy skin…eww.

  58. Audrey says:

    Jodelle Ferland needs to be Katniss!! She would need contacts but she’s perfect for her! And I agree that Chloe Moretz is awesome for Prim

  59. Abbey says:

    uhm Chord Overstreet for Peeta please.
    nuff said…

  60. galeftw! says:

    omg taylor lautner as gale and that guy from peter pan – jeremy suptor i think, should be PETER!!! 😀

  61. galeftw! says:

    actually no..i just google imaged jeremy and realised he is 21 and has a little goatie going on..ewwy so not him for peter, what about that guy from the last song

  62. Uley says:

    Christian Serratos should be Katniss. Either way, it should not be someone from any other country besides US. We have plenty of actresses who can play Katniss.

  63. Peeta Fan 22 says:

    Omg perfect cast:
    Katniss: Kaya Scolderario (or however you spell it)
    Peeta: Alex Pettyfer
    Gale: Gaspard Ulliel
    Haymitch: Rober Downey Jr.
    Prim: Elle Fanning
    Cinna: Idk :$
    what do you think? :)

  64. Spongebob Rocks! says:

    I LOVE Britts idea!! Except i think that katniss should be elizabeth gillies and haymitch should totally be robert downey jr. Plus the Rue in the video is perfect! These books are my absolute FAVORITE!! Pleeaaaaase do NOT put any twilight or disney channel characters in it, that would ruin it. PLEASE MAKE THIS MOVIE AH-MAZING!!!

  65. Amber J says:

    I think that Anna Popplewell from Lion witch and the wordrobe should play Katniss, Looking at a picture of her, She is a perfect match for the character. Please consider her as well.

  66. taylor says:

    my cast is ….. nina dobrive= katniss alex peetyfer = peeta abigale breslin= primrose kate winslet = mrs everdeen marryl streep = effie hugh jackman= cinna jack black= haymitch taylor tuescher = rue emma watson = clove madge = dakota fanning

  67. taylor says:

    and gale= logan lerman

  68. taylor says:

    and gale= logan lerman and if u dont know who taylor tuescher is look her up she has olive colored skin and rue doesnt have 2 b dark she can b olive clored skin

  69. SiSiM says:

    Isobel Meikle-Small (YOUng Kathy in ‘Never Let Me Go’) absolutely embodies everything that PRIM is!! She would be an awesome casting choice, and pretty new to the game so more interestin to watch.

    Isobel for Prim!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check her out at imdb!!

  70. Hungery Girl says:

    k now my perfect cast (just few ppl) i HATE to admit but Toaylor laugtner would b perfect as gale and 4 hamich Jack Black would b awesome i like ur cast but i pictured Rue a bit diferent and Peeta is awesome ur Katniss is good but i think someone else could look better but i cant find someone i even went 2 google images and it just didnt work

  71. Me says:

    Have some of you read the books even? Why do you keep on picking ridiculously pale girls to play Katniss? I agree with Chord Overstreet as Peeta, he looks really sweet.
    And oh, Lady Gaga needs to design the capitol’s residents’ outfits! I pictured them all having a Gaga-esque look.

  72. ghr;opaw says:

    this cast is SO good!!!

  73. Kyza says:

    I LOVE the suggestion for Peeta!

  74. Resa says:

    i can not believe that no one so far has listed Saoirse Ronan for Katniss, shes an Irish actor who has the exact, disheveled but strong look that Katniss needs. Alex Pettyfer would be perfect for peeta.

    Gale-Drew Roy
    Haymitch-Robert Downey Jr
    Effie-Reese Witherspoon
    Madge- Annasophia Robb

    im not sure about the others yet

  75. julianna says:

    jodelle ferland – katniss
    chloe mortez- prim

    these girls are awesome. they can ACT.

    but i love chloe i dont want to see her die :(

  76. casey says:

    I would like a team up lead cast of Emma Watson(Harry Potter) with Ben Barnes (Chronicle of Narnia).

    And also some point to be improvised, thing like Emma disguise as a ‘boy’ to hunt in the woods?

    It would be more intriguing.

  77. Alex says:

    I think
    Katniss Everdeen- Kaya Scholdario
    Peeta Mellark- Alex Pettyfer
    Gale- Drew Roy
    haymitch- Robert Downy jr.

  78. Jasmine says:

    Katniss–Kaya Scodelario
    Peeta–Chord Overstreet
    Prim–Chloe Moretz
    Gale–Sam Worthington
    Rue–Jodelle Ferland

  79. casey says:

    Gaspard Ulliel also not bad (recall his good acting skill in Hannibal Rising


  80. casey says:

    Guys, here’s another suggestion for Peeta role

    Ryan Donowho – one of actors from Altitude.

    HE’SSSS HOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. casey says:

    Kaya Scodelario is Katniss Everdeen. She is not just a typical pretty face, Kaya has the FACE OF HUNGER AND STRONG INSTINCT FOR SURVIVAL. Remember, the characteristic of Katniss?

    Ryan Donowho(Altitude) is Peeta. He’s medium height, stocky buildup and all-earthy personality. And most of all, he appears stunningly wise and smart (also one of Peeta’s characters)
    That dude is super hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. casey says:

    Wish me luck ^_^

    I have already submit my suggestion (Ryan Donowho as Peeta while Kaya Scodelario as Katniss) to casting co.

  83. Elianna says:

    OK so here are my choices-

    Katniss- Noomie Repace
    Prim- Laura Dunn or
    Rue- Georgie Henley
    Gale- Ben Barnes or Iam Somerhalder
    Cinna- Jude Law
    Peeta- William Mosley
    Caro- kellan Lutz
    Haymitch- Hugh Laurie
    President Snow- Malcolm McDowell
    Glimmer- Ashley Greene

    Those are my picks and I think that they shouldn’t put just insanely famous people as all the parts like Bella Thorne and Chloe Mortez! Please Help me get these people on the list!!!

