Release Date March 2012 for The Hunger Games Movie

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My Hunger Games - The Hunger Games Movie

We’ve got a long wait ahead, but at least now we know exactly when we can expect to see The Hunger Games move. Lionsgate has  announced that the adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling book will be in theatres on March 23, 2012.

Finally, the first word of an official release date.

Production is due to begin in just a few months with Lionsgate also announcing that it has hired casting director Debra Zane for the film.

We should be able to bring you news about casting in the coming weeks.


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  1. alt323 says:

    That’s my birthday! 😀 I know how I’m celebrating for sure now.

  2. Madison Willman says:

    Hi, I want to audition for Katniss Everdeen! I’m thirteen but I know I would make an amazing Katniss. I have acted a lot, and I’m a great singer too!! I even have brown, straight hair and grayish eyes!!

  3. callie says:

    its about time! i cant wait!

  4. Lexa says:

    THAT MAKES ME SOOOO MAD!!!! I heard it was coming out this summer!!

  5. Fries says:

    This is officially the best day ever! Well until March 23, 2012 comes….. Tick tock

  6. Aylee says:

    Well, this is nice and everything but I am so much more interested in hearing who they’ve cast! Can’t wait!

  7. Sarah says:

    Lexa, I’m not sure where you heard that the most assumed rumor was fall 2011, but this is more understandable for filming purposes!

    I’m so excited! I’ll be camping out at the box office. I hope this is the Canadian release date as well. Or I’ll cry.

  8. callie says:

    . i hope they chose someone decent to play katniss if not……….well

  9. Austin says:


  10. Nick says:

    I really want William Moseley to play Peeta,
    not that stupid Pettyfer guy 😛

  11. sybanee says:

    Well, I think we can all say that we’ll be able to relax once we know if it turns out anything like Eragon…

  12. sybanee says:

    …or (hopefully) not.

  13. Morgan H says:

    I have been waiting for a release date! I heard it was going to be 2012 but I wasn’t sure. It’s going to be a long year…

  14. HGFAN4LIFE says:

    nick, william mosely would be ok..but lalan or alex pettyfer is younger and better..thats the truth

  15. HGFAN4LIFE says:

    oh that sucks..hugh laurie probaly wont be able to play haymitch due to scheduling conflicts..maybe robertdowneyjr.,johnny depp, or
    bill murray might be able to

  16. skiing rocks says:

    I think Alex Pettyfer should play Finnick!! He’s way to old to play Peeta!!

  17. callie says:

    still waiting for march 2012. :(

  18. callie says:

    way to old. hes like 24. isn’t finnick supposed to be around that age?

  19. morgan says:

    omg! im going to die! i cant wait that long!!! i dont care who plays who as long as kristen stewart doesnt play katniss

  20. Nick says:

    Kristen Stewart wont be Katniss shes already in Twilight and wont be in this movie.

  21. soccer gal says:

    Ummmmmm Like I heard that it was coming out this fall not next year GRRRRR I want to see it so bad but but now I can’t till like march 2012 wow!!!!!!!!! Ummmmmmmmmm I have like 6 people waiting to see it sad face ;( crys crys and I know I sound like a drama Queen but I’m not really my friend maid me read it so I need to be paid because I wasn’t gonna read it untill she took me to the library so yeah.

  22. morgan says:

    Like ya I agree why tell us about it now and have ancious people that already read the book and can’t wait for the movie.

  23. Meagan says:

    Kristen Stewart should NOT play Katniss !
    She’s too quiet and doesn’t really know how to act …
    If she auditions , and gets the part , the movie will
    be ruined !

  24. Victoria H. says:

    So i just now finished the whole series, OMG. Best books EVER. I really want to see the movie but im afraid someone who doesnt resemble katniss and/or/peeta gets the part plus if they cant act the movie will be RUINED. ahhh- i agree with Meagan- it will really be a sucky movie if she does star in it. For Katniss, I have no idea who should play her cause no actor resembles her whatsoever-she has to be strong and dark haired,gray eyed,and olive skin. Now for Peeta, I have the perfect one in mind for him- ALEX PETTYFER<3 ik hes like too old but makeup works miracles(: and i just really think that he should of mitchell hewer should play peeta,HOWEVER ~ there british….sooooooo that would be weird considering there in America. anywayyss LOVE THE BOOKS<3<3

  25. PEETA! says:

    Not bad, it gives them time to do it right

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