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My Hunger Games - District 5

The District 5 Tributes have now been cast.  Lionsgate has today announced that Chris Mark will play the un-named boy tribute while Jackie Emerson is Foxface.

Both are newcomers to acting, however Chris Mark is another teenager with a lot of stunt work experience.  He’s worked on several films including Kick Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and Nikita.  He also teaches Extreme Martial Arts to young people.

A fair few fans have been waiting to see who will be cast as Foxface – the nickname Katniss gives to the female tribute from District 5 after seeing her on the TV.  Foxface is the second to last tribute to die.  She is one of the most clever tributes as she uses a number of strategies, such as hiding in the Cornucopia at the feast and stealing food from the Careers, to survive.  She dies after taking and eating poisonous berries that Peeta had gathered which he thought were OK and had meant to eat himself.    Although she never says a word in the book, she can be heard to laugh when Katniss destroys the food the Careers had been protecting.

So what do you think of these latest casting choices?


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  1. Mar says:

    Oh that is the perfect Foxface!!!! She is great!

  2. karla says:

    I like it. Correct me if I’m wrong (which I might be) didn’t Foxface have deep red hair? Or did I just picture here like that

  3. KaliaPrescottFan123 says:

    hers is close and they always have make up,etc. good choices

  4. Chloe says:

    she should be ginger!?

  5. katnissnpeeta says:

    i think it’s great. :) GOOD JOB GARY ROSS!! YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT! :)

  6. Max says:

    I won’t feel sorry for Jennifer Lawrence having to face any of these tributes bc she will tower over them all xD

  7. alex says:

    i didn’t picture faxface that way ,,, like you karla, i pictured her with a very deep red hair, freckles on her face and quite chinky eyes that are looks tricky……

  8. alex says:

    oh foxface!

  9. #1 Team Peeta :) :) says:

    i agree with alex and karla but now i can totally picture her as foxface i love the castings after the 3 main characters. uggh i still hate josh hutcherson. but im team peeta so i will put it in a juice box and suck it.

  10. Kayla says:

    hahaha. cute :3
    She looks a little cock-eyed. But still, very cute x.
    Foxface, x :)

  11. Alexandra says:

    Um. GOOD CAST! You guys, there is such thing as CGI, Photoshop, and make-up. Hello, Josh isn’t gonna have brown hair, and Jennifer won’t have blond hair. They can make her look like FoxFace. They casted her for a reason, and we’ll find out when the movie comes out. She must’ve been a very good Foxface if they casted her. Have Faith in these people. They know what they’re doing. ;D

  12. michelle says:

    I honestly don’t even remember reading when the boy from district 5 died.

  13. Sarren16 says:

    I think the tribute guy from 5 is good. foxface is fine but i thought her haie would be more deep red and curly- still pretty good. cant wait for the movie 😀

  14. morgan says:

    i think the district 5 boy died @ rhe cornicorpia

  15. #1 Team Peeta :) :) says:

    im not sure when he dies either i will have to go back to the book but i think he did die at the cornicorpia.

  16. Ly says:

    I always had trouble picturing foxface, but now I can see her perfectly!

  17. Lucas says:

    I imagined her with red hair and brown eyes, but I liked the choice of both.
    Finally, Gary Ross, something that not disappoint me!

  18. pedro says:

    i like it, but i pictured foxface more like HANNA [great film btw], maybe this wont be a complete peice of crap, just hope he gets haymitch and Pr. Snow correctly.

  19. Hunger games #1 fan says:

    I dont agree with Jackie Emerson as foxface

  20. Hunger games #1 fan says:

    but its ok

  21. Hunger games says:

    cant wait for movie!!

  22. Kayla says:

    Lucas, Agreed :)

  23. The guy says:

    Im glad they are making some tributes diverse in ethnicity.

  24. toria22 says:

    i think all the tributes are great but they all look so young! like not older than atleast 15! also i think foxface is not at all correct..i agree with some of you that she should have a deeper red hair and should b much older because shes so smart and sly (like a fox!) i also think her face is to innocent and sweet to be foxface and it shouls resemble a fox in some way… evry1 else (esp rue) looks great! cant wait!

  25. KaliaPrescottFan123 says:

    also i think suzanne should make a book called the dark days about the beginning of the hunger games…that would be cool
    also a series called beyond the games or something about each district or just a big hunger games fact book..idk it would be cool:)\
    say if u agree with me

  26. hunger games #1 fan says:

    I do agree with you!!!!!! It would be so cool if suzanne wrote those books

  27. hunger games #1 fan says:

    well those kind of books about befor the hunger games , and how did they started or after the hungergames etc ….. : D

  28. MeGG3rZ says:

    I don’t like the Foxface choice she doesn’t have pointy facial features.

  29. Mar says:

    I like both of the tributes, although I do wish that they looked at littke more alike. I’ve always imagined the tributes from the same district to look similar to one another….. But either way I think these are good decisions!!!

  30. Mar says:

    I like both of the tributes, although I do wish that they looked at littke more alike. I’ve always imagined the tributes from the same district to look similar to one another….. But either way I think these are good decisions! I cannot wait for the movie to finally come out, or for an actually trailer to go on air! That’ll be exciting!!

  31. Mar says:

    Oh I hate posting on phones it always messes up and says the post is to short, so then I add more but it posts twice! Sorry, stupid phone! :)

  32. Brittany says:

    I very much enjoyed ‘The Hunger Games’. It was original, creative and well written. Suzanne Collins has a way of pulling you into her world and making you feel so much like Katniss. I fell so in love with these three books that I feel like I will be a very sever judge of the movie. I saw that on IMBD.com they had put up a few of their cast choices. I am just going to say that I am very disappointed in a few of them. Please don’t ruin my books with a mediocre movie. I guess this is all a matter of opinion. I just needed a bit of a rant I suppose.

  33. Syd says:


  34. pedro says:

    its funny how syd is overreacting to foxface, i wonder how syd reacted when he saw katniss.

  35. Marryanna says:

    Foxface has deep red hair not blonde hair looks like some casting person needs to do some rereading

  36. walrus says:

    i pictured foxface with tan skin and auburn hair (or like hispanic), but i like her still

  37. PEETA! says:

    Foxface reminds me of the girl from the lovely bones ( i don’t know how to spell her name

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