The Many Looks of Stanley Tucci

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Caesar Flickerman - The Hunger Games movie

Beauty/fashion blog A Barefoot Girl has a nice writeup on Stanely Tucci and his chameleon ways as an actor.  His look as Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games is just another example of how versatile he can be, and the blog highlights this role.

And finally, we come to Stanley Tucci’s role in The Hunger Games, as Television Interviewer Caesar Flickerman. In the books, Flickerman is portrayed very much like most of the citizens of The Capitol: Flamboyant, with wild hair and fashion sense. Indeed, Flickerman sports rather fetching brilliant blue hair and matching coloured eyebrows that represents The Capitol’s obsession with quirky hair colours.

Seeing Tucci with hair, in Lovely Bones was really strange, because, of course, he doesn’t really have that much, but seeing him with the amount of hair he has as Flickerman, is just really weird, and it’s amazing how much that hair changes the overall feel of his face, and the aura that he gives off, without even knowing what his personality will be portrayed like.

Another strange aspect is actually Tucci’s lack of glasses, and I feel like I want to give him some, because this is one of the few roles that I’ve seen Tucci not wearing specs, and I can’t quite get my head around him not having any on.

The look of Flickerman makes Tucci look less soft and warm, as he does in his other roles, but especially as Nigel and there’s something “harder” about his face, and kind of more masculine, which is odd because Flickerman is a lot like Nigel, more than any other role that Tucci has played. They’re certainly both very stylish and fashionable, with the suits and a look like that is neat and tidy, if otherwise very different from each other.

Having seen him in The Lovely Bones, Easy A, Margin Call, and a number of other films, I have to agree. Tucci throws himself into a role like few others, changing his looks and personality dramatically to fit the character. I can’t wait to see him as Caesar Flickerman!

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  1. Kat M says:

    Thanks for mentioning my blog post, and of course linking to it :) I’m glad that you liked my feature and shared my appreciation of the greatness that is Stanley Tucci!!

    Thanks again


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