  84. jerby says:

    Hannah Marks would make an amazing Katniss.

  85. Rachel says:

    I kind of think that Victoria Justice would make a good Katniss and Arthur Robert Butler would make an awesome Peeta :)

  86. casey says:

    I love Ben Barnes too. I have seen his movie (Dorian Gray, Narnia etc) for Gale’s role, I think he needs some hair cut first.

    His hair now too Gothic.

    But one prob, im just afraid that Ben will surpass the actual protagonist here, Peeta. Because he is too handsome.


  87. casey says:

    I love the song ‘A year without rain’ by Selena Gomez,
    i feel so relevant , the pop-techno melody and lyrics (but of course, only when Katniss fell for Peeta which is seem unlikely now…)

  88. Dawn says:

    Alex Pettyfer should be Peeta !
    Drew Roy should be Gale !

  89. Fawn says:

    hmm… yours are okay, but i have different picks. i can’t choose for Peeta and Gale
    Katniss- it was a halloween pic but doesn’t she look perfect?
    Peeta- either Alex Ludwig or Chord Overstreet
    Gale- I know I’m probably the only one that thinks this but i like BooBoo Stewart for this role. or maybe zach porter. they’re both hot 😉
    Prim-Elle Fanning for sure!
    Madge-AnnaSophia Robb
    Haymitch-Sean Bean
    Cato-Kellan Lutz
    Clove-Phobe Jonkin
    Rue- i like your pick
    The Avox girl (Lavinia)- Haley Ramm
    Cinna-Drew Seeley
    Glimmer-Emma Degerstedt or Ashley Benson
    Thresh-Tristan Wilds
    Darius-Rupert Grint. I’d hate to see him as an Avox though.
    Mrs. everdeen-Laura Linney or Toni Colette
    That’s pretty much it. I think I did good

  90. Celine says:

    Peeta should be played by Lucas Till. I think he’d make a really awesome Peeta!

  91. casey says:

    I picture Stephen Amell (the villain from Screamers 2009 : The Hunting)
    for the role of Gale.

    He looks apparently wicked (fits for Gale character) but that dude is hot!


  92. Holly says:

    I like this cast, but I have a different idea on who should play Katniss. I think that Anna Popplewell (the girl who plays Susan in The Chronicles of Narnia) whould make a great Katniss. Otherwise I absoulutely LOVE this cast!!! And Elle Fanning is probably the best Prim.

  93. maria says:

    danielle chuchrun (did i spell it right) plays katniss and the sad news shes a blonde:(

  94. Abbey says:

    i know this girl isnt an actress.
    in fact shes just a model, but she is almost exactly how i imagined katniss from the start.

    and dont you people realize rue is supposed to have very dark skin?

    “thresh and rue both had the same DARK BROWN SKIN, but that was where the resemblance stopped…”

  95. manoa says:

    i think haymitch should be played by johnny dep

  96. Ty Beckman says:

    After just finishing the book a couple minutes ago (loved it..but whats up with the werewolves?) Here are my cast suggestions..

    Katniss: Hayden Panettiere
    Peeta: Ben Barnes
    Haymich: Brendan Gleeson
    Gale: Jay Baruchel

  97. Karla says:

    i think katniss should be lucy hale, peeta should be jeremy sumpter, Gale should be ian somerhalder, haymitch should be Robert Downey Jr, Cinna- James Marsden, Rue- Bailee Madison, president Snow- Alan Cumming, and Effie- Elizabeth Banks…………. Please tell me what you think aboout these people.

  98. Anna says:

    i think that Peeta should be Alex Pettyfer..
    Good choice for Katniss…

  99. Rena M.V. says:

    KayaForKatniss The Kaya Scodelario For Katniss Everdeen petition has 503 signatures! Support @kayascollywogs! Sign the petition @

  100. casey says:

    Allow me to improvise your title, please… ^_^ lol


  101. casey says:

    Re.: Gaspard Ulliel is the best Gale Hawthorne?

    Isn’t that obvious? See photo (

    Gaspard Ulliel may not be popular in Hollywood entertainment, but do not underestimate this dude acting ability. Almost flawless.

    I have seen Gaspard in Hannibal Rising, he totally made me believe him as the character in the movie.

    I seriously think Gary Ross should get Gaspard Ulliel into the movie as Gale Hawthorne. It turned the rivalry between Peeta and Gale more more and more exciting!

  102. Katy says:

    Ohkay so I’m pretty impressed with the cast and I’m glad the cast is people not amazingly famous. I mean they’ve been seen before but they’re not everywhere! And rumor has that the movie could possibly be rated PG?! Umn, no way because the movie would suck and everyone would complain. Let’s be real the movie should realistically be rated R actually worse because children should be shown killing each other. That’s the whole first book. If you’re going to make a movie BASED off of a book, then go all out instead of half assing(: Look forward to seeing the movie!!!! =D

  103. gab says:

    johnny depp as haymitch!

  104. jk says:

    haymitch isn’t that old.. is he? D:

  105. why do you want to know? says:

    everything is perfect— except for cinna and peeta

  106. I Wish To Remain Anonymous says:

    O.K. so I love all of your choices except for Katniss and Rue. I know a perfect Katniss is going to be hard to find but I know that somewhere there’s an actress who could play her amazingly.

  107. Hunger Fan says:

    Sean O’Pry should be Gale hands down. He said he wanted to get into acting. He is so friggin beautiful and he’s part native american!!!

  108. sara says:

    huge laurie has got to be haymitch it would just perfect

  109. sara says:

    ok for peeta make his hair a little more blonde …Jonathan Jackson…perfect

  110. sara says:

    austin butler might be an even better peeta

  111. jerby says:

    austin butler might be a good peeta actually. He looks the way I pictured him. I was never an Alex P. fan-he is more of a finnick.

    as for sean o’pry, he is fun to look at isn’t he. Gale maybe, or even cinna.

