The Hunger Games to get The Simpsons Treatment

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The Hunger Games - Simpsons

The Hunger Games is going to make an appearance of sorts in The Simpons, when the show goes to air in the US this Sunday night.

According to the  LA Times, the episode is a big heist spoof that finds Homer, Bart and guest star Neil Gaiman trying to “steal the thunder of today’s mega-successful publishing series.”


The episode, titled “The Book Job,” is a parody of Steven Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s Eleven” (and, yes, that is Andy Garcia playing the wealthy, cold-blooded heavy) but it saves its most savage parody for today’s novels of the fantastic which target young-skewing audiences. And, according to Matt Selman, an executive producer and longtime “Simpsons” writer, the episode has stirred excitement for the show’s creative team.

“The show is all about the world of young-adult fantasy novels, as Homer assembles a team of Springfielders to write one and make big money but the set-up and feel is  a real creative departure for us,” Selman said. “It’s sort of a heist movie where the heist is writing a book but when that kicks in, there’s a giant stylistic leap. It’s also a little sillier, a little more stylistic than most episodes.  We’re coming up on 500 episodes, but really, this is the kind of episode a show would only do if hadn’t already had a couple hundred episodes.”

The episode also has a dig at other YA series that many have argued have been churned out and coporatized.

“I read an article in The New Yorker about a  company called Alloy  Entertainment that publishes a lot of teen books,” Selman  said.”And the article was all about how these executives take market research  and come up with the ideas for these books and farms them out and slaps the name  of fake writers on them and fabricates backgrounds for these authors who don’t  exist. We took that trend and kind of blew it up and shoved it in the face  of Lisa Simpson, who in this episode gets disillusioned when she finds out  that the author of her favorite book, ‘Angelica Button,’ isn’t actually  a J.K. Rowling-type at all and is instead a fake name and the book is  one of these committee-executed, cynical corporate things.”

I guess someone should let Lisa know (or Selman) that Suzanne Collins is the real deal. However, it will be interesting to see how it comes off in Springfield

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