VIDEO: ‘The Funger Games’ SNL Spoof of The Hunger Games

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Saturday Night Live did their first new skit in a month last night, and what better way to come back then to parody The Hunger Games? The SNL spoof is called ‘The Funger Games,’ and it’s hilarious! It features Sofia Vergara, Bill Hader as Caesar Flickerman and Fred Armison as Claudius Templesmith. Take a look!

The Funger Games SNL

In a role reminiscent of Elizabeth Banks’ Games character Effie Trinket, Vergara plays a self-obsessed Capitol TV broadcaster. She is on location in the Games arena, pulling contestants from hiding spots left and right. Each young contestant she reveals promptly dies by a competitor’s hand. That pattern ends when Vergara’s character meets Katniss Everdeen, whom Vergara presses for details about her lovelife. Does Peeta mind that Katniss has a boy back in District 12?

Katniss resolves the situation by sharing some special berries with the oblivious broadcaster. Hader closes the segment with this tagline:

“The Hunger Games is brought to you by Tylenol. ‘Spear in your head?’ Tylenol.”

We have a HQ YouTube version of the skit for international fans as well!

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  1. Bluto says:

    “‘Spear in your head?’ Tylenol.”


  2. Hunger Games Crazy♥ says:

    Haha. I saw this last night :) Surprisingly, I laughed :)♥

  3. Alex says:

    There is no video on Youtube :( I can’t see the other “isn’t available from your location” said.

  4. i love peeta mellark says:

    this was not that funny but it really could have been i wish it was better

  5. It's The Hunger Games Baby♥ says:

    it won’t let me watch it :(

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