  112. casey says:

    Re.: Ryan Donowho – Who..? My Peeta Mellark

    I have recommend Ryan Donowho, a Texas actor for the role of Peeta Mellark for The Hunger Games movie.

    You might have seen this boyish dude before (cue; OC series), but he is certainly not everywhere like Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the rest you named it. However, I don’t think popularity is what it takes to be recognized as the character in a movie. I mean there is always a fine line between an artiste and a character of a movie. Just take Rob as example, no one even knew him before people watched him playing the part as ‘Edward Cullen’ in Twilight Saga. When first the news traveled around about him getting on board, over millions people signed on petition just to kick the dorky dude out. But now as you can see, people can’t even differentiate either Rob or Edward Cullen or in other word by meaning, Edward Cullen.(a.k.a Robert Pattinson)

    Ryan Donowho is exactly what I depicted as Peeta Mellark. Apart from Ryan’s face as what I believes a bakery’s son, what I do love most about him is what I can see transparently his boundless sentiment over the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. Especially the part when they first met at the back kitchen, With only Ryan Donowho, I can picture through his compassionate eyes by giving away the two purposely burnt loaf breads to Katniss and took the beat from his mother. It is very gripping moment to behold in my mind and of course, it is no one but Ryan Donowho…

    CHECK OUT RYAN DONOWHO PHOTOS !—arrivals/p/32096/1/?f=Ryan+Donowho


  113. casey says:


    Just take a sneak peek on this photo, the rest you tell me…


  114. casey says:

    Anyone heard of ‘We Are Broken’ from Paramore Riot Album?

    I think it’s perfect for the theme song of this story!


  115. casey says:

    So here the MP3 soundtrack!

    I can imagine the whole picture of Peeta and Katniss, their strength of love surviving through the brutal world of Panem..


  116. casey says:

    Re: Please don’t cast Austin Butler as Peeta
    Im sorry about the Austin Butler part. I can’t, I cant accept him for being Peeta.

    He is young to play the role of Peeta, but not cute enough.

    Im sorry.


  117. casey says:

    Re.: NO Josh Hutcherson or Hunter Parish for Peeta, please..

    (THE WEBSITE_,,20419951_20432044_20855076,00.html?order=DESC&page=2#comments

    Seriously by picking that Teribatha’s kid, Josh(whatever the first name is), they have given me a good reason to turn to team Gale. Why him out of many? I just couldn’t get it.

    Josh may be look like a baker’s son and innocent, but he isn’t match at all to the two of Katniss Everdeens (neither Kaya Scodelario or their personal pick). The chemistry just isn’t there. Sorry. People are looking for a palpable match aside fulfilling Peeta’s basic characteristics technically.

    Besides, I don’t see any glitter on Josh eyes as in book. He looks like a typical kid for me.

    Neither does Hunter Parish. He may appear stunningly wise but I don’t see him as baker’s son, more like some genius computer hacker.

    I hope they will seriously reconsider the cast for Peeta.


  118. Luna says:

    I still can’t find a Katniss I like, but me and my friends who are die hard Hunger Games fan thought a Johny Depp could make a great Haymitch…… I know a lot of people think that there isn’t a need for “big name actors” in these films and I agree. But if they were looking for a “somebody” for at least SOME of the parts I think Johny Depp could play a convincing Haymitch.

  119. May says:


  120. Tracy says:

    I personally think Hallie Steinfeld should be Katniss that is my opinion.
    She was the girl Maddie in True Grit.
    She would be perfect. No to pretty, not ugly, strong, earthy, check her out…I bet I find I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  121. sara says:

    oh my gosh tim roth would be an amazing haymitch

  122. sel4ever says:

    i think selena should be katniss.. \
    logan lerman should be gale and peeta= alex pettyfer..

  123. Ban says:

    I think this cast is ok. but I think mine is still the best! haha :)

    katniss- lucy hale (or me)
    peeta- Jake abel or Alex Pettyfer
    Haymitch- johnny depp
    Gale- Drew Roy

    That is how I would have it!

  124. Suzie says:

    second that ^

  125. Dalila says:

    have you ever considered Ethan Peck as Gale? Hes perfect and he has an amazing voice. you should check him out =)

  126. lola says:

    love william mosely for peeta and have been searching for the perfect gale and you nailed it. i wouldn’t have ever picked him as gale but he would be perfect. also great haymitch. cinna should definitally be hugh dancy. great job with the cast picked.

  127. christine says:

    ok. i relaly think katniss should be someone nobody knows about, like legitimally

  128. Geza says:

    Katniss- Kendall Jenner
    Peeta- Liam hemsworth

  129. JOYEUX says:

    i love william moseley as peeta
    he is strong enough.i love the innocence in his eyes.

    if alex pettyfer is not too thin, he will be good for peeta.
    however the line of his face is too hard and too tough

    umm….for katniss i still can’t match her with any actress

  130. MeGG3rZ says:

    Katniss- Someone said this before and I totally agree, she’s perfect!! (I found out her name and it’s Alanna Drasin)

    President Snow- David Morse
    Haymitch- Maybe, Jack Black… but yours is great!!
    Peeta- William Moseley
    Gale- Gaspard Ulliel
    Cinna- Hugh Dancy
    Effie- Elizabeth Banks
    Cato- Stanislav Ianevski
    (Before Lindsay Lohan went crazy see would have been perfect for Foxface…)


  131. MeGG3rZ says:

    Oh and NO ONE from Twilight, if there is actors/actress they will be forever associated with each other.

  132. casey says:

    Someone, please tell me this isn’t Peeta. Lachlan Buchanan? No way, he is fxxx ugly!

