VIDEO: The Weapons of The Hunger Games

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Of all of the weapons of The Hunger Games, the  most iconic was Katniss Everdeen’s bow and arrow.  In fact thanks to The Hunger Games there’s been a huge surge in the popularity  of archery.  But there were a number of weapons used in the story.

The Hunger Games DVD contains a segment on the weapons of the arena with the Hunger Games cast and crew talking about what was used and how they made sure noone got hurt.

Wired Magazine has a bit of sneak peek from the DVD featuring the weapons of The Hunger Games which we can share with you  here:

Keeping straight which blades were actual weapons and which ones were fakes wasn’t always easy, especially for Alexander Ludwig, who played vicious District 2 Tribute Cato in the film.

“I remember Xander has this big sword and it would keep changing off whether or not it was real or whether or not it wasn’t, and he had this habit of kind of just like twirling it around,” says Jack Quaid, who played District 1′s Marvel in the film. “But I just remember everyone just going, ‘Xander, that one’s the real one!’ We just never knew when it was real or fake.”

At least he’s not quite so deadly in real life.

Weapons on The Hunger Games

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  1. Amy says:

    More to add later: Johanna’s axe, Finnick’s trident, Gale’s bomb, Beetee’s wire, Clove’s knives (Should have been in this one, though) and Enobaria’s teeth.

  2. katniss773 says:

    you cant show a force field they are invisible ( mostly ) and they cant show any weapons from catching fire because that will give some stuff away for people who haven’t read catching fire

  3. PrimEverdeen2403 says:

    If you think about it some people use skills instead of weapons. For example Foxface, She used stealth to come 3rd.

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