VIDEOS: Empire Interviews with Jennifer and Josh

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Empire got their chance to meet Katniss and Peeta, actors Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

One of them is lethal with the bow and arrow; the other can hurl heavy objects long distances at death-inducing speeds. They’re Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, heroes of Panem’s Hunger Games, and pretty soon they’ll be on poster walls across the globe. The stars who play them in The Hunger Games, Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence and fellow Kentuckian Josh Hutcherson, recently downed weapons to meet their public. Empire, who, to paraphrase Blackadder, can usually muster all the killing power of an asthmatic ant with heavy shopping, jogged down to meet them and ask about scoring the coveted roles and getting all buffed up to enter the arena.

To play the interviews, click the Pictures below:

Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger Games Empire Interview

To play Josh’s interview, click his link at the bottom of this page.

Josh Hutcherson The Hunger Games Empire Interview

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