  133. Marcia says:

    Prim=Elle Fanning
    Peeta=William Mosely
    Katniss=Josie Loren or Britanny Snow (if she dyed her hair black or dark Brown)
    Haymitch= Robert Downy Jr.
    Cinna=James Marsden
    Rue= Taylor Parks
    Cato= Stanislav Ianevski or Kellan Lutz
    Avox Girl=
    President Snow=

  134. Austin says:

    katniss=Chloe Moretz
    Peeta=William Mosely
    Haymitch= Robert Downy Jr.
    and im unsure about the rest of the cast but thats my idea!

  135. Rain says:

    Pritty good bt haymich should defintly be Robert downy jr.

  136. Tyler says:

    All I’m saying, I don’t care about who else, but HAYMITCH HAS TO BE ROBERT DOWNEY JR. Just saying. He’s perfect for the role.

  137. Swimgirl22 says:

    I think katniss should be someone not that famous a sweet girl not a model or famous tv actor but someone who could play with realness.. And the gale is a bad choice

  138. Kbr0wn says:

    I think Katniss is okay but im sure you can find a better person
    Petta = Lucas Till
    Prim = Elle Fanning
    Gale = Avan Jogia
    Fox Face = Carly Chalkin
    Haymitch = Hugh Laurie
    In the next movie finnick should be Liam hemsworth.

  139. JOYEUX says:

    please don’t let Liam Hemsworth as peeta….

    william moseley is better,

  140. casey says:

    OH mine! Why now only I discover how hot is Alex Pettyfer!

    Shoot me.. oh…

    Im dying for him to be Peeta

  141. casey says:

    To all fans of Alex Pettyfer (aka. best Peetafer ever ^_^ ) what are you waiting for? If you hunger that much for him to be Peeta,

    Act now. Write to Debra casting. Show the girl that Alex Pettyfer is the best Peetafer ever!

    Camera, roll action!


  142. Megz says:

    I have nothing against the twilight franchise, I actually enjoy parts of the movies, but I would prefer that these movies be kept free of the twilight crew.
    Bring in unknown people, make it new rather then people who are already famous.
    Also I don’t think singers such as Miley Cyrus, Hailey Williams or Taylor Swift should be brought in. It needs to be new talent
    Although I do agree with your suggestion for Elle Fanning for Prim.
    I don’t have suggestions, but in my head, none of the actors that are well known fit the bill of who could be in these movies. Give people a new chance.
    And don’t rule out people with different hair colour, different eye colour or even different colour skin. Theres things such as hair dye, eye contacts and fake tan.
    Its the acting abilities that matter most, and someone perfect will come along eventually. They need to be emotionally ready for the part, showing many different types, moving from anger and strength to vulnerable and week.
    Whoever is cast needs to be perfect.

  143. Megz says:

    and just to let you know, although it pains me ALOT, Robert Downey Jr Is definately not playing the part of Haymitch :( it was ruled out by the people casting :(

  144. GR1910 says:

    I 100% want Kaya Scodelario to be Katniss Everdeen and Alex Peetafer to be Peeta Mellark.

    I mean, Kaya has the look of a fighter and Alex is just HOT!!! :)

  145. OMFG! says:

    I imagined Kristen Stewart as Katniss

  146. ellie says:

    i think house would make a good haymich, he acts like he is drunk on the show anyway, go to youtube and watch the katniss and rue shortfilm by mainstaypro, it is amazing, they r frickin good fan actors

  147. Abby says:

    i loved all the characters except katniss and cinna. i expected cinna to be a little bit older! like jeremy irons (the trainer guy in eragon) and katniss is really hard to find. but i dont like kaya honestly and i dont want any of these overworked ppl such as miley or kristen.. something new please!!

  148. Jackie says:

    I loved most of it ecspecially peeta, but i think gale should be played by Michael Trevino, he is a lot cuter, and a pretty great actor

  149. Annie says:

    avin jogia or however you spell it is PERFECT for gale

  150. ellie says:

    spoiler alert!why do people like peeta so much, i hate him, i root for gale, i mean seriously, if its because he is all touchy feely, gale has feeling, read catching fire, and just becuz gales bomb kills prim in mocking j doesnt mean it was his fault, honestly peeta is to blame for her death he started the tv relationship with katniss, and that started the rebillion, its just a book guys, why do u care so much about a frickin fictional character, not to be hipocritical

  151. Traci says:

    I agree with Rebecca – from the moment Gale was introduced into the story, and throughout all three books, I saw Avan Jogia.

  152. Nagushskakbd says:

    Here’s some people I think:

    Katniss- the girl who plays Elena in “Vampire Diaries”

    Peeta- the guy who plays Sam in Glee

    Prim- Elle fanning

    Gale- the dude Jesse in Hannah Montana..

  153. julia harmon says:

    it was pretty good, but i think that robert downey jr. would be a GREAT haymitch. and Foxface looks to old.

  154. Rachel says:

    This is my opinion on who people should play, including personality traits in their acting:
    Katniss – Lily Collins
    Peeta – Garrett Hedlund
    Gale – Ethan Peck
    Haymitch – Hugh Laurie
    Effie – Kristin Chenoweth
    Prim – Elle Fanning
    President Snow – Terrence Stamp
    Cesar Flickerman – James Marsden

  155. Rachel says:

    Sorry, I accidentally clicked a button and I wasn’t able to finish. I do admire your picks for the cast. I just wanted to voice my opinion as well. I know that in Hollywood, actors that play teens are never actually teens. I also thought that most of the districts are starving at this time. So I would think that the stress of having to keep you and your family surviving would put a lot of stress on you, which would make you age quicker. So I think it would be okay if the actors for Katniss, Peeta, and Gale would look a tad older than 16-18.

  156. ash says:

    Peeta Fan 22 IS TOTALLY RITE!
    I agree sosoooo MUCH

  157. Hungergamesliver says:

    I think Sophia Linkletter would be a perfect Madge undersee. She is unknown but talented which is perfect and she would be amazing as Madge. look her up on and you will see how perfect she is. Dont you agree?

