VIDEO: The Hunger Games Parody by Annoying Orange

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Parodies of The Hunger Games are growing quite popular! Annoying Orange has put in their spoof of The Hunger Games called ‘The Hungry Games.’ Take a look!

The Hungry Games Hunger Games Parody Annoying Orange

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‘The Hipster Games’ by Wyoma Films
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‘The Hunger Games Musical’ by The Hillywood Show
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‘Katniss and Gale’ by Second City
‘The Hunger Games Undercooked’ by MAD Magazine
‘The Hunger Pains’ by Harvard Lampoon

source: Annoying Orange via hungergamesfandom

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  1. April Flores says:

    I know I think the orange is the creepiest

  2. Mark says:

    Having watched some Annoying Orange videos before this, it was hilarious! 😀

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