The Hunger Games Trailer gets a G-Rating in Canada

| November 4, 2011 | 13 Comments More

The Hunger Games Movie Poster

We’re all sitting tight, waiting to see just when The Hunger Games trailer will be released.  Well it looks like it might not be that far away.  The Culture and Community Services branch of the Government of Alberta has classified the trailer and given it a G rating.  They’ve also revealed that the trailer will be two minutes and 30 seconds long.

There’s been much speculation that the trailer will be ready to be played at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I screenings later this month.   Perhaps we could be seeing The Hunger Games trailer in around two weeks’ time.  We can only hope.


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  1. RebeccaB. says:

    Really!? Wow! Okay, I’m not one to “fangirl” over anything, but this is exciting news. 2:30 is pretty long for a first trailer, and hopefully we’ll get to see way more than just the arena.

    I trust that will have the trailer when it debuts. I honestly got cold chills when I saw the character posters, the trailer, I’m hoping, will give that “This will be a faithful adaptation of the book” feeling.

  2. Cree Trapper says:

    Can’t Wait :D!!!!!

  3. MyHungerGames says:

    As soon as we get it we will be sticking it up on our site. We can’t wait

  4. Nicholas says:

    RATED G ;_;
    I can tell this is not going to be as “gory” as the book.

  5. Autumn says:

    @nicholas Maybe they have different rating system than we do??

  6. Bloodrose says:

    @nicholas: it said the trailer had a G rating so hopefully the movie will still be true to the story we all so very much love…and I’m so excited the movie character posters brought on the excitement and now this adds to it…
    I CANT WAIT!!! ^.^

  7. Maddy says:

    I will be going to see the next Twilight so I am super excited and I am pumped up and ready for this trailor

  8. Kelcie says:

    I’ve seen R-rated movies with G-rated trailers. Doesn’t mean anything about the full movie itself.

    With that said, SO EXCITED.

  9. marissa B says:

    Exactly Kelcie

  10. Haylie B says:

    Im am SO excited! Like you have no Idea!! xD If they show The Hunger Games trailer at the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn Part 1 I may have a heart attack lol 😀

  11. Hunger GAmes Crazy says:

    TWO MINUTES AND THIRTY SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????
    that is way long than I hoped for!!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀

  12. Hunger GAmes Crazy says:

    No. Canada has the same ratings. Just the trailer isn’t gory. MOVE WILL BE! 😉

  13. Bonny says:

    OMG I can’t wait! I have never been so excited for anything! I think I may just explode because I’m so happy.
    2:30 is way longer than I could have ever hoped for.

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