  158. hannah says:

    william moseley should play peeta mellark because when i read the book i basicly pictured him with his blue eyes and cute face.
    not alex pettyfer he is frecken gay

  159. sara says:

    chord overstreet would make an amazing peeta.he is perfect

  160. mikaela says:

    Katniss is really hard to pick out. She is such a distinct character that i think there needs to be a nobody cast as her role.

    Peeta: Alex Pettyfer or Zach Roerig (matt in vampire diaries)

    Gale: Michael Trevino (tyler in vampire diaries) or Steven R. McQueen (jeremy in vampire diaries)

    Haymitch: Robert Downey Jr.

  161. Madeleine :) says:

    I think that was a pretty good video!! I think that Johnny Depp would be good for Haymitch!! Peeta could be either William Mosely or Alex Pettyfer. I think a new actor should play Katniss. Kristen Chinoweth would be great for Effie Trinket, I’m not really sure about anyone else!!

  162. gabby says:

    who’s stariing in the hunger games???

  163. anna says:

    The whole time I read the book, I was picturing Shay Mitchell (from Pretty Little Liars) as Katniss. I think she has that toughness and badassness that Katniss has. Kristen Chenoweth is perfect as Effie, I think Chord Overstreet as Peeta would be great too. Peeta needs to not be as chiseled as actors like Alex Pettyfer.

  164. annabel says:

    i reaaaaaly want 2 play katniss i hav made audition tapes and all but idont no wer 2 send them 2? i was hoping 1 might hav a chance, wat do i doooo?

  165. Stephanie Smith says:

    This is my ideal cast. I think there is some kind of blockade preventing me from thinking of an actress that would be good for Katniss.
    Peeta-Chord Overstreet(stars as Sam in Glee)
    Rue-Madison Pettis(Gameplan)
    Effie Trinket-Reese Witherspoon(Legally Blonde)
    Prim-Elle Fanning(Dakota Fanning’s Sister)
    Finnick Odair-Rupert Grint(Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. If you clean him up a bit and lose the accent)
    President Snow-Victor Garber(lots of movies)
    Haymitch-Hugh Laurie(House)
    Gale-Taylor Lautner(Twilight)

  166. poopypants says:

    Tania Raymonde for Katniss
    Courtney Yates for Johanna
    Does anyone agree??

  167. Andrea says:

    Why does everyone want Elle Fanning as Prim? I think Chloe Moretz is a WAY better fit.

    As for Haymitch, yea it would be great if it were Hugh Laurie, but I think it’s because we’re seeing him as House. Granted, they’re kinda similar characters. But I seriously doubt they’ll consider him. I like the idea of Robert Downey Jr. (again, very similar to many of his past characters), but I don’t think the movie will be taken seriously if he’s in it. I mean, Oscar nods would be out the window. Maybe Philip Seymour Hoffman?

    I’ve heard some people say Camilla Belle is fit for Katniss, but I have to agree with some of you: it would be best to have a newbie, or at least someone not really well known.

    Definitely no one from the Twilight series. Wouldn’t it be fkin horrible if they cast Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner as Katniss and Peeta? LOL. I know Collins wouldn’t allow it. Preferably no Rupert Grint or anyone from Harry Potter. Not because I don’t like it, I just think they have to bring brand new actors to the scene while the current ones that cater to our generation age out.
    The same goes for William Moseley from Narnia….

    Madison Pettis is a horrible choice for Rue. Sure she’s cute, tan, and agile, but come on. Another one not to be taken seriously.

    Now, James McAvoy for Cinna. There’s a keeper.

  168. Andrea says:

    So far, the most convincing Peeta I’ve seen is Lucas Till. Could do better, but I wouldn’t be upset if he got the part.

  169. kyleah j. says:

    None of those actors. here is my hunger games cast
    katniss- shay mitchell
    peeta- alex pettyfer
    gale- drew roy
    haymitch- robert downy .j.r
    thats pretty much it. way better

  170. anon says:

    i think peeta should be alex pettyfer i dont like katniss or gale ive always imagined johnny depp as haymitch but i dont think thts gonna happen

  171. JOYEUX says:

    alex pettyfer is the number 4 actually….
    so i dont think that he is suitable

    btw why william moseley doesnt have any new product?
    i luv him so much
    I love he as peeta

  172. Maddie says:

    I think Alex Pettyfer would be an amazing Peeta because he’s great at acting, has good looks, great emotions and has blond hair.

    I also think William Moseley would be great at it too. He is the same as Alex except he is older.

  173. Rayne says:

    I know this is a little wierd but I actually think Jack Black would be awesome for Haymitch, I mean, he could nail that drunk look with a little hair gel right?
    Also, remember that Katniss has GREY eyes and BLACK hair (not brown and brown like Scholastic made her) and needs to be non-flirty and has to be able to act totally insane for the last book. NO KRISTIAN STEWART. THIS CAN’T END UP LIKE TWILIGHT.

  174. Elly says:

    I Think It Should Be The Following:

    Katniss- Jessica Stroup
    Peeta- Jake Abel
    Gale- Ethan Peck
    Haymitch- Robert Downey Jr.
    Cinna- Hugh Dancy
    Prim- Chloe Moretz
    Mrs.Everdeen- Keri Russel
    Rue- Willow Smith
    Effie- Kristin Chenoweth

  175. sara says:

    Elly- i really like the list of people u have

  176. Andrea says:

    actually, throughout the book, I imagined Mackenzie Rosman as Katniss…. just a thought.

  177. Elly says:

    Thanks Sara :)

  178. laura says:

    caitlin stasey from tommorow when the war began is the best katniss look the trailer up on youtube seriously!!!!

  179. trainer says:

    I am really thankful to the author of this post for making this lovely and informative article live here for us. We really appreciate ur effort. Keep up the good work. . . .

