VIDEO: Liam Hemsworth on the Catching Fire Whipping Scene

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He may be out promoting his new movie Paranoia, but Liam Hemsworth also had a chat with MTV about working on Catching Fire.

He explains that he’s a big fan of director Francis Lawrence calling him intelligent, well-prepared and relaxed.  He also said that getting whipped was “interesting”.

The transcript from MTV

“Francis [Lawrence] is—I’ve been a big fan of him since ‘Pleasantville.’ I used to watch that movie a long time ago, and then ‘I Am Legend.’ So I’ve been a really big fan of his for a while, and I was really excited when he came aboard, and he’s exactly the kind of director I want to be working with at this point,” Liam said. “He’s a great guy. I really enjoyed working with him. He’s very intelligent, very well-prepared, relaxed. You feel comfortable with him on set. He’s not a manic director. He’s not freaking out all the time. It’s amazing how much he’s taken on his shoulders. He has this whole kind of franchise on his shoulders now. He couldn’t be more relaxed about it. But he’s so well prepared. I don’t know how he does it. Hats off to him.”

… “Getting whipped—it was interesting,” Liam said of finding the proper mindset for the harrowing scene. “It was weird ’cause we had a couple hundred extras on set, and I spent awhile in makeup getting my back done with all this interesting prosthetics. I think we shot it for about three or four days. I was tied to a pole and screaming and getting whipped, and after awhile, it starts to wear on you a bit—just the yelling and exhaustion of it all. It’s an odd thing to turn up to work and get whipped for a few days. For most people.”

Gale whipping scene in Catching Fire

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  1. Heather says:

    Oops. I think he is confused, Gary Ross directed Pleasantville.

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