VIDEO: Josh Hutcherson Tells MTV How ‘The Hunger Games’ Has Changed Him

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MTV’s Josh Horowitz caught up with our Josh Hutcherson to ask him what life has been like post-Hunger Games. Surprisingly the star says not much as changed, including him as a person.

Josh Hutcherson CinemaCon Breakthrough Performer of the Year Hunger Games Ever since “The Hunger Games” toppled the box office earlier this year, one would think that Josh Hutcherson would find it hard to go about the life he led before the film. As it turns out, not much has changed for the laid-back 19-year-old. While there has been a lot of pandemonium around the movie, the actor himself has been mostly left alone by fans of the franchise. And he’s totally cool with it.

“I’ve changed a lot. I wear nothing but high-end designer suits. I fly private everywhere,” he joked to MTV News about his superstar status. “I haven’t changed at all.

“I was expecting it to be a huge difference and it hasn’t been, and I can’t tell you how relieved that I am,” he added. “It’s been so low-key and people who do recognize me have been awesome, cool and not crazy.”

With all the hype that has surrounded the film, Hutcherson had certain expectations for how his life would change. “I did for sure [think it would be different]. Everybody was telling me ‘It’s gonna be crazy.’ I go everywhere all the time and nobody stops me,” he said. “I’m good with what I have.”

Josh also talks more about his career and his tattoos, so click here to read the full article!

source: MTV via hggirlonfire

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