VIDEO: The Avengers VS. The Hunger Games

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Is there a competition brewing between The Hunger Games and The Avengers?

PopSugar got the chance to talk to The Avengers cast at the premi Jogenas Ebooks And Ezines ere, including Liam’s brother Chris Hemsworth, about the friendly rivalry forming between the two franchises. Another star Jeremy Renner, who plays bow wielding Hawkeye, told PopSugar that in a contest between his character and Katniss Everdeen – it would be no contest – Hawkeye would win.

The Avengers Hawkeye vs The Hunger Games Katniss

source: @PopSugar on Twitter

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  1. Kristin and Danielle says:


  2. Anastacia says:

    I’m a fan of both so I can’t say, but I’ve been waiting for The Avengers since 2007. So who know who will win. They’re both great movies and I hope that they at least are close.

    • Joanna says:

      I also like the both of then too!!I read the hunger games five time and waiting for a long time.I hope both are win!

  3. Brownie says:

    Definitely hawkeye. Dude can shoot arrows straight with his eyes closed…or that might be my stupid fangirlism talking….;p

  4. jackieA says:

    There has been arguments about both movies at my school and I think Katniss would totally win an archery contest against this dude Hawkeye.

  5. Brandy says:

    I Think Hawkeye Would Win !

    I Mean I Love Both , But IT
    s a No Brainer Hawkeye Is In The Movie & Comics Considered The World Best Archer-er So He Would Have A Better Result Than Katniss .
    Katniss Hunted For A Living , & As For Hawkeye He Is Actually In Combat So I Mean Come One ! I’m No Archery Expert To Fully Establish Whether Whose Aim Is More Perfect , Or Whether Their Stand Is Correct But Hawkeye Would Totally Win .

    I Mean I’m Not Just Taking Jeremy Renner’s <333333 Side Cause He Is Incredibly Cute But It's The Truth Sorry Hunger Games .

  6. Annaliese says:

    I know Hawkeye will win this,Due to number of fans and voters (Also LOOK AT his Arrows! there are Bombs in it), but I personally like Katniss,Simply because She’s from Hunger Games and I love HG because of Cato. Well, That’s my opinion.

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