The Hunger Games symbols in Safe and Sound.

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Safe and Sound Video - the mockingjay

Now that we've all had a chance to check out the video for Safe and Sound, it's a good time to talk about the way in which the clip honors the story of The Hunger Games.

In fact, the clip by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars is one long paean to The Hunger Games, full of symbolism that those of us that have read the books will understand.    The stand out of course is finding the mockingjay pin and holding it up…but there's so much more.

In an interview with MTV, Taylor Swift talks about the nods to The Hunger Games saying:

“Having a music video with that much symbolism in it is something I’m not used to,” Swift continued. “Everyone who is a ‘Hunger Games’ fans knows what it means when there’s fire in the trees and they know what it means for the house to be burnt and they know what it means for the ‘Hunger Games’ pin to be covered in rust and old. Everybody can take their own meaning away from it, but it all goes back to the symbolism of the book.”

So, there's the burning trees in the distance, the burnt out house and of course, the mockingjay pin. But without giving too much away, here's some other things I noticed.  Let us know  what you saw, and if you thought the video did enough to honor the stor

y we all love so much.

– the berries

– the bunch of dandelions

– the grave

– the tree that looks like the hanging tree

– the deer

– the lake



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  1. Meghan says:

    Don’t forget the rue flowers!

  2. Vic says:

    What about the way the deer fades away, as if it’s an hallucination (i.e. tracker jacker venom)?

  3. Sevilen Robberts says:

    I wasn’t originally going to watch it. I am now though!

  4. RebeccaB. says:

    What was the house, deer, and grave’s meaning? I don’t understand those three.

  5. Cinna-mon says:

    The deer for me was the one Katniss and Gale shot to get Lady (Prim’s goat). The house is the one by the lake in the woods of 12. The grave I don’t get.

  6. Catnip says:

    I cant see the video, do you think you can download another one? Please, I’m desperately trying to see the music video

  7. Gizzelle Velazquez says:

    If you can’t see the video here then go to and in the little news things they have the slide if you will there is a whole article on the video and they have the full video there i just watched it AMAZING!!!! hope this helps 😀

  8. Jon says:

    The Flowers Taylor Swift was holding are called “Rue”. Or at least that is what I have heard

    • MyHungerGames says:

      @Jon – thanks for that – because I wasn’t sure if they were just small-ish dandelion or not – but Rue flowers makes it even better :)

  9. Stellovet says:

    I don’t understand the lake part. Can someone please explain? I understand all the rest, but this one I just can’t remember. I (sadly) don’t own a copy of The Hunger Games, but have a copy of Catching Fire.

    • MyHungerGames says:

      @stellovet it might just be my interpretation – but I think a lot of it is what Katniss experiences out in the woods – seeing the deer reminded her of the time she managed to get the deer with Gale that paid for the goat she got for Prim, the tree that looks like the hanging tree and for me the lake, where she used to go with her father… but I think it’s really open for you to take whatever you want from it. That’s just my take on it :)

  10. Nick says:

    There is also that she is in the woods and she is walking possibly like Katniss being out behind the fence in the woods? And also I think her walking on the boards with the nails sticking out means something…I just cant think of anything that it would mean.

  11. Hillary says:

    For me personally, the house reminded me of Katniss’s house at the beginning of Mockingjay.

  12. Hayley says:

    If it was her house at the beginning of Mockingjay (HUGE SPOILER ALERT) it would have been in ashes, because Gale explains what happened at the end of Catching Fire after Katniss had been… well, you know what happened…

  13. Hayley says:

    And which one is the Hanging Tree?

  14. SWEETMANDUZZ says:

    For me the lake is representing Finnick and his death.
    And the part where you see The civil war singing for Katniss and mr. Everdeens voices

  15. Niccolette says:

    I think the abandoned house fits the description for the third book, where*SPOILER ALERT* Katniss comes apon the remaains of her house in district 12 after they burned it all down.
    BUT it could be Madge’s house too, since Madge gave her the pin.

    Also, I think Taylor was supposed to represent the last, winning tribute in some way, and the civil war singing in the background could be the people watching from district 12, hopind for Katniss to stay alive.
    The cicil war singers could also represent the other districts who want to rebel against the capitol but won’t, because they are watching what happened to district 12. that is shown when the woman looks out the window at the fire(not taylor, the brunette, i think her name is joy)

    i don’t get the deer though, maybe it supposed to represent how when youre in the Hunger Games, things aren’t always what they seem?

  16. A Person says:

    The Lake-The place that means a lot to Katniss and also when she sand the hanging tree to Pollux

    The Deer-Her hunting, or the deer she shot to buy prim’s goat, it fading away=tracker jacker venom

    The Burnt House- When she came back to the house and found all her things burnt, and took some back, and got Buttercup

    The Berries-The ones that saved her life in the hunger games, the poison ones

    The Flowers She Holds-Rue flowers, the author named many characters after flowers, these are the flowers the Katniss buries Rue in. (some say they are the dandilions that remind her of Peeta)

    The Pin-Her token in the Hunger Games

    Any Others?

    The Tree-The Hanging Tree, from Katniss’s song.

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