  180. nyssajane says:

    i read somewhere that someone’s choice for peeta was Paul Butcher (i think he was on Zoey101??) i only mention this coz he’s around the right age…

  181. JJewels says:

    I think your foxface should be skinnier and more younger looking. I dnt like the suggestion for Katniss or Gale and I hate your choice for Cinna. I’m sorry but I’ve always pictured Jim more boyish with bright eyes that stood out. I love who you chose for Rue and Primrose though. Keep working on it.

  182. JJewels says:

    *him *don’t(sorry)

  183. Martha says:

    Suggestions that have been made like Miley Cyrus, Hayley Williams, Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner, NO NO NO NO! They are all poor actorswho are just part ofthe business and it would totally take away from the dark and serious atmosphere of the film and turn it into a kiddies film like Percy Jackson and the joke that was the Golden Compass, or the whole Twilight franchise as just something for pre-pubescents to obsess over.

    I think ALL the tributes should be unknown or very new young actors who are selected based on skill.

    They need to focus on getting people with genuine skill for this film, not just hotties for people to obsess over.

    These are some ideas I had for the adults-

    Effie Trinket- Umbridge from Harry Potter, her name has slipped my mind!
    Haymitch- I liked the suggestion of Robert Downey Junior, or Johnny Depp if he could look old enough!
    President Snow- I always imagined him as Alan Rickman?
    Cinna- Whoever played Ozymandias from Watchmen.
    Annie- Helena Bonham Carter

  184. Kyleah says:

    katniss: shay mitchell
    peeta: alex pettyfer
    gale: drew roy
    haymitch : robert downey Jr
    My hunger games cast!!!!!!!! =)

  185. Grace says:

    NINA DOBREV= katniss
    ?= peeta

  186. Evie and Laura says:


  187. Evie and Laura says:


  188. Alyssa says:

    Beau Mirchoff would be an amazing Gale..(:

  189. H says:

    I think Cory Monteith would b a GREAT Gale!!

  190. lil says:

    I think kristin chenoweth is SO the perfect effie. And elle fanning as prim would be awesome.( i like her in benjamin button)
    but kaya scodelario as katniss? Im not sure. she looks exactly like the one i picture as katniss. but i dont like her acting. maybe lily collins would be a great katniss. she did a great job in “the blind side” .
    I d like to see orlando bloom or robert buckley as cinna. they are both pretty great actors and they both look handsome. bonnie wright as avox girl would be nice.
    Im not sure how old foxface should be. if shes nearly as old as katniss. I think emma stone or michelle trachtenberg would be great. and if shes younger maybe abigail breslin would be a good choice.
    for glimmer i prefer hayden panettiere or blake lively.
    for peeta: maybe lucas till or Liam Hemsworth.
    and gale? i have no idea. but please not taylor lautner!!!
    johnny depp as haymitch and ellen pompeo or hilarie burton would be awesome.

  191. lil says:

    uh sorry i ment ellen or hilarie for mrs everdeen not for haymitch. of course! : ) and sorry for my bad English. Im from germany

  192. Ja'Charali says:

    The perfect cast in looks alone would be as follows:

    Katniss: Emily Browning or Jodelle Ferland
    Peeta: William Moseley (FITS PERFECTLY!)
    Gale: Andrew Garfield or Drew Roy
    Prim: Elle Fanning
    Haymitch: Jack Black, Hugh Laurie, or Robert Downey Jr.
    Effie:Kristen Chenowith
    Cato: Kellan Lutz
    President Snow: Richard Griffiths
    Finnick: Chace Crawford

  193. sara says:

    i have to agree that emily browning wold make a perfect katniss

  194. Agnes says:

    well id say tht Alex Pettyfer should be Peeta 😀
    cause he is hot n i wud soo see tht movie n so wud my whole school if he was Peeta 😀

  195. casey says:

    My final final call for casting

    Peeta – Alex Pettyfer
    Gale – Gaspard Ulliel
    Katniss – Kaya Scodelario

    The best triomance ever ^_^

  196. lileigh says:

    i like the actors and actresses, but, all i can say is, the movie will NEVER be better than the books!!!

  197. NO TWIOLIGHT CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. NO TWILIGHT CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. Justin says:

    I wanna know when the movie plans on coming out because I wanna see it the books are really good, I think the movies are gonna be even better.

  200. kaya says:

    errh, didnt like katniss, LOVED the peeta, u rok William Moseley!
    Cinna was OK but i hate gale no matter wat. I love the hunger games and want them to make the movie AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! :) <3 PEETA :) <3

  201. kaya says:

    PEETA : has to be William Moseley no other option, except MAYBE alex-wat-eva-his-name-is I <3 THE BOY WITH THE BREAD <3 :) :)

  202. Ninja says:

    Riker Lynch should be Peeta! He has the perfect hair!

  203. Kylie says:

    My Cast for Hunger Games (so far)

    • Katniss- Jennifer Lawrence
    • Peeta- Freddie Stroma
    • Gale- Drew Roy
    • Haymitch- Gary Sinise or Hugh Laurie
    • Prim- Abigail Breslin
    • Katniss’ Mom- Robin Wright
    • Plutarch Heavensbee- John Goodman
    • Finnick- Alex Pettyfer
    • Annie- Ellen Page
    • Cinna- Hugh Dancy
    • Effey- Zooey Deschanel

  204. Kylie says:

    i spelt effie wrong and i change my mind to kristen chenowith… Ja’Charali

  205. Jordan says:

    Is anybody else mad that Jennifer Lawrence is Katniss?

