What Do You Think of Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair?

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Finnick Odair Sam Claflin

So the news is official. Lionsgate announced what was long suspected, that Sam Claflin will be our Finnick Odair in ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘.

We at My Hunger Games want to know what you think of the casting. Is Sam your perfect Finnick? Or does he not quite fit the bill? Tell us in our poll below!

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  1. Sonny :D says:

    I think he can pull it off :)

  2. José Torres says:

    I bet hes going to exed everyones expectations.

  3. primmy says:

    ughh don’t like him as finncik no nononononononono

  4. Mark says:

    I think he’s Perfect!!! 😀

  5. Kindra says:

    Just so glad it’s not Armie Hammer.

  6. JK says:

    I think the guy in the pic would make a better Finnick.

  7. ximena says:

    I don’t know right now I want to wait and see if Sam Claflin its like Finnick Odair but I’m happy 😀

  8. Sisalicious21 says:

    I want to see what he looks like in character, but that might be a while from now…

  9. Peeta rocks says:

    Don’t like him hope he pulls it off but he has an accent I hope he covers it

    • I like the color blu :) says:

      Yeah, well, Liam has an accent, and he covered it very well. I think Sam can. They probably tested him on that before officially casting him too 😀

  10. Amy says:

    Physically, he’s not who I pictured. But changing an actor’s physique to fit a role is nothing but a daily routine in Hollywood right now, so we only have his acting ability left to judge on, and I think he’s good enough an actor.

    I wish him good luck.

    • Amy says:

      Oh, and as for the accent point, I don’t even find the need to discuss that; almost every single English actor/actress I’ve seen had to pull an American accent at one point of their careers and most of them were successful. It’s not that hard at all.

  11. Rosie says:

    WONDERFUL! :) so happy 😀 xx

  12. DavidBelyavskiyILOVEU says:

    soooo fit

  13. PeetaMellarkGirl says:

    Okay so maybe he’s not who I pictured as Finnick but, even though I love Josh Hutcherson and am SO happy he was Peeta, nobody pictured him either. And look how amazing he was. So before anyway writes him off just give the guy a chance. If the casting director that worked on the first movie is back I’m sure he’s gonna be AMAZING

  14. Amber says:

    I like him for it.

  15. Jazzmine says:

    Though he wasn’t my first choice (Alex P .was) I think he’ll make a great Finnick.

  16. They better dye his hair reddish

  17. Darcy says:

    i was imagining Taylor Lautner when i read the books but Im sure he’ll be great anyway xx

  18. Kelly says:

    Worse casting than John Wayne playing Ghengis Khan and that is saying something. I wouldn’t even call this actor attractive, let alone drop dead gorgeous! No woman would even look at him with AAlan Richardson standing right there! 95% of the cat is budgeted looking than he is! So wrong! I pictured Colton Haynes when I read Fennick in the books. He might have been too young, but would have been a much better fit.

  19. well i wanted it to be grant gustin but if lionsgate has cast him his audition must have been great so im willing to give him a chance because if he wasnt good he would not have been chosen for the role so im all for him being finnick

  20. katy-kat :D says:

    i don’t think he matches finnick at all! he is to tan and his hair is to light of a color, and over all i don’t think this was a great casting job. finnick is my favorite character in the whole series, and i am very disapionted that sam clafin will play him… but it is what it is, i cant change it.

  21. maddy says:

    i think Taylor lautner would fot the part if he died his blond

    • Snow says:

      yeah, i agree, i think i remember finnick bein buff xD like taylor lautner! I think i could picture taylor lautner as finnick. but mebbe this actor will be awesome! we wont know until the movie comes out! :)

  22. obssesive hungergames fan says:

    Well, he is not what i pictured. im not saying he cant pull it off, its just that whenever they first introduced finnick, i thought of the guy who played the mummy/prince in night at the museum.

  23. gabby says:

    I think Jenson Ackles would be perfect, but Sam Claflin is good too.

  24. Hannah says:

    He was definitely not my first choice, especially after Snow White and the Huntsman but i really think he will do amazing! I mean seriously! There has to be reasons why he was cast! Do you guys think they would cast someone who doesn’t fit the role on CATCHING FIRE?? We have to trust them

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