VIDEO: ‘The Blunder Games’ MAD Parody of ‘The Hunger Games’

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MAD has been known for their outlandish parodies, they have already given us their take on ‘The Hunger Pains‘ in their magazine. Now they’ve had made yet another What To Do To Win A Women Back parody of our favorite movie, this time called ‘The Blunder Games‘.

In this version, Katniss and Peeta are going up against tributes from District Hogwarts and District Twilight, quite literally combining the three fan favorite franchises. What will happen? Check out the video above, and the full version embedded below!

Hunger Games Parody


Check out the full version below:

source: CartoonNetwork

What To Do To Win A Women Back

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  1. Glimmer says:

    Some of it was funny, but the animation was pretty bad.

  2. KJ says:

    Hee Hee Hee Hee.

  3. Rorymellark says:

    Oh Merida :) Katniss always wins

  4. RebeccaB. says:

    Didn’t MAD already do a parody of THG? Besides, they forgot a fandom: the Percy Jackson & The Olympians fandom. District Half-Blood? I’m not a fan, I really didn’t like the books or the movie, but it’s a pretty big fandom now, too. But, yeah, like what Glimmer says the animations were awful.

  5. Jen says:

    OMG. Already saw this. My best friend, who’s also a Hunger Games friend sent me this. Wow…..

  6. J says:

    HEY!!! No fair. It’s more longer than this. You left out the part where Katniss finds Peeta and he’s a cake and they kiss and, my point is, there’s more!!!

  7. therebellion says:

    @My Hunger Games: The full version of the video isn’t working

    • Kelsey says:

      It does work for me… but it takes forever to load. I’m looking around for another version with no luck, sorry! Give it some time to load for now, and hopefully I’ll hunt down another!

  8. I like the color blu :) says:

    Hopefully that won’t change, or else I have to grow a new beard.

    Fear the Beard <3 😀

  9. Mrs. Mellark says:

    i thought it was boring i dont really like mad its ok but i hate alfred there always trying to act like he’s soooo funny and they put him on everything

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