  206. Ninja says:

    Chris Brochu could be a good Peeta also

  207. K.D. says:

    Katniss-Alexandra Daddario
    Peeta-Alex Pettyfer
    Gale-Ben Barnes or Thomas McDonnell
    Rue-China McClain
    Primrose-Madison Pettis
    Haymitch-Jack Black
    Effie-Anne Hathaway
    Cinna-Hugh Dancy or Johnny Depp

  208. I says:

    Ok, AMAZING video!!!! I luv ur peeta!!!!
    My picks for the others are

    Gale- Avan Jogia
    Haymitch- Hugh Laurie
    Effie- Stacey London or Katy Perry
    Prim- Abigail Breslin
    Madge- Dakota Fanning
    Cato- the guy who played malfoy on Harry potter

    Thts all I can think of for now. Great pics though :)

  209. Keelie says:

    ok sooo here is my dream cast
    Peeta- Max Theriot
    Gale- Drew Roy or and i hate to say it but taylor lautner would be pretty good for the role also
    Katniss- I liked Kaya Scodelario if she got a bit of a tan
    Prim- Elle Fanning would be absolutely perfect
    Cinna- Hugh Darcy
    Rue- Yara Shahidi
    Madge- Anna Sophia Robb
    Mrs. Everdeen- Kate Winslet
    Effie- Kristin Chenoweth
    Haymitch- Robert Downey Jr.
    Finnick- Alex Pettyfer ( even though its a little early he would be perfect)

  210. haleylovesyou says:

    i think austin butler should be peeta and troian off of pretty little liars should be katniss

  211. sara says:

    i have to say a good peeta would have to be Max Theriot or Freddie Stroma

  212. abby says:

    i think haymitch shold be playd by any drunk on th street ith a beer belly nd theabilitt sober up enough to get lines right

  213. abby says:

    my big sis should play katniss, she can sing and hunt, she has olve skn and lng bwn hair. her ex is strong, blond, nd blue eyed, AND, he loves her alot and she won admit it to her self thathe loves him but i can tellhey wil get maryed. THEY BOTH FIT PERFECT FOR KATNISS AND PEETA!!! ps my big bro would be great 4 gale but that would be WAY to wierd 4 the 2nd book

  214. abby says:

    Andrew Caldwell should be peeta because he looks REALLY stong and he has curly blonde hair nd blue eyes

  215. abby says:

    even though hes kinda old 4 the part, ruben studdard should play thresh, with a clean shave and some makeup, he mite pass off as 18 or 19

  216. abby says:

    here is my dream cast.
    katniss;Cote de Pablo (with make up because she is old)
    peeta;andrew caldwell
    gale;Avan Jogia
    prim;Elle Fanning
    mrs everdeen;miranda shelton
    hamitch;john travolta or kavin james or jim carry (w/ fat packs)
    baker;joey from full house
    bakers wife;taylor swift (remember, katniss called her the witch)
    madge;hayden panettiere
    effie;Sasha Alexander
    cinna;todd sherry or Michael Weatherly
    porta;Jennifer Nettles
    marvin; any one, he never talks
    glimor;my sis lindsey
    catto;alex pettyfur (loose the acsent)
    girl from 2;jenett mcurdy
    foxface;bonnie write
    tresh;ruben studdard (with make up because he is old)
    rue;willow smith

  217. abby says:

    Kylie, im suprised u left out forest gump, u had lutenent dan and jenny. WHAT ABOUT FORREST!!!!

  218. acp says:

    4 the all movies i think these should be the actors
    katniss;Cote de Pablo (with make up because she is old)
    peeta;andrew caldwell
    gale;Avan Jogia
    prim;Elle Fanning
    mrs everdeen;miranda shelton
    hamitch;john travolta or kavin james or jim carry (w/ fat packs)
    baker;joey from full house
    bakers wife;taylor swift (remember, katniss called her the witch)
    madge;hayden panettiere
    cinna;todd sherry or Michael Weatherly
    porta;Jennifer Nettles
    marvin; any one, he never talks
    glimor;any super model
    cato;alex pettyfur
    clove;jenett mcurdy
    foxface;bonnie write
    tresh;ruben studdard
    rue;willow smith
    finnick;lenardo decaprio
    annie;Sasha Alexander
    snow; clint eastwood
    coin; Cate Blanchett
    beete;Clay Aiken
    johna;Kimberly Caldwell

  219. acp says:

    alli want is 4 the actor to look right, but th cast above is perfect

  220. D }}}-------> says:

    D }}}——-> = bow&arrow

  221. Veronica says:

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE Kaya didn’t get the part!!! She would have been soooo much better than Jennifer Lawrence *angry face* :(

  222. D }}}-------> says:

    :) :) :)

  223. Marna Piela says:

    Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.

  224. Lauren says:

    the cast has come out and they’ve put liam hemsworth as Gale, josh hutcherson as Peeta, and some girl names kristen lawrence as Katniss. liam is perfect for the role of Gale, but im not sold on hutcherson playing Peeta. as for Katniss i think they cast it all wrong, i googled her and she doesn’t look like katniss AT ALL..

  225. abby says:

    all i REALLY want is 4 peeta 2 b plyd by andrew caldwell

  226. abby says:

    peeta is the best in the whole book, than cinna, than gale, than rue, than prim, THAN katniss

  227. Shelby says:

    I really think this is going to be a greatest move ever with all the best actors and the movie will be based on the book which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  228. belb says:

    has any1 seen the new red riding hood movie? the guy that the girl likes in that is the perfect gale, maybe if he was a bit younger…. but he was still so hot! lol and gale is ment to be hot so whos complaining? haha yer the book was amazing, but the last 1 made me sad cus it was nowhere near as good as the first 2 so i hope they dont make that 1 into a movie!!

  229. casey says:

    Call-back castings by Lionsgate…? Nah, I bet it is still a rejection from the movie director gary ross despite his official casting outnumbered by negative comments.

    While the crew is kicking off with their preparation stand-by for The Hunger Games starting on May, I and the rest sit back and enjoy our very own dream cast version.

