Video: ‘Dance Moms’ Hunger Games Inspired Dance

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The very controversial Lifetime Show ‘Dance Moms’ created a Hunger Games inspired dance(called The Huntress) for their award winning dance team. The Abby Lee Dance Company performed the dance at Starpower regionals in May 2012. Music: “Keep This For You” by  LiLi Roquelin, Check it out below!!


Source: Lifetime

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  1. your kiss is on my list... says:


  2. Sisalicious21 says:

    I saw that episode and I couldn’t stop thinking of Katniss!

  3. Hailey says:


  4. Hailey says:

    horrible dancing

  5. Alexis says:

    In that episode Abby said “your fighting for your country!”. Everyone who has read and/or seen the Hunger Games knows they were fighting for their district. DUH ABBY

  6. izabellamjay22 says:

    For me it doesn’t rely resemble Katniss at all. But the costumes were beautiful and the dancers had wonderful technical skills even though they were not together.

  7. Love of Peeta says:

    I watch the show all the time. I actually record it. But when I saw the routine I have to admit I didn’t like it. Then Abby brought in a girl to replace Brooke and her finger was broken and it just messed up the routine even more. These girl are very talented and they always dance beautifully but this was not one of their greater moments.

  8. christina says:

    I watch this show every week. I CAN’T GET ENOUGHT OF IT. I’m sure everyone knows this. but The Hunger Games come out AUGUST 18.

  9. therebellion says:

    The dance isn’t very good. I wish they would do a dance like this, but with professionals. It would be a lot better then (hopefully)

  10. Lauren is amazing says:

    i absolutly lovvvvvee dance moms(i love the hunger games more) but this dance was aweful

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