    Following The Hunger Games trailer preview is inspired by a youtuber known as sleeksilverxo based on people’s choices.
    You may have seen it before, but it isn’t a total plagiarizing.
    TURN ON YOUR SPEAKER and watch it closely. Brand new song with brand new cuts!
    Feel free to embrace the full-fledged alternative rock song by Paramore (my recommendation for theme song of THG)


  230. Joanna says:

    I love them! That Katniss is perfect! Ever since I saw her on skins, I loved her. But the Katniss that was cast is really good too. She was the main character in Winter’s Bone and it was amazingg!

  231. abby says:

    katniss; Kaya Scodelario
    peeta;andrew caldwell
    gale;Avan Jogia
    prim;Elle Fanning
    mrs everdeen;miranda shelton
    hamitch; harrison ford or george lopez
    baker; Dave Coulier
    madge;hayden panettiere
    effie; Kirsten Nelson
    cinna; todd sherry
    porta; Jennifer Nettles
    marvial; alex pettyfur
    glimor; any teenage model
    catto; tim tebo (cattos the evil jerk every one HATES)
    clove; jenett mcurdy
    boy from 7; jusin bieber (i would LOVE to see someone cuck a nife in his back
    foxface; bonnie write
    tresh; ruben studdard
    rue; willow smith
    finnick; lenardo decaprio or james roday
    annie; Sasha Alexander
    snow; clint eastwood
    coin; Cate Blanchett
    beete; Clay Aiken
    wieress; Pauley Perrette
    johna; Kimberly Caldwell
    chaff; Dule Hill

  232. i says:

    katniss; Kaya Scodelario
    peeta;andrew caldwell
    gale;Avan Jogia
    prim;Elle Fanning
    mrs everdeen;
    hamitch; harrison ford or george lopez
    baker; Dave Coulier
    madge;hayden panettiere
    effie; Kirsten Nelson
    cinna; lenardo decaprio
    flavis; todd sherry (with a wig)
    octavia; miranda lambert
    viena; jane lynch (hair die)
    porta; Jennifer Nettles
    marvial; alex pettyfur
    glimor; any teenage model
    catto; tim tebo (i hate tebo)
    clove; jenett mcurdy
    boy from 7; jusin bieber (i would love to see a nife in his back)
    foxface; bonnie write
    tresh; ruben studdard
    rue; willow smith
    castor and polox; conan o’brian
    finnick; james roday or michael whetherly
    annie; Sasha Alexander
    snow; clint eastwood
    coin; Cate Blanchett
    beete; Clay Aiken
    wieress; Pauley Perrette
    johna; Kimberly Caldwell
    chaff; michael vick
    Plutarch Heavensbee; steve martin

  233. a says:

    katniss; Kaya Scodelario
    peeta;andrew caldwell
    gale;Avan Jogia
    prim;Elle Fanning
    mrs everdeen;
    hamitch; harrison ford
    baker; Dave Coulier
    madge;hayden panettiere
    effie; Kirsten Nelson
    cinna; lenardo decaprio
    flavis; todd sherry (with a wig)
    octavia; miranda lambert
    viena; jane lynch (hair die)
    porta; Jennifer Nettles
    marvial; alex pettyfur
    glimor; barbie
    catto; tim tebo (i hate tebo)
    clove; jenett mcurdy
    boy from 7; jusin bieber (i would love a nife 2 b in his back)
    foxface; bonnie write
    tresh; ruben studdard
    rue; willow smith
    castor and polox; conan o’brian
    finnick; james roday or michael whetherly
    annie; Sasha Alexander
    snow; clint eastwood
    coin; Cate Blanchett
    beete; Clay Aiken
    wieress; Pauley Perrette
    johna; Kimberly Caldwell
    chaff; michael vick
    Plutarch Heavensbee; justin long

  234. gwony says:

    Dont mind the cast so far for the movie but they should definately switch Liam and Josh for the roles of Gale and Peeta.

  235. “I think Hannah gets nervous just like any other person would. She’s like a dork, personally. She’s just really, really fun.”- Miley Cyrus

  236. guesswho says:

    gale – taylor lautner
    peeta – william moseley

  237. guesswho says:

    but i like josh hutcherson as peeta
    cinna-Jonathan Sadowski

  238. panty hoes says:

    katniss; Kaya Scodelario
    peeta; Kellan Lutz
    gale;Alex Meraz (grow out hair)
    prim;Elle Fanning
    mrs everdeen;Kate Winslet
    hamitch; Bruce Campbell
    Mr Melark; Dave Coulier
    madge;hayden panettiere
    effie; Kirsten Nelson
    cinna; lenardo decaprio
    flavis; todd sherry (wig)
    octavia; miranda lambert
    viena; jane lynch (hair die)
    porta; Jennifer Nettles
    marvial; alex pettyfur
    glimor; idc
    catto; tim tebo (i hate tebo)
    clove; jenett mcurdy
    boy from 3;idc
    girl from 3;idc
    boy from 4;idc
    girl from 4;idc
    boy from 5;idc
    girl from 5;idc
    boy from 6;idc
    girl from 6;idc
    boy from 7; jusin bieber (nife in his back)
    foxface; bonnie write
    tresh; ruben studdard
    rue; willow smith
    castor and polox; conan o’brian
    finnick; james roday or michael whetherly
    annie; Sasha Alexander
    snow; clint eastwood
    coin; Cate Blanchett
    beete; Clay Aiken
    wieress; Pauley Perrette
    johna; Kimberly Caldwell
    chaff; michael vick
    Plutarch Heavensbee; justin long

  239. Elena says:

    this video is really good and some of your actors are the same as mine.

  240. rachael says:


  241. Tiff says:

    benjamin stone for Finnick Odair

  242. trish says:


    alex pettyfer

  243. nobody4u says:

    HAYLEY WILLIAMS will bbe awsome for foxface!!!!!! her hairs red . . and it really kind of matches foxface . . . .

  244. Nick says:

    What if…
    Katniss was played by EMMA WATSON? That would be epic.

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